A full plate dos caminos


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A full plate dos caminos

  1. 1. DOS CAMINOS AyehIf you!re craving for some Mexican-style cuisine, Dos Caminos is the place for you.The aura of Dia de Los Muertos covering the walls with a low-lit setting, this location isperfect for a dinner date before a stroll on the beach (right on Ft. Lauderdale Beach insideof the Sheraton).Opting for a vegetarian dinner, I ordered the freshly made guacamole with mango, papaya-habenero ($14) and an order of the Mexico City street corn ($5). Surprisingly large portions,I would next time recommend to share the guacamole. Although I thought the guacamolewas a bit on the pricey side, this dish had a surprisingly spicy kick to it (I love spicy food)even with the large chunks of mango and papaya mixed within the avocado. The MexicoCity corn was amazing and the best part of my meal (and corn is personally one of my fa-vorites so that says a lot)! I can!t even fully describe how delicious this corn was - cheesy,Cajun-like? YUM - let me just say it!s a must.So if you!re thinking of a unique, first-date location, this place is perfectly located for thatspecial date.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:4.5 // P r ic e:3 // Food:3. 5 [OV ERA LL] 15/ 20
  2. 2. DOS CAMINOS DeeEating light isn!t exactly easy when you!re eating Mexican, but I made it happen at DosCaminos. Knowing their entrees are pretty big portions, I went with the Pescado Tacos: atrio of grilled mahi-mahi, spicy slaw, and smoked chile aioli wrapped in warm flour tortillas.After taking my first bite, I have to admit that they were a bit spicier than I expected them tobe but not hot enough to put me off completely. That chile aioli had a smoky kick that keptmy full attention on the plate. The fish was grilled perfectly and had just the right amountof sauce. I hate when meat or fish is served almost !drowning" in liquid that you lose trackof what it actually tastes like. This didn"t happen at Dos and overall, I was quite happywith my meal. I"d definitely order this again and am looking forward to trying the othertaco options.Side note: I was a little too hungry and dove into my meal without taking a SINGLE photo.The awesome image here was pulled from the Dos Caminos FoodSpotting page.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:3.5 // P r ic e:3.5 // Food: 4 [OV ERA LL] 15/ 20
  3. 3. DOS CAMINOS GrahamDos Caminos is a traditional Mexican restaurant that is situated in the heart of FortLauderdale. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the awesome atmosphere set bythe decorations. There are skulls everywhere which symbolizes the !The Day Of The Dead"festival that takes place in Mexico.While I was looking over the menu we were served fresh hot tortilla chips with threedifferent styles of salsa. The salsas ranged from mild, medium and hot. All were fresh andfull of flavor. For my main dish I picked the Chicken Fajitas which is served with beans andcorn. The chicken was a bit dry and seemed to be lacking in flavor. The corn soft tortillashad a strange texture and had a weird bitter taste. I felt the dish was lacking in cheese also,just a few sprinkles melted on the top. The corn was excellent! It was like a chipolte sweetsauce. I thought the amount of food you get for the price was poor and the quality fell shortcompared to other Mexican food establishments.I feel with the amount of great Mexican restaurants out there Dos Caminos does not doenough to stand out and separate themselves from the pack.[RATINGS] Ambiance:4 // Ser vice:3 // Pr ice:2.5 // Food:2.5 [OVERALL] 12/20
  4. 4. DOS CAMINOS HoneyI will be the first to say, I am not a huge fan of Mexican cuisine and it!s mainly becauseit is hard to find authentic Mexican food in Miami. But I have to admit I was surprised byDos Caminos. The first thing I noticed walking in to Dos Caminos was the skull wall whichseem a bit eerie until I remembered that Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead, which Ithought was pretty cool that they incorporated into the ambiance. When I think of Mexicanrestaurants, I automatically think hole-in-the-wall taqueria, but Dos Caminos is upscale andsophisticated.Their menu had a wide variety of tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, guacamole (made fresh to or-der) to choose from. I like trying new things so I ordered the Empanda Duo ($11) which wasa platter of 4 empandas, the Roasted Plantain and the Crab Moleste and I could not passon the Mexican City Street Corn ($4) as a side. The empanadas were great, the RoastedPlantain was my favorite. It was the first time I!ve ever had empanada that was not madefrom corn flour, the roasted plantain gave it a nice twist and it tasted great with the blackbeans and cotija cheese. So simple, but extremely tasty and of course the Mexican CityStreet Corn never fails, I love the spice and crunchy texture. It!s similar to taste to Fritoscorn chips. If you!ve never tried this, it is a must have!The only let down was my empty water glass; the waiter could have been more attentive.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 .5 // S er vi ce:2.5 // P r ic e:4 // Food: 3. 5 [OV ERAL L] 14. 5/ 20
