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How Did Electricity Change The Way We Move

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  • 1. Thomas Edison, The Greatest Inventor Taylor Neelon Fire
  • 2.
    • He was born on February 11, in Milan, Ohio.
    • When he was a child he only had three months of formal education
    • At the age of 10 he set up a chemical laboratory in his cellar.
    • He was only 16 when he had his first job as a telegrapher.
    The Begininng of Thomas Edison
  • 3.
    • Thomas Edison was one of the most famous inventors in American history. He invented electrical devices we use in everyday life.
    • He even set up the first electrical power distribution company!
    What did he do?
  • 4.
    • What did Thomas Edison invent?
    • Here is a list of a few inventions:
    • -Light bulb - a device used to give off light
    • - Phonograph - the first recorder that played sound back -Electrical Vote Recorder - the first electrical vote recorder which recorded votes for political things. - Quadroplex telegrapher - which sends messages simultaneously - Electric Pen - a pen that was attached to a string which supplied ink in order to write on paper.
    A Few Inventions
  • 5.
    • His most well-known invention was the light bulb. It allowed us to supply light without using candles. We use light bulbs in everyday life without them we would probably still be using candles which causes danger hazards. Light bulbs are much more efficient.
    Inside his invention : The Lightbulb
  • 6.
    • He invented many electric devices that are now useful in our life today, without them it would effect us greatly. We also have adapted to his inventions to make them a part of our world today.
    Why should he be crowned Mr. Electric?