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Social media

  1. 1. Social Media 2012BY Alexandre COLLAT
  2. 2. Why choose social media class? First of all, if you watch the global development you canrealize that the world is running by social marketing. Nowadayscommunication or advertising work by Blog, Facebook, twitter,and other social networks.Social Media has created its own world, it can make you famousor be hired in a company, It allows you to communicate instantly,transcend the distance, bring people together, get any kind ofinformation over the web. It’s a single world culture.More over Social marketing is very important in the can have a market segment (for example) right away andstart to make up your own project. It allows you to understandfaster and better the market, and reach your target segment veryquickly and for free.
  3. 3. Showcasing your blogBlog Link: many posts: 10How many comment: 16Post most viewed: The post on What do you think is social mediaand Why are social networks important in the marketing mix? 15timesMost of the time, I have more comments or views at the end ofthe week when I post onwenesday or later,I believe thatpeople have more time duringthe weekend to check your blogor to do their Social Mediahomeworks.
  4. 4. Vlog:How long: 35minViewed: 15 timesThe video log was not easy to do, indeed, its hard tojust look the camera and not your note. Now I havethe experience and I have seen the video of others Iwould improve my video by taking more time, addsome information and speak more clearly. In aprofessional way.
  5. 5. BLOGI will definitely keep my blog andimprove it, I think it is very useful if youlooking for a job to have one, it allowsthe employer to see what you are in another way which can be good for you.But on the other side in very hard tokeep a blog up and currently comment,post. Its a very big task
  6. 6. Social Media show me Facebook in a different way. Howcompanies use Facebook to have new customer. It was veryinteresting to know how to reach your target segment withFacebook, and understand how advertisements works onFacebook. May be when I will have my own business I would useFacebook like a blog, in a professional way. I think its a very goodtool for marketing.How many friends: 415How many groups: 10
  7. 7. 3 months ago I didnt know how to use twitter and Ive made atwitterchat few weeks ago. This social network is nice when youwant to ask question to a group and you want some shortanswers. But you can also speak to a group and tweet the text ofsome one to make the group notice that there is a good point orsomething good to speak about or youre agree with. Most of thetime I use Twitter with my mobile phone.I follow: Warner bros/ Canal +/ twentieth century fox1) This social network allows you to follow people or companies and keep in touch with their actuality. Also you can share what you do in order that person can follow you2) I my opinion restricting letters to composing a tweet it is a weakness
  8. 8. Before this class Ive never used Linked In, this Social Media is aninteresting network, It is made for professional link and can beuseful if you looking for a job or contact in a company. If youwant to use it in order to build your own brand this is the socialnetwork you want to use. Indeed you can share your brand orintroduce it to other people. Ive opened my account one weekago, so I dont belong to a group yet. I will use it seriously soonbecause I think this tool can be very useful in your professionallife
  9. 9. Closing thoughts:a) There are many social networks these days, I use a socialnetwork for one year. His name is FANCY, this is a blog Where youcan post photos of mode or artistic pictures or original onesshowing pictures or objects. Objects that we see, can be bought,you can also follow bloggers or photographers. more you postmore you can have some “fancy” to have reductions on products.
  10. 10. Closing thoughts:b) this class brought me a lot. before I did that really useFacebook and blogs, today I know how to use Twitter, Linked in,etc…Moreover I see social networks in a professional way. Whatthey can bring me in my future life.But I don think Im going to use Twitter, Im not crazy about it, if Ihave a business sure, I will have one, to see what people thinkabout me and/or resolve problems. But I will not have my ownaccount. The Social Network That I will definitely use is Linked InWhich is a very good tool in your professional life
  11. 11. Thank you Alexandre COLLAT