Alaska Seafood Campaigns Presentation


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Alaska Seafood Campaigns Presentation

  1. 1. creative purplegrouppitch
  2. 2. hello!Colin Christina Christine Steph AmyParajonn Hoener Becerra Linder CaseyCreative Account Account Media AccountDirection Management Planning Planning Management
  3. 3. We started by cooking together...And it turns out we’ve all haddifferent experiences with fish.
  4. 4. if every family has unique habits...What are the trends thatfamilies have in common?
  5. 5. interviews89% of families eat a home-cooked meal together at least once a week.79% of families eat a home-cooked meal together at least three times a week. Most answered that mom makes the dinner decisions and does the shopping for the family.
  6. 6. criteria for choosing whatto cook for dinner 1. Convenience - 45% 2. Health - 16% 3. Prep Time - 13%criteria for choosing whatprotein to cook for dinner Ease of Cooking
  7. 7. Why are people choosingchicken and beef more than80% of the time? 1. Lack of knowledge 2. Not filling enough 3. Too expensive
  8. 8. Fishtrends73% of people tried fish before age 10.80% of people tried fish for the first time at home.57% of people said they liked fish the first time they tried it.
  9. 9. Tries Fish The reality Doesn’t Eat Fish}Rediscovers Fish Eats Fish}
  10. 10. Which raised thequestion...What about kids and fish?
  11. 11. 5th gradersurvey74% of fifth graders have “positive” or “neutral” attitudes toward fish.83% of fifth graders like to help cook.57% of fifth graders like to help shop for groceries.
  12. 12. So why are 15% offifth graders eating fishonly once a week? Intergenerational Miscommunication
  13. 13. how do wemove the needle? Explore the gap between children and their parents.
  14. 14. Meet julie& matt
  15. 15. insightThere are two opportunities that parents are failingto take advantage of: 1. Kids like fish more than their parents realize. 2. Kids want to help cook more than their parents are letting them.
  16. 16. How can alaska seafoodbe a part of the solutionto this problem? 1. Bring attention to the fact that children like fish. 2. Encourage children to engage their parents in the cooking process.
  17. 17. objectiveTo establish Alaska Seafood as a healthychoice for families to experience together.
  18. 18. strategyTo encourage mothers of 6-17 year oldsto buy Alaska Seafoodinstead of other proteins (namely chicken)because it is a quick and convenient meal.
  19. 19. And we werent the first ones with the idea thatkids & seafood go hand-in-hand...
  20. 20. which brought us toour next question... How can Alaska Seafood create a fun and interactive experience between parents and children in the kitchen?
  21. 21. ouranswerCreate a campaign that opposesthe idea that cooking is Mom’s job.
  22. 22. ouranswerWe assert that every other stepof every recipe (or any list, for thatmatter) belongs to a child.
  23. 23. ouranswerBecause every meal cooked solois a missed opportunity forparent-child bonding.
  24. 24. introducing...
  25. 25. introducing... by
  26. 26. tacticsAlaska Seafood’s “Every Other Step” Campaign will change the wayfamilies prepare meals through: 1. Advertising Campaign 2. Television Show 3. Mobile AppPurple Group has purchased the domain from GoDaddy.
  27. 27. AdvertisingTelevision Spot:00: - (Actor) I only get my 12: - (Actor): But when 22: - (Narrator): Alaskason every other weekend, we’re cooking together, it’s Seafood’s “Every Otherso I have to make the most like he forgets I’m his Step”campaign reminds usof it. We don’t get to talk parent. We laugh and joke that a meal cooked solo is amuch when I take him to the like best friends. Sure, we missed opportunity to spendmovies, and he’d rather go make plenty of mistakes, time with our children. Everyto the batting cages with but it’s worth it because we other step of a recipethe guys on his team. I’ve bond more in the kitchen belongs to a child. Visitdone all the things expected than anywhere else I’ve forof a single dad trying to tried to spend time more ideas that bringspend every available with him. parents and childrensecond with his son... together in the kitchen.
