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The Collective Plate: Red Robin

  1. 1. red robin AyehRed Robin, well-known for their vintage decor and huge array of burgers recently set-up shop in thePembroke Pines area allowing The Collective Plate to celebrate our holidays with them. Greetedwith a warm welcome from the hostess, we were comfortably seated at our table for 11 (they ac-commodate for large parties, just make sure you arrive early enough to make a reservation!).I personally have been here previously and already knew what burger I was going to try, but if youeasily become overwhelmed, go to the website and look ahead of time. Each burger is served withan endless amount of steak fries, crisped to perfection (and I honestly mean that because I hatefries that aren!t crispy)! This time I ordered the Burnin! Love with chicken which was the perfectamount of hot spice (I love spicy food and this was a 3/5 on the hot meter). If you aren!t a beefeater, they offer a chicken swap! Others that I!ve tried and recommend: Banzai and the BrushettaChicken Sandwich. Also, ask for the Campfire sauce - if you!re a fan of barbecue sauce, this is analternative twist to that (perfect match with my fries).The only downfall I found was service. I can understand being busy, but I do not appreciate rude-ness. After someone ordered an appetizer for the table, the staff had not brought out plates. Whenasked for said plates, a random food runner then proceeded to shake a stack of plates at us ratherthan taking the time to pass out the plates - NOT cool (she should be fired, sorry). Other than that,I understand busy (having worked as a server myself) and appreciated that our server took time tosmall talk. However, even with that incident, I still would come back. They have a huge variety ofburgers and am wanting to try as many of them as possible![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 .5 // S er vi ce:1.5 // P r ic e:4 // Food: 4 [OV ERA LL] 14/ 20
  2. 2. red robin DeeTo be honest, I love a good burger and it!s rare that I meet one I don!t like. This wasn!t my first timeat Red Robin and from what I remember of that cheeseburger, it was very tasty. In my opinion,burgers are pretty hard to mess up and when it comes to dressing them up - there!s almost an indefi-nite amount of possibilities.Unfortunately, I was pretty sick during our holiday dinner trip to Red Robin and my taste buds weren!tat their best. I started with a cup of tea and tall glass of OJ while I looked at the menu, trying to decidewhat to get. Soup was the only thing I could really enjoy so I ordered a cup of their Clamdigger!s ClamChowder and half of their BLTA Croisstant sandwich. The food took quite a bit of time to come out, butour waiter was eager and courteous. This particular Red Robin location was in the mall and was very,very busy since it was around the holidays. With all those people, it was loud and hard to hear eachother. And since we were sat a rectangular table instead of a circular one, it wasn!t easy.As for the food, I have to admit that I prefer Red Robin!s burgers when compared to what I had thatnight. The soup was pretty basic, but I!ve had far better chowders elsewhere. It seemed a bit blandand needed a good amount of pepper to satisfy my taste buds. On the other hand, the sandwich wasgood. How can you go wrong with a BLT on a buttery croissant? Plus the addition of fresh avocado!Next time I go to Red Robin I hope my health (& taste buds) are ready for a burger![RATINGS] Ambiance:3 // Ser vice:3 // Pr ice:4 // Food:3 [OVERALL] 13/20
  3. 3. RED ROBIN GrahamMany times I would watch TV and I would see an advertisement for a restaurant called Red RobinGourmet Burgers. The food looked great but the one problem was there were no Red Robin!s local. Ithought I would never get to try one of those tasty looking burgers. Then one day to my surprise theyopened a Red Robin at Pembroke Lakes Mall. Even better yet The Collective Plate decided to gothere. I was excited to see if the food was as good as it looked on TV.Inside the restaurant had that classic American burger joint feel, like Johnny Rockets andFuddruckers, etc. Nothing really new but never the less it works. When I looked at the menu, I wasspoiled for choices with the burgers. After taking a long time looking over the burgers, I finally pickedthe right one (I didn!t want food envy). I selected the Prime Chophouse which consists of a juicy beefpatty, horseradish sautéed mushrooms, steak sauce, Provolone cheese, crispy onion straws all piledon an onion bun with country Dijon sauce! Oh yea, did I mention that these burgers come with bot-tomless steak cut fries? When the burger came it was a good size and was presented well. I askedfor medium and that!s how it came. When I took my first big bite the burger, it was juicy and tasty.The mushrooms added a great flavor and the Dijon sauce really added that extra something. Thiswas indeed a good burger but still not one of the best I have ever had. Don!t get me wrong, would Igo again? Yes, I would. Just as burgers go it was not in my top 5 but still very good quality. The steakcut fries were nice and chunky and with a bottomless supply that was a great value. The service wasgood and the atmosphere pleasant.If your craving a good burger place that is inexpensive and friendly this is the place for you.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:3 / / Se r v ice:3 // P r ic e:4 // Food:3.5 [OV ERAL L] 13. 5/ 20
