Basic Windows 8 Interface

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  • 1. Basic InterfaceSource:
  • 2. Metro M etro is probably the m ost ad vertised feature of Wind ows 8.If you’ve seen their Wind ows Phone, you’ll notice that the start pagehas square tiles where inform ation is d isplayed and shortcuts to appsare easily accessed . This is called Live Tiles for Wind ows Phone, andM etro for Wind ows com puters.
  • 3. M etro is a station where all of your favorite stuff can bepinned for quick access.You can pin a frequently em ailed contact for instant m essaging, orYou can pin certain websites for instant access when you fire upyour com puter.You can also pin contacts for easy com m unicating such as chat orem ail.Basically, M etro works like wid gets for And roid . Inform ation isd isplayed , such as:unread em ails andWeather You can switch to the trad itional d esktop view with a quickclick in the corner.
  • 4. Funny Unlock Screens Wind ows 8, M icrosoft takes a very unique approach to the subject with picture lock.Picture lock works by:choosing a photo of your choice.You are required to m ake three gestures to unlock the screen. You’re also given trad itional ways of unlocking yourcom puter. You can enter a password or type in a PIN .
  • 5. C harms C harm s is a sm all m enu found on the right that you can bring up when you need som ething d one. For exam ple: If you need to search for a file, you can just bring it up. C harm s also gives you access to settings and other system related functions for easy access. It’s like the taskbar of Wind ows.