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The Collective Plate: Jaxson's
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The Collective Plate: Jaxson's


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  • 1. Jaxson’s DeeDescribed as a hometown treasure, Jaxson!s is a restaurant, candy store and ice creamparlor. All flavors are made in house and they!re good (really good). I was also excited togo with the TCP crew! The menu is extensive so it!s always fun sampling what everyoneelse orders too.Mark and I ended up splitting the strawberry shortcake with an extra scoop of black rasp-berry! Two buttery slices of pound cake covered in ice cream then topped with whip cream.It was a sight and to us resembled a mini mountain of sweetness; all that after some ciderand thin crust margarita pizza from Riverside Market!As expected, we barely made a dent in our large-sized frozen treat. Nonetheless, it wasdelicious and the blackberry ice cream is definitely a must try. My favorite part was thatcould taste that the whip cream was made fresh.It!s those little details that make Jaxson!s a staple in South Florida.[RATINGS] Ambiance:4 // Ser vice:3 // Pr ice:4 // Food:4 [OVERALL] 15/20
  • 2. Jaxson’s GrahamI have lived in South Florida for many years, tried many different restaurants, but for somereason, (even though it was on my to do list), I never got round to go to Jaxson!s Ice creamParlor. I know for many people that is sacrilegious, but before you jump down my throat, Ijust went there.I have heard so many good things about Jaxson!s so I had built up the ice cream to besomething amazing. I loved the old style it was set in and to be honest, I didn!t know theysevered hot food too. I saw a burger pass by me that looked and smelled delicious.When the server handed me the menu I knew I was in trouble. There were so many icecream concoctions, I didn!t know where to start or what I wanted to order. Then after a goodlong thinking session I wanted something simple so I could get a good taste of the pureice cream flavor. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough, so I thought why not go for that?When the big bowl of ice cream was planted in front of me I was so excited to dig in. Let!sjust say it didn!t disappoint. There was a good amount of cookie dough and the ice creamhad a great dairy flavor, not like a lot of processed ice cream you get now a days. Fromthe looks around the Collective Plate table, everyone looked like they thoroughly enjoyedtheir dessert.The ice cream was excellent and with all the different types of desserts to try I would goback again and again. I really want to try that burger too.[RATINGS] Ambiance:4 // Ser vice:3.5 // Pr ice:3.5 // Food:4 [OVERALL] 15/20
  • 3. Jaxson’s HoneyEverytime I walk into Jaxson!s I feel like a little kid all over again. When you first walk in youare taken back to an old fashioned candy store where you can find your favorite childhoodchocolates and candies. It!s every kid!s dream come true. You will definitely leave Jaxson!swith a sugar rush!With a menu of flavors and sundae combos that seems to be endless, Jaxson!s is an icecream lover!s dream! It!s no wonder this place has been around for decades! The menucan be a bit overwhelming since there are some many combinations, but no matter whatitem you pick I assure you, you won!t be disappointed.I shared the Praline Pecan Supreme Collosal Parfait with Jenn and when it arrived to thetable I was blown away with how massive it was. It was never-ending! I don!t even knowif going on an empty stomach would have helped. (Thank god I shared this bad boy!) Itfelt like a bottomless pit of tasty homemade praline ice cream with butterscotch, whippedcream and toasted pecans. It was sinfully delicious. I would have been satisfied with asimple scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone. But I figure if you are at Jaxson!s, you mustgo big or go home!Make sure if you are headed to Jaxson!s you are prepared to wait in a long line outside, it!salways packed. But you can always order it to go from their take-out window :)[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:5 / / Se r v ice:3.5 // P r ic e:4 // Food:4 [OV ERA LL] 16 .5/ 20
  • 4. Jaxson’s JennI haven!t been to Jaxons Ice Cream Parlor in years and coming back with the CollectivePlate team brought back a lot of great memories. It!s hard to miss this place due to theattractive bright flickering lights. Inside, it is decorated with amusing license plates andvintage décor.I shared an order with Honey called the Praline Pecan Parfait. This was a HUGE orderand I can!t believe we finished about " of it. From the bottom up it was layered withcaramel, pecans, praline pecan ice cream, whip cream, and more pecans. Talk about asugar high!Luckily I was able to sleep at night. I was hoping to see a table order the infamous KitchenSink (a known specialty) but lucked out on it. Before you exit, just when you thought youhad a sugar overload, think again. There is a mini store selling MORE sugar with lots ofchildhood candy. I totally skipped that area because I was all sugared out. Overall, this isa great stop for all the sweet tooth peeps out there.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:3.5 // P r ic e:3.5 // Food: 4 [OV ERA LL] 15/ 20
  • 5. Jaxson’s LotusI have not been here for over 6 years! Even then, I have only been once prior this sponta-neous visit. We all were sitting at Riverside Market when we realized there was no dessertmenu - someone suggested Jaxson!s and we were gone in 2 seconds.What I love about Jaxson!s is it makes me feel like I!m in a different era. First comes to mindis the 1950!s! I did a Google search to see when it was established - 1956! It also makesme feel like a kid! The bright lights, the front of the store is swamped with candies you hadas a child, license plates plastered everywhere and my favorite is when you wait in line forthe restroom you can see old school photos of Jaxson!s framed on the wall.I!m a simple kind of gal. Toppings on ice cream were never my thing. I ordered one bigscoop of cookies and cream. I love that they make their own ice cream and I was able toenjoy it without any toppings to disguise the flavor!Next time I would like to go for a meal![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:5 / / Se r v ice:3.5 // P r ic e:3 // Food:4 [OV ERAL L] 15. 5/ 20
  • 6. Jaxson’s MarkThis was my second time at Jaxson!s. I have yet to try their food but I dont know if I!m miss-ing anything as the ice cream is amazing. It!s very creamy and served at the right tempera-ture, so that you dont have to dig or shave with your spoon to get a bite.My favorite ice cream is strawberry or any kind of berry really and I have to say they do itright. I love finding big pieces of berry or fruit in the ice cream and that!s exactly what youwill find if you order from Jaxson!s. So go on and feed your sweet tooth with my personalfavorites like Towering Short Cakes or Two on a Blanket.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 .5 // S er vi ce:4.5 // P r ic e:4 // Food: 5 [OV ERAL L] 18/20
  • 7. Jaxson’s MoJaxson!s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant in Davie is such a fun place to have ice cream.As you enter Jaxson!s, you are greeted with an old-school candy store. The walls are cov-ered with retro license plates from around the country which gives off a nostalgic feel.Jaxson!s exhaustive ice cream menu can be overwhelming at times, but if you want some-thing simple, you cannot go wrong with a hot fudge sundae ($8.95). With two heapingscoops of your choice of ice cream, topped with hot fudge, whip cream, sprinkles and acherry served with an extra side of hot fudge, this treat is perfect for a hot summer day. Thissundae will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.Whether you have time to dine in this nostalgic restaurant or only time to visit the take outwindow, stopping at Jaxson!s for ice cream while driving thru Dania Beach is a must![RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:4 // P r ic e:3 // Food:4 [OV ERA LL] 15/ 20