The Collective Plate: SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill


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The Collective Plate: SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill

  1. 1. sUGARCANE AyehSugarcane is located in the heart of Midtown Miami, a new chic and upscale area ofthe greater Miami. The first thing I noticed? The outdoor lanterns and rather boho-style decor. Complete with a mixology bar, Sugarcane offers tapas-sized, uniquedishes - which, for a creative, and somewhat daring foodie, is perfection in a nut-shell.I!ve been a frequent visitor here (celebrated my 25th birthday) and have always pre-ferred the vegetarian dishes because of the unique combinations of their dishes.MUST HAVES: the grilled corn with pesto butter and parmesan and the brusselssprouts with a sweet soy sauce and hint of orange zest.But the one MUST HAVE at Sugarcane?? Their alcoholic drinks. I can!t even tellyou my favorite one on the menu because they are just all that damn good. Housemade syrups and an incorporation of flowers/fruits/vegetables is one of the mainreasons why I frequently visit Sugarcane: I love this restaurant.[ R AT IN G S ] A m b i a n c e : 5 / / S er vice:5 // P r ice:5 / / Food:5 [OVERALL ] 2 0/ 2 0
  2. 2. SUGARCANE DeeA big fan of Sugarcane, believe me it!s not just the food that keeps me comingback. Every experience has been better than the last and a lot of that has to do withtheir personable and knowledgeable staff. Most recently I was there for a birthdaybrunch and our waiter, Robert KNEW the menu, listened to what we were in themood for, and made excellent recommendations. Plus, I can!t help but love a res-taurant that!s actively using social media - check them out: @sugarcanerawbar.I!m sure you!ve heard that the bacon-wrapped dates are amazing; as are the goatcheese croquettes - so I won!t elaborate. I have five words for you: Truffled Toadin the Hole and you can find them on the brunch menu. Using a slice of toastedbrioche bread (with a delectable thick crust) as a base, an egg is then baked in themiddle. Add a layer of melted robiola cheese then black truffle shavings and I kidyou not, it!s perfect. Hearty and bursting with intricate flavors, I paired it with a sideof fennel & herb sausage. It!s officially my favorite breakfast.After must "research,! I can honestly say whether it!s a birthday, anniversary, or justhappy hour... Sugarcane fits the bill quite nicely.[ RAT I N G S ] A mb i a n c e :4 / / S er vice:4.5 / / P r ice:4 / / Food:4 .5 [OVERALL] 1 7/ 20
  3. 3. SUGARCANE HoneySugarcane Raw Bar Grill has become my go-to restaurant in Miami. Perfect for aromantic dinner date, fresh cocktails for happy hour, or a relaxing Sunday Brunch.It is definitely a place to been seen. But it!s not only because its in the heart ofMidtown, but because they have the best tapas in Miami! They can satisfy anycravings. Venture out and try something different, I assure you, you won!t be disap-pointed!My two favorite tapas are the Crispy Pig Ears ($4) and the Bacon Wrapped Dates($11). The crispy pig ears, were exactly that: extra crispy and light. Seasoned per-fectly and paired perfectly with my Basil Quencher. This is a must order duringhappy hour. In my opinion, it beats the fried calamari found at every other restau-rant and the bacon wrapped date is hands down, best thing on the menu. There!ssomething about the combination of sweet and savory; its gets me every time.Don!t pass these babies up!On their Brunch menu, my favorite tapas was their Semolina Pancakes. Imagineroasted red peppers and slices of delicious prosciutto in between three Semolinapancakes topped with maple syrup and fried duck egg. Brunch would not be com-plete without pancakes and eggs, but prosciutto and roasted peppers? PERFEC-TION! And just like that, Sugarcane Raw Grill has done it again![ RAT I N G S ] A mb i a n c e :5 / / S er vice:4.5 / / P r ice:4 / / Food:5 [OVERALL ] 18 .5/20
