Customer Quality Reporting


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According to the Harvard Business Review, Companies could improve profit be at least 25% Just by reducing Customer Defections by 5%”, said Taylor. The key to reducing defections is to ensure that companies and their call centers are delivering a satisfying experience when they phone the call center”

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Customer Quality Reporting

  1. 1. Customer Quality Reporting: True Customer Satisfaction MeasurementOffered Exclusively by:
  2. 2. Reality”The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a business is a satisfied customer.” - Peter Drucker“Companies could improve profit be at least 25% Just by reducing Customer Defections by 5%” - Harvard Business ReviewOne dissatisfied customer tells 25 others about his experience, on Twitter that could be25,000
  3. 3. Research Tells Us• Satisfied Customers are critical to the success of any business• 92% of consumers judge an organization based upon their Call Center experience†• Call & contact centers struggle to gain meaningful research metrics † Perdue University
  4. 4. The Challenge• There is no customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter (NPS) or First Contact Resolution (FCR) data,• If there is CSAT or NPS data it is not related solely to the call center, but is a corporate or omnibus result,• If there is FCR data it is likely based on stand- in data ( 2nd contact within x hours/days)
  5. 5. The Problem• Dissatisfied customers leave, lower CSAT scores show customers at risk for defection,• If you NPS score shows more detractors than promoters you will have trouble ahead,• Lower FCR scores increase center costs, drives dissatisfaction,• Yet your center has none of the above metrics available…
  6. 6. Customer Quality Reporting (CQR)CQR Measures CSAT, NPS and FCR on: – Enterprise wide – Center wide, – Team level, – Agent level, – TrendsTracks improvement or regressionGives you the tools to measure the impact of CSAT, NPS and FCR in financial and non-financial terms
  7. 7. Center & Enterprise Reports
  8. 8. Agent & Team Reporting
  9. 9. Trend ReportingPlus- Expert commentary and Recommendations
  10. 10. Costing$35 per agent per channel (voice, Chat, Email)One time Set Up fee of $2,500 A center with 25 agents to evaluate one channel is $875/month A center with 25 agents to evaluate three channels is $2,625/month A center with 100 agents to evaluate one channel is $3,500/month A center with 100 agents to evaluate three channels is $10,500/month
  11. 11. Limited impact on your centerTaylor Reach manages the program; – Receives the customers to be sampled (a file containing customer email addresses) – Creates and maintaining a ‘kill file’ to ensure that no customer is sampled more than once every six months, – Sends out the surveys, – Receipt, tabulation and analysis of survey results, – Produces required reporting monthly,
  12. 12. For more InformationPhone Colin Taylor – 416-979-8692 x200Email – ctaylor@thetaylorreachgroup.comWeb – mer-quality-reporting-true-customer- satisfaction-measurement