YouTube Training 2013
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  • 1. YouTube Training
  • 2. YouTube Training2Finding Appropriate Videos and ChannelsStep 1: Visit the video/mediasection of the talent’s officialwebsite.Step 2: Choose a video, and clickon the YouTube logo in the bottomright-hand corner.12Note: You may also search for videos onYouTube, but this method is best forfinding appropriate channels with high-quality videos.
  • 3. YouTube Training3Adding New PlaylistsStep 1: Click on “VideoManager” in theaccount settings drop-down menu in theupper left corner of thepage.1 32Step 3: Click on the“New Playlist” buttonon the right-hand sideof the page.Step 2: Click on the“Playlists” tab on theleft-hand side of thepage.
  • 4. YouTube Training4Step 4: Enter an appropriateplaylist title.Step 5:Enter an appropriate playlistdescription. You may include a linkto websites and social mediapages here.Step 6: Click the “Create playlist”button.Step 7: Begin adding videos.465
  • 5. YouTube Training5Add to playlist.(Page 6)Is the video on an appropriate channel?Does this channel have a user image?Add to “OtherChannels.”Add to “EntertainingChannels.”Positioning Videos on Your Page(Page 7)
  • 6. YouTube Training6Adding Videos to PlaylistsStep 3: Select the playlist to which youwould like to add the video.23Step 2: Click on the “Add to” tab below video.4Step 4: Add a short descriptionwith information and a link,then click “Add note.”Step 1: Find most relevant, high-quality video.
  • 7. YouTube Training7Step 2: Click on “MyChannel” in theaccount settingsdrop-down menu inthe upper left cornerof the page.2Step 1: Copy the channel’s URL.1Adding Channelsto Your Page
  • 8. YouTube Training83Step 3: Click on “Edit” beside the appropriate channel list.Step 4: Paste the channel’s URL into the space, and click “Apply.”4
  • 9. YouTube Training9Step 1: Click on the“Edit” button in theupper right-handcorner of thefeatured video.21Changing the Featured Clip34Step 3: Click tohighlight the desiredvideo.Step 4: Click “Apply.”Step 2: Select theplaylist to which thedesired videobelongs.
  • 10. YouTube Training10Step 1: Click on the playlist youwould like to share.21Sharing Videos and PlaylistsStep 2: Select a video.Step 3: Click “Share” tab.Step 4: Copy and paste the URL intothe social media outlet of your choice.Note: Clicking the button requires thatyou post from a personal account and willnot allow you to post from a page.34