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Snapshotz is revolutionizing the way call and contact center operators are looking at their centers. Objective assessment, meaningful benchmarking, actionable results. Snapshotz is a planning tool, a management tool, a reporting and process improvement tool. Snapshotz is the one tool your call center can\'t be without.

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  • Snapshotz Assessments & Audits

    1. 1. Snapshotz: the Evolution the Call Center AuditAccelerating Improvement in your Call Center
    2. 2. The Call Center AuditArchaic - a hearingAudit - any thorough ongoing check or examinationAudit - a methodical examination or review of a condition or situationAudit - examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verificationAudit - consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discoveressential features or meaningGOAL: Ascertain the validity and reliability of information; provide an assessment of your current systems internal control.
    3. 3. Why Assess or Audit your Center?
    4. 4. Factors Driving Assessment Verification and setting priorities - Assessment, Planning and Objective Setting Better customer outcomes, increasing revenues, cost reduction, `Doing More for Less‟ Regulatory bodies + the economy have highlighted the importance to organize and improve performance control and compliance systems. Customer service centers are uneven energies of people process + technology moving at an uneven pace Several levers can be manipulated to achieve customer and stakeholder objectives - Need for constant review and prioritization
    5. 5. Why Do Audits?Center not achieving TargetsNew Initiatives to improve Service, Quality, CSATNew Products or Services being introducedPreparing for new/upgraded technologyMove to a Profit CenterNew site or locationPeople churn
    6. 6. Audits/Assessments can Pay Off $6 million in annual savings for a Major Bank, $1 million in first year savings for a Publisher, $1.5 million saved through process re-engineering for a major printer manufacture Creation of Strategic Plan for services company rolled out to 25+ centers Transformed services center: improving Grade of Service from 20% to 80% while reducing costs For an international eCommerce retailer improved agent productivity by 54% while reducing cost per contact by 47%
    7. 7. Audits Historical & What was Expected Past Audit Process Your Commitment Expert Consultants  1+ consultants Consultants on-site for  On site for Days- Weeks – or Months days/weeks/months  Gather & prepare: Lots of questions, interviews  All Reports Data interrogation  All process Documents/Maps Big Report  All Payroll details  All technology details  Time investment:  Manager – 50%, Senior Management, Supervisors – 10%, IT, Agents <5% Big Cost- $50,000 and up
    8. 8. Snapshotz: New Option Today Cloud based, SaaS, Hosted DIY Approach Intelligence built into the Application The Only Product available that does all this
    9. 9. Snapshotz Online New Zealand firm launched in 2007 - Hundreds of audits completed worldwide Taylor Reach is the North American Certified Partner
    10. 10. Deep DiveIn-Depth Analysis8 Sections, 29 sub sections, Up to 620 data points assessedSnapshotz OnlineAudit, planning, training, comparison of teams and performance, reviewand reporting.Software as a Service (SaaS)ONLY browser software, e.g. Internet Explorer is required + connection tothe internetEasy AccessNo hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update. Access to theapplication is easy: All required is an Internet connection
    11. 11. Verticals & Variables The industry verticals covered range from Agriculture, Manufacturing, Electricity, Construction, Wholesale + Retail Trade, Retail Trade, Transport and Storage, and everything in-between Criteria 2: Criteria 1: Weightings +Functionality Legal Ratings Requirement 1. Weightings and 1. The importance 1. Legal Ratings are of the variable to requirements that constantly the functioning of are universal and reviewed and the contact center adjustable adjusted 2. Include 2. Calculations to emerging issues derive the score 2. Based on i.e. Monitoring for each Geographic customer subsection and region complaints on section social media
    12. 12. Levers & Variables in theCustomer Service Environment Operational Metrics Corporate Objectives + Strategy Fit Scheduling and resource planning Call / Contact Center Objectives and Strategy Service Measures Business process alignment and change management Reporting – Contact Center Metrics Disaster Recovery Plan, Data Security and Compliance Contact volumes and costs Call and contact flow monitoring and management. Customer Relationship Management Call and contact quality management Customer contact Quality of voice messages, automatic response and other customer contact Customer Complaint Management Technology Customer satisfaction Quality and process analysis Planning and Objective Setting Contact Center Structure Recruitment / Career Development / Remuneration Training Internal Communications
    13. 13. Levers & Variables in theCustomer Service Environment Health & Safety and Staff Wellbeing Health & Safety - Health, Safety and Environment Health & Safety - Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and the working environment Health & Safety - Environmental controls and practices in place or what needs to be in place. Health & Safety - Eyes and eyesight, voice, hearing / noise, and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are covered in this section. Staff Wellbeing - Covers abusive contacts and work related stress and approaches centers take to reduce stress. Staff Wellbeing - Cover daily work routine and work practises within the center.