  5. 5. DOS CAMINOS JennWalking into Dos Caminos there was a bit of a voodoo feel with all the skulls hanging inthe wall. Kind of spooky but definitely gave the restaurant a personality. I don!t know aboutyou but I!m always a bit skeptical when a restaurant branches out of their original state andmigrates to a different location. Will this New York restaurant be as good as its newlocation in sunny Ft. Lauderdale? Let!s see!I ordered a chicken taco which consisted of marinated citrus chicken, chicken chicharron,hugged in a homemade corn tortilla. I love anything chicharron because (A) I love crispytextures and (B) Chicharron makes me smile. As a side dish, I opted for the Mexican citycorn street corn. This made me think of those cheap taco carts on the side of the road inMexico. It was grilled and topped with some spicy cheese.I was able to nibble among my fellow The Collective Plate peeps and I really enjoyedHoney!s plantain empanada, Ayeh!s mango, papaya, habanero guacamole dip, andLotus!s HUGE quesadilla. YUM! I!m not into spicy food but at least I was able to survivethis feast and not experience the “ring of fire”. Overall it was a great night with good foodand company.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:4 / / Se r v ice:3.5 // P r ic e:4 // Food:3. 5 [OV ERA LL] 15/ 20
  6. 6. DOS CAMINOS LotusTucked away in the Sheraton Hotel in Fort Lauderdale is Dos Caminos. Not yet seated, Ialready fell in love with the pink wall covered with skulls. The lights are dimmed, the wallshad cool things to look at and the aroma around the room was making my stomach beg fora taste!They serve warm tortilla chips along with a trio of salsas. Mild, Medium and... I!m assumingthe spiciest. I tried the medium and immediately drank water. Mild please! It took a whilefor my tongue to get adjusted to the hint of spiciness then I was on board!I admit I don!t read the whole menu when I go to restaurants. It can be overwhelming withmany options. So I look at my key words: cheese, mushrooms, shrimp..... and hello GrilledShrimp Quesadilla. It consisted of an open faced crispy tortilla, chile-marinated shrimp,Mexican cheeses, smoked wild mushrooms and oven-dried tomatoes. When the waiterhanded me the quesadilla, I had to do a triple take. It looked like a Mexican Shrimp Pizza!“Food Envy,” were the words that came out of Graham!s mouth.The portion was generous compared to the rest of the dishes out on display. As for thetaste, the combination of the ingredients complimented one another. I honestly would notchange a thing and would order it again. Very, very, very flavorful.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:5 / / Se r v ice:5 // P r ic e:3 // Food:4.5 [OV ERAL L] 17. 5/ 20
  7. 7. DOS CAMINOS MarkI want to start by saying that I love guacamole!Dos Caminos has been a favorite of mine ever since my girlfriend threw me a birthdaydinner with all of my closest friends there, it also happen to be my 21st. Since then wehave been there multiple times over the years, and every time we order at least one guacand chips.This time, coming to dine with The Collective Plate, was no different. We ordered the spicyguacamole (yum!) and away I go. It tastes so good I feel like I cannot dip and scoopfast enough. When you have multiple fresh vegetables (avocado, tomato, onion and lime)prepared to order in such a combination, you really can!t go wrong. As the bowl begins todwindle down, I try to pace myself, as not to be rude to others, but stopping cold turkeywhen it!s right in front of me is not an option. Once it!s all gone, I begin to reminisce andthink of all the good bites we just had and if I should order another. Then a little voice inmy head tells me ,“Hey, Mark, you still have food coming.” Oh wait, that!s my girlfriend nextto me.In the end I want to leave you with this; give a man a fish, he!ll eat for a day. Teach a manhow to make guacamole, he!ll die happy.[RATINGS] Ambiance:4 // Ser vice:3 // Pr ice:4 // Food:4 [OVERALL] 15/20
  8. 8. DOS CAMINOS MoI am going to be totally honest. I am struggling to write this review for Dos Caminos,because my dining experience was, to be blunt, not memorable. We went to DosCaminos, located in the Sheraton at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. It was a beautiful fall night inSouth Florida, perfect to have dinner outside. However, on weeknights, outdoor seating isnot an option. What a bummer. When entering Dos Caminos, we were greeted by a pinkwall with skulls on the walls, which I found interesting. We were seated in a narrow dimly litroom, which I thought was a little too dim.I heard about how Dos Caminos in New York prepares the guacamole fresh table side, soI was excited to experience that. I enjoy watching the preparation and creation of meals asit adds a level of entertainment to my dining experience. Unfortunately, the guacamole wasprepared out of sight.In the mood for pork, I ordered the Carnitas Tacos ($14.00), which were 3 slow roastedpulled pork tacos on corn tortillas, topped with green chile salsa and parsley. The salsa wasmild, and the pork was juicy and tender. I took my time savoring the tacos and enjoying thedinner conversation. However, our server was very persistent in trying to take away myunfinished meal, which was very distracting.[RATI N G S ] Amb ia n c e:3 / / Se r v ice:2.5 // P r ic e:2.5 // Food: 3. 5 [OV ERAL L] 11. 5/ 20