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  • Could follow up with other days of the week, happiness, sadness, maths, shopping – endless possibilities
  • Could follow up with space or air, grass or pebbles…………
  • Could follow up with an elephant, a pig…………………………..
  • Could follow up with fish, pigs, mice ……………………….
  • Teacher with a pencil sharpener, car with a fish, toothpaste with a politician…………
  • Transcript

    • 1. Unusual questionsto make you think.
    • 2. There are NO right or wrong answers tothese questions – simply YOUR answers.You do, however, need to think about youranswers and be able to justify them – inother words, don’t say the first thing thatcomes into your head, AND, be preparedto fully explain your answers when you givethem.Listen to the answers given by others andtreat them seriously – even if they soundodd, they may all be valid if they can bejustified.
    • 3. What colour is Tuesday?
    • 4. Is there more happiness ormore sadness in the world?
    • 5. If the answer is “Once with afish”, what is the question?
    • 6. If elephants ruled the world,what changes would you see?
    • 7. What would you get if youcrossed a rabbit with acabbage?
    • 8. Can you have a friend that youdon’t really like?
    • 9. Which is more important, beingright or being nice?
    • 10. Is there more future or morepast?
    • 11. If you paint over a window, isit still a window?
    • 12. If I borrow a million pounds,am I a millionaire?
    • 13. If I had a million pounds andbought a million pound house,would I still be a millionaire?
    • 14. Is a millionaire who is maroonedon a desert island still amillionaire?
    • 15. Is it ever right to bully a bully?
    • 16. If you see someone being bullied,should you do anything about it? If youdon’t, should you feel guilty?
    • 17. Can a baby commit a crime?
    • 18. If you say sorry but don’t mean it,but the person you say it to thinksthat you do, does it count?
    • 19. If a rabbit ran in front of my car,should I feel guilty for hitting it?
    • 20. If you could take a pill that wouldmake you always happy, would you?
    • 21. If you could take a pill that meantyou would never fail, would you?
    • 22. Is black a colour?
    • 23. If I switch the lights off, does thewall change colour?
    • 24. In a dark room, what does a mirrorreflect? If nothing, does thatmean it is not working?
    • 25. Can you cast a shadow into a darkroom?
    • 26. Is a white sheet of paper moreblank than a black one?
    • 27. If you read a paper in a shopwithout paying for it, is thatstealing?
    • 28. If you eat a grape from the shelfwhilst shopping in a supermarket, isthat stealing?
    • 29. If I ask if I can steal your penand you say yes, is that stealing?
    • 30. If we borrow every single bookfrom a library, is it still a library?
    • 31. If we moved the entire school,with everything and everyone in it,to Africa, would it still be thesame school?
    • 32. If we moved the school building tothe other side of town, but lefteverything and everyone here,where would the school be?
    • 33. Can I be accused of cheating if Idon’t know the rules??
    • 34. If I composed a piece of music butit was never played, would it stillbe music?
    • 35. If we end up without enough waterfor all the people in the world, isthat because there is not enoughwater or too many people?
    • 36. If every member of Coldplaychanged except one, would it stillbe Coldplay? If they changed thename to Hotplay but kept the samemembers, who would they be then?
    • 37. Which is heavier, a deflated orinflated balloon?
    • 38. If I took the body off a car,would it still be a car? What if Itook the engine out instead?
    • 39. What colour would a zebra be if itlost all it’s stripes?
    • 40. If I gave a beggar some money,would that only encourage him tokeep begging?
    • 41. If I lose my memory, am I thesame person?
    • 42. If the hands fall off my clock, isit still a clock?
    • 43. Where does the sky start?
    • 44. Are clouds in, under or above thesky?
    • 45. What is the most important part ofa fork?
    • 46. How many bricks is a wall?
    • 47. Can you stand on the same beachtwice?
    • 48. If I tell a joke that needs to betranslated, who makes the otherperson laugh – me or thetranslator?
    • 49. If you were out driving one eveningand were travelling at the speed oflight, would there be any point inturning the headlights on?
    • 50. If you fill a room with bricks, is itstill a room?
    • 51. Say there is a food that you don’tlike, but someone else does. Isthat because it tastes differentfor you, or because you don’t likethe taste and the other persondoes?
    • 52. Does air weigh anything? If yes,do I weigh less when I breatheout?
    • 53. If I put a bunch of flowers in theback of a computer, woes thatmake it a vase?
    • 54. What does the back of a rainbowlook like?
    • 55. My granny has had her broom for40 years. In that time it has had19 new heads and 12 new handles.Is it still the same broom?
    • 56. Do ideas come from inside oroutside your head?
    • 57. If a car is broken down on the sideof a road, is it parked?
    • 58. Which is the more pointless thingto do – make a wish or stand on aladder to try to touch a star?
    • 59. I can make traffic lights changefrom red to green just by staringat them. True or false?
    • 60. When does loud start?
    • 61. Is something boring because of itor because of you?
    • 62. Should stupid people be allowed tovote?
    • 63. Is war a good thing?
    • 64. Why don’t dogs laugh? Is itbecause they don’t have a sense ofhumour?
    • 65. Would you have your sense ofhumour removed for a millionpounds?
    • 66. Does everything have a taste?
    • 67. How many horns does a unicornhave?
    • 68. Is soup a food or a drink?
    • 69. Can you have a conversation withan invisible friend?
    • 70. Is it natural to be greedy? If yes,does that make being greedy ok?