4 things you can do to extend your laptop’s life span


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4 things you can do to extend your laptop’s life span

  1. 1. 4 Things You Can Do to Extend Your Laptop’s Life Span Source: http://laptopreplacementparts.tumblr.com/post/33283010118/4- things-you-can-do-to-extend-your-laptops-life-span
  2. 2. These methods (to be detailed below) may largely seem like putting Extend Your your laptop on lifeLaptop’s Life Span support; but at the very least, they can give you enough time to save up for that really expensive next-laptop purchase.
  3. 3. Sometimes, a laptop can slow down when running the latestversions of programs simply because its laptop parts are nolonger up to the task. Still, there are times when the problemjust lies in said laptop parts not getting enough ventilation,causing them to overwork and tire themselves out. To fix this,simply use a can of compressed air to clear the vents’pathways.You may also want to do a full cleaning maintenance on yourlaptop by:• Opening it up• Swabbing all the dirt and dust particles off.This requires a bit of know-how, of course; but if you can pullit off, your computer’s performance may speed up just yet.
  4. 4. When an operating system has been running a computer for a long time, it will inevitably pickup bits and pieces of data over the years. Too much of these will cause the OS to slow down.One thing you can do is reinstall your laptop’s OS. That, or you can opt for less-demandingoperating systems like the OS X and Ubuntu.Either way, just make sure that you’ve backed up all your important files beforehand.
  5. 5. If you’ve got $60 to $80 to spare, you may also try going for additional RAM sticks. This isespecially helpful if your laptop parts were already powerful to begin with; the additionalRAM is just there to give more boost, freeing up more resources for the other laptopcomponents, and therefore allowing you to push said components even further.
  6. 6. Finally, if all you’re concerned with is fasterspeeds for your Internet connectivity, a fulllaptop replacement shouldn’t even be aconsideration. Instead, try going for a newwireless adapter.A relatively old laptop will probably have aWi-Fi frequency of 802.11g; and if yourlaptop is especially old, it’s more along thelines of 802.11a or 802.11b.
  7. 7. The current Wi-Fi frequency standard is 802.11n. Therefore, as long as you have wirelessadapter that caters to that frequency (a USB 2.0 adapter costs as little as $20), you should beall set.Unless your current router isn’t equipped to handle 802.11g, that is. For that, you’ll need toreplace it with one that does, which can set you back by about $50 more. Still, $70 is waycheaper than a new $1,000 laptop.
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