Communications Planning Crash Course (Skillshare) - Volkswagen Golf


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Communications Planning Crash Course (Skillshare) - Volkswagen Golf

  1. 1. funny.Rock n’ Roll is back.Final Project for Communications Planning Crash CourseSkillshareJoan Collado (@joancollado)Tutor: Julian ColeMay 2013
  2. 2. Volkswagen Golf is the classic VW car. It means youth, power and freedom. It’s always been so.Every few years a new version is released presenting new innovations, but the brand meaning keepsuntouched.This presentation will talk about doing a Communications Planning for Spanish Market.
  3. 3. Business goals &strategyVolkswagen wants to introduce in the SpanishMarket the brand new 2013 Golf edition.Communications goalTo create a full Customer Journey Map wherethe Volkswagen brand is always in touch withthe consumer via cross-channel touchpoints.
  5. 5. Volkswagen Spain has a huge communications structure: from classic TV, radio or print to 2.0 world:Website, Google Search, Social Media and E-mail.In Spain, the key touchpoints for consumers are auto dealerships, search engines and friends & familyopinions.When it comes to communication channels, the challenge right now for VW is definitely Mobile.
  6. 6. Volkswagen as a brand as well as car market in general represent the “HIGH INVOLVEMENT - HIGHFEEL” quadrant in FCB Grid.When we communicate we talk about sensations, symbols and aspirations. Brand meaning is crucial inthis case, because people not only buy a car: they also buy a concrete lifestyle.Thus, car market is not only about selling a machine. It’s about playing with momentums.FCB Grid
  7. 7. Researchingcustomers
  8. 8. Quantitative tools
  9. 9. Tools used: Quantcast, Google Consumer Barometer, Google ConsumerSurvey, Google Search Trends, Think With Google.Some intesresting info:- Google Search results (100 = maximum interest):- SPAIN: 1 – Ford (90), 2 – Toyota (50), 3 – Volkswagen (45)- USA: 1 – Ford (95), 2 – Toyota (58), 3 – Volkswagen (10)- Think with Google:- 3 key touchpoints in Spain:- Auto dealerships: 67%- Search Engines: 63%- Friends and colleagues: 41%- With 63 percent of new vehicle purchasers beginning their search with a specific brand in mind,but only 20 percent purchasing the vehicle they first researched online, it’s clear that brandconsideration can be won or lost at any point throughout this loop.- Over the course of in-market research, search data suggests that 73 percent of in-market activityinvolves cross-shopping.
  10. 10. Tools used: Quantcast, Google Consumer Barometer, Google ConsumerSurvey, Google Search Trends, Think With Google.- Mobile and video are changing the shopping ecosystem as its being built.- “Potential auto customers aren’t ‘shoppers,’ they are owners that bring with them strong brand notionsbased on their experiences before, during, and after their last vehicle purchase."- As the buyer drives off the lot, what is often considered the end of the process is actually just thebeginning of the next sale. Only 56 percent end up as repeat purchasers. What happens to thatmissing third and how can you get them back?- Question: How can we use social, review, and maps channels to get consumers talking about theirexperiences?
  11. 11. Tools used: Quantcast, Google Consumer Barometer, Google ConsumerSurvey, Google Search Trends, Think With Google.- Google Consumer Barometer:- Spain does more online research before purchasing than USA (72% VS 58%).- Spain uses more search engine research before purchasing than USA (60% VS 41%).- US does more online car purchasing than Spain (12% VS 5%).- Quantcast (US only):- Key gender and age: male, 25 – 34.- VW is famous between hispanic people, as well as Toyota is famous between asian people.- Ford doesn’t stand out particularly in any feature.You can check out some screenshots in the .rar archiveattached at my Skillshare post.
  12. 12. Qualitative tools
  13. 13. Tools used:Topsy, Twitter Adv.Search, Blog/Forums active listening.Other tools used*: Beer drinking with friends, Playstation gaming, WhatsApptalking, car riding.Some intesresting info from Spanish market:- The most RELIABLE cars are asian (japanese & korean) and romanian. Most valuable brandsare Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and Dacia. Reliable means low quantity of repairs andcar materials at low prices.- DESIGN and QUALITY are European brands territory. However, brands like Opel are rejectedfor his low reliability, just the opposite as asian brands.- European cars are also known for their “fun” attractive. People have a better time driving themthan asian ones.- Volkswagen Golf is seen as an expensive car, but it is also true that the “extra” in the price isworth paying: Golf means power and quality. It meant it since today’s consumers were children.- In Spain cars are very important for people’s image. Curiously, until reaching top brands likeMercedes-Benz or BMW, consumer, instead of selecting a brand for their social image attractives,rules them by its social “negative” aspects. It is normal to hear people rejecting Ford Focus orSeat León because “trashy” people (“cholos”, in Spanish) purchases them.- Spanish people aren’t loyal to their previous brands. They are very sensitive to new trends.*: Thanks Rob Campbell for the inspiration.You can check out some screenshots in the .rar archive attached atmy Skillshare post.
  15. 15. Patricia Hernandez (24 years)Patricia is a Master’s Degree in Marketing student from University ofBarcelona (UB). Since she is now finishing her studies, she hasbegun working part-time at an important organization. Her problemis that she lives and studies far from her workplace (because it’slocated outside Barcelona) so she is thinking about getting a car tomove faster.She doesn’t know much about cars, but he remembers their oldfamily Seat Málaga. It was a slow, loudy and smelly one Finally,the car broke up and she had no one to go to class. It hasn’t beena problem until now because there is the metro.Now, she wants a good one. Definitely not classic. She wants it tolast years and to make her feel confortable, because from now onshe will have to drive a lot of hours each week. It’s no problem ifit’s not the cheapest one.She asked her friends and her boyfriend for advice, but it hasn’thelped too much. Everyone reccomended her different carsbecause there are a lot of things one can look for.It seems Patricia is going to begin a long and personal journey untildiscover the car of her dreams…
  17. 17. CREATIVE BRIEFStrategy:To communicate, through a Customer Journey Map, the new Golf 2013 and transmit thevalues ​​that have made it unique.Insight:Golf means fun. Other cars can approach it in performance, but Golf has always been thequintessential compact when it comes to driving.Brand truth:Golf is the truly and classic brand compact that combines best quality and power.Proposition:“Golf: history, youth and technology”.
  19. 19. Key performanceindicators