The Collective Plate: The Riverside Market
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The Collective Plate: The Riverside Market

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  • 1. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET DeeOff the beaten path and perfectly tucked away, Riverside Market is nothing but a true diamond inthe rough. Walking in, it felt instantly familiar - even if it was my first visit. From the people behindthe counter to those just hanging out, everyone was friendly. You could tell everyone had seen eachother there on the regular. The setup is killer - like a friends living room or basement, equipped withcouches for added comfort!The selection of beers was nothing short of impressive. From pale ales to lagers and everythingin between, there was something fit for everyone!s taste buds. To be honest, I!m not really a beerdrinker and opted for a favorite - hard cider. Since I had already tried a lot of cider brands, I withsomething new: McKenzie!s Green Apple. It was tarts and refreshing, but I!d probably go with mystaple brands next time Crispin or Fox Barrel. The Pacific Pear from Fox Barrel is pretty tasty and its100% natural.Riverside Market is also a restaurant. Hungrier than usual, I ordered the thin crust margarita pizza.Aside from the pies, there!s sandwiches and different cafe items. Graham warned that it might takelong for the food, but it came out in under 30 minutes - impressive! Not only that, the pizza wasexcellent. Its crust was perfectly crisp and covered with a perfect balance of tomato, basil, and freshmozzarella. They didn!t overdo it with the sauce either, which is pretty important on thin crust.Much more than just a market, it!s easy to understand why Riverside is a local favorite. Go witha group and have a good time. And when you leave, go with a custom six pack. They!re alsopet-friendly, so your four legged BFF is welcome too![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:5 // P r ic e:4 // Food:4 [OV ERAL L] 17/20
  • 2. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET GrahamI first heard of Riverside Market from one of my best friends who lives in Fort Lauderdale.He told me of this hidden place in the heart of the city that was unique and very different.The first time I had set my eyes on the place, it looked in fact like an old style market place.However, once you venture inside, it is a very different story. On one side of wall there isa huge fridge that spans from the front of the restaurant all the way to the back. Inside thefridge is hundreds of different styles of beers that you can freely take, open, sit down andrelax with. All you have to do is keep all your empty bottles so they can tally up the pricewhen you are finished. Self service beer = AWESOME!Well it doesn!t end there, hungry? Why not grab some of the great food they serve there.One thing I would highly recommend is the BBQ chicken pizza. It!s fresh flavored, thincrusted and out of this world-a really good pizza. Riverside Market is a awesome hangout spot to chill with friends, have some beer, enjoy the food and use the free WIFI. HighlyRecommended![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 .5 // S er vi ce:4 // P r ic e:4 // Food:4. 5 [OV ERA LL] 17/ 20
  • 3. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET HoneyRiverside Market is a hidden gem in Fort Lauderdale that all the locals love. It!s likewalking into a Beer Heaven. I love the idea of walking up and grabbing any beer you like,whenever you!d like. It definitely beats waiting on a bartender. And ladies don!t worry,there are bottle openers conveniently hanging from the ceiling, which was perfect for me!Probably one of the best bottled beer selectionsI have seen, which make it a great placeto take your man.I like wheat beers so I picked up Shocktop!s raspberry beer, which I loved! It was deliciousand light. Since beer gives me that full feeling, I opted to try a cider for my next choiceand I came across Koppaberg!s Pear Cider. Hands down, the best cider I!ve ever tried.On their menu you can find anything from tacos to sandwiches and even pizza. I ordered theReuben sandwich which was pretty filling. Although I!ve had better Reuben sandwiches, Ican!t complain because their sandwich still hit the spot. I will definitely visiting this hangoutspot again in the future. Great recommendation Graham![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:4 // P r ic e:4.5 // Food:3. 5 [OV ERA LL] 16/ 20