  4. 4. red robin HoneyI enjoyed my first visit to Red Robin. I ordered the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich instead ofordering one of their gourmet burgers. The chicken breast was grilled to perfection, savoryand still juicy. What I loved most about my sandwich was the mixture of the aioli pesto andthe balsamic cream with the bruschetta salsa. It was a variety of amazing flavors all in onebite, I would definitely order this sandwich again.I did not get a chance to try one of their milkshakes, but it gives me an excuse to go backto Red Robin![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:3 .5 // S er vi ce:3 // P r ic e:4 // Food:4 [OV ERAL L] 14. 5/ 20
  5. 5. RED ROBIN JennIt has been YEARS since I!ve eaten at Red Robin and my last visit was in Chicago. Red Robin wasa great choice for The Collective Plate Holiday Dinner. It was simple, casual, and best of all it wasinside the mall. It!s so nice to work up an appetite after you shopped til you dropped.First of all, our waiter Jaime at the Pembroke Lakes Mall was excellent. He was kind and so patientwith our huge group. So a BIG thank you to him. The manager even checked up on us and made sureour dining experience was well worth it.We started off our dinner with towering crispy onion rings that was served with a side of campfiresauce and ranch dressing. This appetizer did not last long on the table! The Sautéed Shroom Burgerwas my main dish. It had a generous amount of flavorful mushroom and the bun was spread with agarlic parmesan sauce. I was surprised to bite into a slice of jalapeno and I immediately flicked thatoff. I and anything spicy is a bad marriage.Overall, I would come back again and try out their mouthwatering cookie magic milkshake.Yuuuummmmmmm……[ R AT IN G S ] A m b i a n c e : 4 . 5 / / S er vice:4.5 / / Pr ice:4 // Food:4 [OVERALL ] 1 7/ 20
  6. 6. RED ROBIN LotusI remember seeing the sign, “Red Robin, Coming Soon!” in the Pembroke Pines Mall and beingpretty excited about it. I!ve never been and only heard great things about this popular burger joint!The moment it opened, photos from friends were streaming in all forms of social networks that hadme drooling! I also learned through word of mouth about the unlimited steak fries.CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.“Basted with a tangy steak sauce and topped with crumbled Bleu cheese. Served with crispy onionstraws, lettuce, fresh tomatoes and zesty chipotle aioli on an onion bun.” Bleu cheese and aiolicaught my attention and I found myself ordering it without reading the rest of the menu. I don!t knowabout you but in my opinion, bleu cheese does wonders for a burger for me. I may be biased becauseI am a really big cheese lover. :)I highly recommend the smoked bacon aioli sauce to dip your fries in. You!ll be raising your hand formore of their unlimited fries.They have so many varieties of burgers and if burgers aren!t your thing, they also have other options.I want to try the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich next![ R AT I N G S ] A m b i a n c e : 3 / / S e r v i c e : 3 / / P r i c e : 4 / / Fo o d : 4 [ OV E R A L L ] 1 4 / 2 0
  7. 7. red robin MarkWell apparently I have eaten at a Red Robin previously some years ago but since I did notremember I acted like it was my first time.It was a good choice for the TCP secret santa gift exchange... because who doesn!t lovea burger joint?Since we were a big party, the food took a little while and yet still didn!t come out all at once.It was a good tasting traditional burger with a blue cheese and onion straw twist. However,by the time it got to me, added with the extended wait for other TCP members food, It wasa cold patty lying on the bed of hardening onion straws. At that point, I could only imaginewhat it would have tasted like hot... nonetheless it did taste great.[RATINGS] Ambiance:3 // Ser vice:3 // Pr ice:4.5 // Food:3 [OVERALL] 13.5/20
  8. 8. red robin MoWhen Red Robin opened in Pembroke Pines, I was jumping for joy, hearing nothing but good thingsabout the food - and my expectations were definitely met. The towering onion rings were sweet yellowonions, breaded and fried, served with a ranch and a tangy Campfire sauce, enough to share with therest of The Collective Plate crew.The Red!s Big Tavern burger was grilled to my liking, medium, with American cheese, lettuce,tomatoes and Red!s Secret Tavern Sauce, which is they!re version of a thousand island. I topped myburger with a fried egg cause fried eggs always makes a burger extra special.One of my favorite things about Red Robin are the bottomless steak fries, you can!t go wrong withendless fries. The only down side, in my opinion, was the service that night. I understand that we area big group, but getting our order took a while, as the waiter would leave in the middle of the order totake care of other guests.[RATINGS] Ambiance:3.5 // Ser vice:2 // Pr ice:4 // Food:4 [OVERALL] 13.5/20