    14. 14. The Snapshotz Score •Benchmark reports can be requested if required, additional $. •Snapshotz score is only a guideline. A more accurate benchmark is yr over yr or a comparison against the same vertical in a similar geographic region. •The Snapshotz Benchmark Score is the average of the score achieved by the top 25% of those organizations employing Snapshotz.
    15. 15. The Audit Assessment Process • Definition - what is required to be audited 1 • Scheduling – when, who is to carry out the audit and what locations geographic or internal departments are to be assessed. 2 • Preparation - collection, data, process documentation and lists of what to look for and an interview list. 3 • Execution – conducting the audit 4 • Documenting - audits and tracking of actions 5
    16. 16. The 5 Step Approach • Snapshotz details the 8 main sections and the 29 subsections that are required to be audited.Step 1: Definition • Assessors have complete control over who when where and what …Step 2: Scheduling • Snapshotz online will let you assign the license for up to 5 members • Snapshotz online lets you audit and compare different locations, internal departments and teams within a departments. • The structure of Snapshotz online tool checklists acts as a guideline for preparation. Assessors andStep 3: Preparation auditors will find preparation easy using Snapshotz Online. Very difficult when you don‟t know what to look for especially for those new to the task. • The detail within the subsections as well as the corresponding notes within the Snapshotz online tool will enable the assessor / auditors to identify what‟s required and other preparatory work required. • The structure of the sections, the ability to move easily in, out of and through the sections makeStep 4: Execution execution less tedious and quick. • The Snapshotz online tool allows flexibility yet structure that is required to achieve a consistent process that‟s valid and can be used time after time. • The structure of Snapshotz online tool checklists means documentation needs are taken care of asStep 5: you audit.Documenting • Tracking of actions is made easy as Snapshotz Online enable assessors to make notes and create a task list under every question / variable that is being assessed. • The reports generated once the audit is complete enable the prioritization and follow up of actions.
    17. 17. Reporting To win in life you must turn your experience into wisdom. So, slow down. Wisdom is gleaned over time, not overnight. Then, drill down. The treasure is there, but you have to dig for it.
    18. 18. Reporting
    19. 19. The Process Regardless of the Assessment Approach – The Process is the Same Strategic Assessment Discovery Assessments Recommendations Implementation Assessment Benchmark Call Data Collection Knowledge Transfer Tools/Tactics Center to Competitors Benchmark Contact Methodology “Low-Hanging-Fruit” Monthly Customer Center Process Relevance Rankings Best Practice Satisfaction Reporting Technology Change Management Assessment Center Performance Human Capital Proof of Concept Opportunities Measurement Comparison toMeasurement + Goals Process + Training CompetitorsStakeholder Interview Risk Reward Methodology + Technology Customer Sat Model
    20. 20. HierarchyAudit Level 1. An assessment carried out by an individual or individuals within an organization without verification by an external party 2. An assessment carried out by an individual or individuals within an organization with some verification by an external party 3. An assessment carried out by an external party with or without aid from internal individual or individuals within an organisation with verification of results
    21. 21. The Bottom LineTraditional Assessments (Level 3), through Traditional approach will cost $50,000 and upSnapshotz Online is a fraction of this cost and can; Enable additional budget to address deficiencies or capture opportunities Demonstrate to senior management how the center is performing from an independent perspective Become an annual „health check‟
    22. 22. Pricing OptionsOption 1 Snapshotz Online Assessment (Level 1) is only $2,500.00 for 1 license; includes support from an experienced call center consultant and all reportingOption 2 A 3 Year subscription plan @ $2,500 per year for 5 licenses including consulting support and reporting Audit results are acceptable for some call center certification programs
    23. 23. SummaryAudits/Assessments are one of the best tools for gauging the health and effectiveness of your call center.They support:  Improved efficiency,  Improved CSAT,  Improved Agent engagement and ESAT,  Improve revenue generation,Regardless of the approach you take, Audits should be a part of your toolkit
    24. 24. CoordinatorsColin TaylorCEOThe Taylor Reach Group, Incctaylor@thetaylorreachgroup.com416-979-8692
    25. 25. Questions
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