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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Old Ipad
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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Old Ipad



Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. IS IT TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR OLDIPAD?Source:http://cashforipadsblog.tumblr.com/post/27508673597/is-it-time-to-upgrade-your-old-ipad
  • 2. There are a lot of significant changes that Apple made on the iPad.This is why they called it the new iPad instead of calling it the iPad 3. Sales of thenew iPad have been brisk ever since it was made available to the public in March2012 even if there are still those who are selling iPad 2. This would show that thenew iPad is indeed a noteworthy gadget to invest in.
  • 3. The new iPad is the first product that Apple launched after the death ofits beloved founder, Steve Jobs. It became a sort of test for Apple to see if it stillhad that power over the market in terms of the popularity of its products. The goodnews is that they did pass the test as people still welcomed the new iPad with openarms and giddy excitement. Those who are selling iPad 2 are still making moneywith it.
  • 4. The new  features of the iPad 3.1. Casing.
  • 5. The new  features of the iPad 3.2. Thinner and lighter. Much  more  comfortable  especially  when  you  are holding it for long periods of time.  It is a great gadget for reading eBooks as it is light and feels comfortable in your hands.  
  • 6. The new  features of the iPad 3.3.Upgrade the screen to be a Retina Display. The  new  iPad  has  four times  as  many  pixels  as  the  old  iPad.   It  is  2048  x  1536  of  the  new  iPad versus the 1024 x 768 of the iPad 1. The improved screen resolution makes watching  movies,  looking  at  pictures  and  playing  games  that  are  heavy  in graphics  much  more  enjoyable.   The  higher  screen  resolution  makes  the colors more vibrant and vivid because of the improved screen quality.
  • 7. The new  features of the iPad 3.4. Presence of a rear and front-facing camera. The  rear  camera  has  5 megapixels  as  well  as  an  autofocus  function.   You  can  take  clear  pictures using  your  iPad.  You  can  share  the  pictures  right  away  if  you  have  an Internet connection. 
  • 8. The new  features of the iPad 3. 5. Processor. Apple used a 1 GHz dual core A5X processor with 1GB of memoryto power up the new iPad. Compare this to the old iPad which had a 1Ghz AppleA4 processor with 256MB of memory. Playing games and accessing applicationswill be much faster with the faster processor. It will also mean that the iPad will beable to take on the commands right away with fewer lags. All in all, the new iPad is indeed a big jump compared to the old iPad. The new features are worth the price difference. You can check at sites that sell iPad online. The significant improvements that Apple made with the new iPad are sure to make this tablet PC really useful for you.