  4. 4. SUGARCANE JennSugarcane, located in Midtown Miami is one of my favorite restaurants for tapas!It!s usually very busy with locals of all ages. I started off my meal with a strawberrybubbly. It had just enough plum sake to give me a good buzz and get my grub on.As an appetizer, I got the steak tartare and I must admit that I was a little bit ner-vous to give it a try. I!ve never had raw meat before and to my surprise I actuallyliked it. It had a nice kick of horseradish to it which made it even tastier. I didn!tbother adding the raw quail egg because I felt like it was just pushing it for me.My favorite tapas were the mini bite sized Kobe sliders. You know what made iteven more awesome? It was topped with a crispy fried egg! I!m such a fan of aburger with a fried egg on top. The sliders were juicy and just too cute! After a fewplates later, I made sure I made enough room for dessert. I got the torrejas mixedwith maple caramel apples. Oh my word, this just sweet heaven on a plate! It re-minded me of the BEST French toast I have ever had.Other dishes to indulge in are the pork meatballs which have a nice Mediterraneantaste to it and the duck and waffles with a side of mustard maple sauce.[ RAT I N G S ] A mb i a n c e :4 / / S er vice:4 / / Pr ice:3.5 / / Food:4 .5 [OVERALL ] 16/ 2 0
  5. 5. sUGARCANE LotusFrom the outside, looking in - it looks like The Secret Garden. With hedges high upand white fairy lights dangling across the building. It!s a very intimate setting forgreat conversations.Everything I!ve eaten in Sugarcane has always been an explosion of differenttastes leaving a smile on my face. No exaggeration what so ever.THREE WORDS: BACON WRAPPED DATES.I never even ate dates before I went to Sugarcane nor do I ever had the curiositytoo. Wrap it in bacon, we have a winner!The kobe beef sliders are another treat. The combination of the meat with the quailegg is the perfect touch.As much as I think the bacon wrapped dates is my favorite, it!s actually the goatcheese croquettes. I am a cheese lover and as soon as I see “goat cheese” on themenu, no other item stands a chance.Pick three tapas and it!s enough to keep your tummy happy![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:5 / / Se r v ice:3.5 // P r ic e:3 // Food:4. 5 [OV ERA LL] 1 6/ 20
  6. 6. SUGARCANE MarkFavorite Thing on the Menu (for now): Bacon Wrapped DatesThe word bacon in any sentence tends to catch my eye. But on second thought,I!m not that partial to dates, but also love trying new food. When Robert (our “ex-perience maker”) brought out the dates my first impression was that they lookeddelicious. After we got done taking a few pictures came the moment of truth - itwas amazing! Or any other word of praise, but in my opinion, none can actuallydescribe how it tastes. Savory & sweet with crispy bacon, linguica sausage, andmanchego cheese for the win. A must try (and repeat) in my book and this goes tothe top 3!I can!t wait to try more things on the menu and I!m pretty sure I!ll be back soon.[ R AT I N G S ] A m b i a n c e : 4 / / S e r v i c e : 4 / / P r i c e : 4 / / Fo o d : 5 [ OV E R A L L ] 1 7/ 2 0
  7. 7. SUGARCANE MoSugarcane Raw Bar and Grill in the heart of Midtown is an awesome restaurantwith great food and excellent service.The Kobe Beef Slider ($7 each) is grilled to perfection, served with a fried quail egg.Cracking the quail egg over the slider gave each bite a perfect blend of yolk andjuicy Kobe beef. Finished in 3 bites, I had to order another one.Duck and Waffles ($15) is my favorite dish on the menu. I love duck and I lovewaffles so this was a no brainer for me. This dish starts with a freshly made waffle,topped with a crispy duck leg and a fried duck egg. I doused it with the compli-menting maple syrup for a great treat. I thought chicken and waffles were clever,but duck and waffles is in a whole new level.Torrejas ($10) is such a wonderful dessert. Torrejas is French toast saturated incondensed milk topped with fresh made cinnamon ice cream and maple caramel-ized apples. This dish makes me salivate every time I think about taking a bite ofthat warm French toast and apples with refreshing cinnamon ice cream.[ R AT I N G S ] A m b i a n c e : 4 / / S e r v i c e : 5 / / P r i c e : 3 / / Fo o d : 4 [ OV E R A L L ] 1 6/ 2 0