  • 4. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET JennRiverside Market is a restaurant that could easily be mistaken for a convenient store. Assoon as I entered, it was busy with it was busy with kids skateboarding and friends justhaving a great time. Before I ordered my meal, I walked straight to the refrigerator lined upwith tons of beer from all over the world. I felt so clueless and was thinking that I shouldhave taken a beer 101 class. I!m not a beer chick but I immediately looked for a fruity beer.I definitely need some sort of flavor and that!s when I found Wild Blue!s blueberry beer. Itwas sweet; the alcohol sneaked up on me, and hit me with an immediate buzz.My entrée was fish tacos. It was cubed mahi mahi fried to golden perfection mixed withfresh slaw and it was very tasty. I grabbed a slice of my friends thin crust Margarita pizzaand it was excellent. Simplicity definitely goes a long way with this food. I was surprised notto see a dessert menu but I!m guessing it will be added on in the future. Overall, this placeis a great hidden gem.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 .5 // S er vi ce:4.5 // P r ic e:4 // Food: 4 [OV ERA LL] 17/ 20
  • 5. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET LotusMy first impression of the Riverside Market was - WHERE ARE WE? Tucked away in aneighborhood in Fort Lauderdale is this hidden beer heaven. It looks like a living roomplaced in a convenient store. To your left is a wall of beer in a glass fridge that is yours forthe taking (They charge you after) that you can conveniently grab yourself and sit on eitherone of the tables to eat or lounge on the sofas. There!s WI-fi, they!re pet friendly and youhave bottle openers dangling from the ceiling.For the handful of times I!ve been there, I have always shared the BBQ Chicken Pizza withGraham and I must say it is one of the best pizzas I!ve had! (I!m drooling thinking about it!)The red onion on top gives it that extra kick. I!m one not to eat the crust, I left not one bitbehind!To drink, I tried two different ciders that were new to me: The Fox Barrel (Pacific Pear) andCrispin (Natural Hard Apple Cider). Both very refreshing and complimented the pizza verywell. If you were to ask me which was my favorite between the two: The Crispin! (Apple >Pear in my book)My only wish was that it was in my neighborhood![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:4 // P r ic e:4 // Food:4.5 [OV ERAL L] 16. 5/ 20
  • 6. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET MarkThis time it was Graham!s turn to pick The Collective Plate outing spot and he pickedRiverside Market. Knowing Graham I expected the place to have a fair share of focus onbeer and it did. Lets just say a 6”x20” glass fridge filled with 100 or more different types ofbeer is something on the list for my own house, when the time comes.They also served food and I got the Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich. The sandwich cameout pretty quick and looked great. The pork was very tender and flavorful. It was not covered in sauce but marinated in sauce, as southern style pulled pork should be. The bunwas a bit too crunchy for me and the small pieces made me choke up on the first bite. A littlesofter bread and a slice of cheese and it would have been the perfect pulled pork sandwichto go with whichever beer I was drinking at that time.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:3 .5 // S er vi ce:4 // P r ic e:4 // Food:3. 5 [OV ERAL L] 15/20
  • 7. THE RIVERSIDE MARKET MoRiverside Market is a hidden, and I mean hidden, gem. Driving thru a residentialneighborhood to get here, I really thought I was off course until I found this hole inthe wall.As I pulled up on the gravel parking lot, I sensed the very casual, laid back atmosphere.There were a few teens with skateboards hanging out on the front porch and a customerwas downing a couple of beers with his friends, along with his trusty best friend, a goldenretriever. This place is beer heaven. The left wall is covered with coolers similar to theones found at a convenient store, filled with countless bottles of beer from all over theworld. I was tempted to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, except 9,999 bottles of beerwas more fitting, and I definitely would lose count.Just grab a beer that would satisfy your thirst, and pop open the bottle from one of the manybottle openers hanging from the ceiling. I tried a He!Brew Origin Pomegranate Ale, whichyou can taste the pomegranate, but the beer was too dark for my liking. Riverside Marketis a very chill place and I!m definitely looking forward to my next visit to try the numerousbeers they have available.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:3 / / Se r v ice:4 // P r ic e:4 // Food:4 [OV ERA LL] 15/ 20