  28. 28. Advertising Direct Mail:Magazine:
  29. 29. AdvertisingWebpage Takeover:
  30. 30. television showParent-child teams compete in seafoodcooking challenges sponsored byAlaska Seafood.Purple Group has purchased the domain from GoDaddy.
  31. 31. television show on- Six-week mini-series set in Juneau, Alaska (4 days of production)- Airs on Nickelodeon between Nick daytime programming and the new NickMom segment
  32. 32. television showFour parent-child teams per episode compete in threeAlaska-related elimination rounds for the grand prize: 1. First Round: Culinary Minigame 2. Second Round: Culinary Minigame 3. Final Round: “Every Other Step” Culinary Challenge - Parent and child alternate steps of Alaska Seafood recipe
  33. 33. television showExample Challenges:
  34. 34. television showGrand Prize: $10,000 scholarship & Alaskan dream vacation for the entire family furnished by Alaska SeafoodSecond Prize: $5,000 scholarship & Alaskan dream vacation for the entire family furnished by Alaska Seafood
  35. 35. reasons tobelieve Cooking Show Total viewers Hells Kitchen 11.85 million Masterchef 5.64 million Americas Next Great Restaurant 4.33 million Top Chef 3.02 million
  36. 36. reasons to believe12,000,000 children aged 2-17 watch Food Network every month.Why?- Visual, creative and colorful- Hosts speak directly to the audience- Simple plot lines in single location- Celebrity chefs as role models
  37. 37. reasons tobelieve “Kids really want to be grown up. They want to do adult things.” - Daniel R. Anderson, psychology professor, University of Massachusetts “Cooking is cool and it’s hip. Not knowing how to cook is pooh-poohed.” - Katherine Alford, VP of Food Network test kitchen
  38. 38. Build-UpThree-Month RecruitmentCampaignRadio: Magazine:
  39. 39. launchFull-Scale Campaignto Launch Show Magazine/Bus Stop:Point of Purchase:
  40. 40. Billboard: launch
  41. 41. launchTaxi Topper:
  42. 42. launchBus Wrap:
  43. 43. launch Digital Banner Ad:
  44. 44. launchSocial:
  45. 45. But how can we extendthe fun & interactivityof the show to kitchensacross the country?
  46. 46. mobile appThe Family FishFrenzy mobiletablet app allowsfans of the showto experiencethe frenzy intheir own homes.
  47. 47. mobile appAnd... The Family Fish Frenzy app is the first mobile cookbookwith voice recognition technology to avoid having to touch thetablet with messy hands.Capabilities include:- Reads steps allowed- Defines terms- Plays how-to videos of cooking techniques
  48. 48. mobile appAlaska Seafood recipes are kid-friendly and color-coded toencourage parents and kids to alternate responsibililty for each task.
  49. 49. mobileapp Learn section includes how-to videos, cooking tips and conversation starters to stimulate parent-child bonding.
  50. 50. mobileapp Play section has games that resemble the challenges played on the television show. Higher scores earn you better badges (maybe even a boy/girl scout cooking merit badge).
  51. 51. launch Soft launch to influencers occurs before launch of show to allow for reviews and revisions. Influencers may include Alaska state legislators, Mom- my bloggers and celebrity chefs. Major roll-out coincides with start of show.
  52. 52. launchMagazine:
  53. 53. launchMobile:
  54. 54. expectedresults Increased awareness of Alaska Seafood and its logo. will cause will cause More Alaskan More consumers to fisheries to opt to seek out and buy include Alaska Seafood Alaska Seafood logo on packaging. in stores. will cause
  55. 55. expectedresults 1. More parents will cook seafood with and/or for their families. 2. Children will begin eating more seafood at a younger age. 3. Alaska Seafood will become a cherished household name. 4. Families across America will be smarter, healthier and happier.
  56. 56. Thanks!Questions?