Collabion Charts for SharePoint


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Overview of Collabion Charts for SharePoint - Plug and Play dashboards in SharePoint without any code!

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Collabion Charts for SharePoint

  1. 1. Introducing CollabionCharts forSharePoint Delightful FREE chart web part for SharePoint
  2. 2. Collabion is a… Division of FusionCharts, that focuses exclusively on solutions for Microsoft SharePoint platform The first product to be released under Collabion is Collabion Charts for SharePoint, a chart web part for SharePoint FusionCharts is the industry leader in data visualization components, with over 24,000 customers and 500,000 developers in 120 countries using it, including over 80% of Fortune 500 companies 1
  3. 3. It wasn’t this easy before! Plug & Play dashboards in SharePoint
  4. 4. Why Collabion Charts for SharePoint? Create delightful dashboards in SharePoint – in under 15 minutes! Web part -installed using a wizard on all the servers in farm, in few simple steps Works with all versions of SharePoint, including Foundation server. No coding required to install or use this product Connect to a variety of data sources Business users can create insightful dashboards within SharePoint without any dependency on other teams
  5. 5. Delight for Business Users Intuitive Wizard based interface DIY, No dependency on others Multiple data connection options Build dashboards for all your vital data Extensive slicing and dicing of data Visualize and present data the way you want Wide variety of chart types and interaction options Delightful experience every single time Extensive customization of charts Full control on the look and feel Communicate and collaborate across the board Share dashboards and charts outside SharePoint
  6. 6. Let’s explore! A quick walk-through of all the delights in store for business users
  7. 7. Real-timedashboardsasandwhenyouwantit! Intuitive wizard lets business users build insightful dashboards themselves, without external dependency.
  8. 8. Connect to multiple data sources Convertmultipledata sourcesintodelightful dashboardsquickly andefficiently.All withoutexternalhelp! • SharePoint lists, Views • Databases (MS SQL or Oracle) • Excel • BDC
  9. 9. SliceandDice tovisualizetherightinsights - injustafewclicks! While viewing aggregate data, explore details with drill-down that can be added with a single click.
  10. 10. Variety of charts types and interactive features like tool-tips, zooming and scrolling make exploration of data so much more fun! Workdoesn’tseemlikeworkanymore!
  11. 11. Customize every aspect of the chart, to your heart’s content! All by yourself! Magicwandinyourhands!
  12. 12. Download your charts as PowerPoint presentations, Excel or images. Sharing the charts outside SharePoint is a breeze. Spreadthedelight!
  13. 13. Delight for IT pro’s Simple wizard based installation Works on all versions of SharePoint, including Foundation Server Charts work on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android etc., Plug it once, and let business users play forever Painless upgrades to future versions Priority support from the Collabion team (if at all you ever run into problems)
  14. 14. Exploration time again! A quick walk-through of all the delights in store for IT pro’s
  15. 15. Installing for all the servers in the farm is done using a wizard interface. Quick and hassle-free deployment without any post-install or per-user configurations
  16. 16. Works with all versions of SharePoint • WSS 3.0 • MOSS 2007 • SharePoint 2010 • SharePoint 2013 • Including Foundation servers
  17. 17. Charts look, feel and behave the same across devices, irrespective of whether it is viewed on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones or Android devices Ability to render both in Flash and JavaScript (HTML5)
  18. 18. Once installed, business users can independently build dashboards using the wizard. You can focus on things that matter!
  19. 19. Whenever you upgrade to a later version of Collabion Charts for SharePoint, your existing charts will continue to work as-is! We work hard to ensure backward compatibility for your charts…
  20. 20. We doubt you would, but just in case… If you ever run into problems with Collabion Charts for SharePoint , we provide you one-on-one support within 24 working hours!
  21. 21. Us vs the rest… Interactive charts in Flash and HTML5. Works on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and a majority of other devices Image based components do not offer interactive charts. Silverlight based solutions do not work on iPads and iPhones Over 50 types of charts in 2D and 3D Limited chart types restricting your choices for visualization. Works on all versions of SharePoint, including Foundation server. Microsoft’s data visualization capabilities are restricted to Enterprise version only
  22. 22. and many more… Who uses Collabion Charts for SharePoint?
  23. 23. Wish to learn more? See live dashboards Create a live chart yourself Download Now Or, download now