most important inventor!!!


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most important inventor!!!

  1. 2. when was he born? 1828 what did he invent? list) first practical light bulb did his inventions help our community? yes his invention did help his community because from the day on, people were able to see in the dark without candles. when did he died? 1924 why was he so important? He was important because him and Thomas Edison were the ones who gives us light.
  2. 3. WHO WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT INVENTOR OF THE 19TH CENTURY? what was his name? Nicola Tesla
  3. 4. when was he born? July 10 1856 what did he invent? list) the first radio-1895 did his inventions help our community? it did help his community because from the day on, people had another way to communicate. when did he died? January 7th 1943 why was he so important? he was very important because of him people could communicate from one town to another and not just towns but countries . Although it as made in 1895 the first signal was sent in 1901 in December 12 across the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. 5. MY PICK I think that between the two people above, i think that the most important person is Nicola Tesla. I think that Nicola tesla is more important because he invited a more  important invention. A short biography: Nicola was born to parents Milutin Tesla and Djuka Mandic. His father, Milutin, was an Serbian Orthodox Priest and his mother, Djuka, was a inventor in her own right  of household appliances. When he got older and after he attended University of Prague ,  he stared his carrier as an electrical engineer with a telephone company in Budapest in 1881. Since he did not get any respect from what he had invented in his community he accepted to work with Thomas Edison. He spent his next 59 years in New York and worked with Thomas Edison in New Jersey in his lav. In 1896 he announced his work with the radio and then he made an experiment to try out his radio and it worked. from the point on people had another way to communicate. After this, his idea was used by Marconi. Tesla died on January 7th in 1943 in the Hotel of New Yoke where he had lived the last ten years of his life. Room 3327 on the 33rd floor is the two-room suites he occupied.