Enjoying Your Unique IPhone


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Enjoying Your Unique IPhone

  1. 1. | Did you know? The late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs once said that it is better toconcentrate on 10 products than to have a thousand products out onthe market?
  2. 2. | Did you know? This very principle is the reason why many people go loco about Apple devices. Steve Jobs wanted to concentrate on a limited number of products because he wanted to raise the bar of quality. This is the main reason why Apple products are in the front line of revolutionary features and innovative designs. iDevices are given so much attention which is why they are hailed as the best gadgets in their own right. No wonder they’re able to sell iPhone fast like hotcakes!
  3. 3. Other tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone buddy:1. Swipe to delete. You can delete email messages or even text conversations byswiping. Just swipe across the email or a conversation and wait for theDelete button to appear. Once it is shown, tap the button to officiallydelete the messages.
  4. 4. | Other tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone buddy: 2. Print wirelessly from iPhone. This is one thing you cannot do without your iOS 5. You need to update or sell iPhone fast to make sure your phone runs on iOS 5, because of the iOS 5, you can simply and easily print pages, documents, pictures or anything straight from your iPhone. All you need is to be connected to a wireless internet connection in your house or at your workplace.
  5. 5. | Other tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone buddy: While connected to a Wi-Fi router, use AirPrint so it will be a lot easier to print email and web pages with your AirPrint-enabled printer. To print an email: 4.Start by tapping the Reply icon. 5. Select Print. 6.Check your printer and file your documents on the fly. To print a web page 9.Tap the Action icon . 10.Select Print. You can likewise print photos, documents, and more using the AirPrint app with your iPhone.
  6. 6. Be sure that you have the iOS5 or sell iPhone fast toupgrade to the iPhone with an updated OS.
  7. 7. Thank you!
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