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Chapman university-big-data-healthcare-final

Chapman university-big-data-healthcare-final



Presentation from Colin McNamara and Paul Caracchio at Chapman University on Big Data in Healthcare.

Presentation from Colin McNamara and Paul Caracchio at Chapman University on Big Data in Healthcare.



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    Chapman university-big-data-healthcare-final Chapman university-big-data-healthcare-final Presentation Transcript

    • Applied Analytics in Health Care Colin McNamara – Chief Cloud Architect Nexus IS Paul Caracciolo – Chief Healthcare Officer Nexus IS 4/5/20131 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Goal Today – Moving past correlation to predictive analytics2 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Agenda – Trust me It’s exciting !  How Nexus is involved with High Tech and Health Care !  Data Science applied in enterprise compared to Health Care !  Big sexy data in healthcare !  Workflow integration – Making data count !  Perspectives from the Field !  Nexus Connected Healthcare !  Consumerization of Healthcare – Data Driven !  Call to Action - Opportunities3 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Nexus – Technology Integration and Clinical Integration4 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • My Perspective on Applied Analytics !  Early employee at ID Analytics !  High Dimensional Analysis of Financial transactions !  Creators of the FICO score !  Scientific team from MSDW !  Backend fraud analytics for !  Best Buy !  Amex !  Visa !  United Healthcare5 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • My Job – (And our biggest challenge)6 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Real world application of Science •  Science Applied to Business •  Analytics at Scale Under production loads •  Bridged the gap between research and business7 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Key Challenge we face now8 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Nexus – Applied Science in the technology side of our biz9 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Analytics toolsets in the Enterprise – Not so long ago •  Hand Crafted •  Artisan Work •  Housed in Data Islands •  Hidden deep for specialized tasks10 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Standard Analytics toolsets emerging11 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Connections to backend processing standardizing •  HDFS Connectors •  Project R Interfaces •  SQL interfaces into HDFS •  Overlays of Overlays (ElasiticSearch – Logstash)12 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Integrated Apps and Workflows •  Integrated applications •  Standard connections •  Batch and Real Time Standard Adapters13 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Results of standardization of connections – App Integration Aggregate Pull from biz Normalize Applications14 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Point to Highlight – Move from Batch to Real Time15 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Enabling real time feedback16 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Mapping this to Clinical Care17 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Three sides to healthcare18 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Health Care Information Technology19 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • “Big Data” = Large Shelves20 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • New “Big Data” at Hospitals21 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • What is causing the change – Expand on Sources22 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • EHR Adoption23 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Industry Adoption Lifecycle Strategy 2012 2013 2014 RTLS Ancillary Systems Telemedicine EMR Meaningful Use Stage 1 Stage 2 ACO24 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Lots of data25 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Growth of Connected Devices – Tracks to Healthcare Total 500 Million Total 35 Billion Total 50 Billion Total 500 Billion~ 1/10th of a Device per 5 Devices per 7 Devices per 70~ Devices per Person on Earth Person on Earth Person on Earth Person on Earth 2007 2010 2013 202026 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Clinicians and mobile •  Clinicians driving adoption •  Mobile devices input and output data •  Integration into sensor nets •  Integration into alerting and workflow27 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Me and Withings28 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Larger data sources on the horizon EHR Applications Mobile Devices Data Center Sensors29 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Current Sensors – Just the start Time series data Similar to Smart Grids30 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Scientists Dream Insert Dream Picture31 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Challenges – Crossing the Gap32 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Challenge - Understanding where data is being generating33 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Challenge - Breaking the transcription barrier34 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Challenge – Understand Clinical Workflow35 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Challenge - Using data to impact clinical outcomes36 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Results of standardization of connections – App Integration Aggregate Pull from biz Normalize Applications37 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Call to action !  Understand the plethora of new data sources !  Partner with Clinicians and Health Care Chief Tech Officers !  Partner with Nexus to help make those connections !  Lets improve clinical outcomes together !  Come on up afterwards, Drop your card and location and let’s get you connected to relevant HealthCare CTO’s38 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Nexus Healthcare Services Paul Caracciolo Chief Healthcare Officer Paul.caracciolo@nexusis.com (303) 748-4402 Donn Wurts Director, Connected Healthcare Practice donn.wurts@nexusis.com 925-324-0359 Connecting People, Process and Technology39 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987 to Improve Patient Care
    • Agenda !  My Perspective, Where I’m Coming From !  Nexus Connected Healthcare !  Consumerization of Healthcare – Data Driven !  State of healthcare, analytics readiness – Reality Check !  Patient data is expanding with technology !  Call to Action - Opportunities40 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • My Perspective Spent the last 14 years as an interim CTO in hospitals across the U.S. !  Stanford (adult hospital and Children’s hospital) !  Duke Medicine (CISO) !  Catholic Healthcare (Dignity Health’s 41 hospitals) !  City of Hope Hospital/Beckman Research Institute41 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • My Charge – Nexus Connected Healthcare !  Responsible for Nexus U.S. Healthcare Practice !  Strategic advisory and consulting services !  EMR selection, architecture, implementation, devices, app delivery !  Core services !  Managed services, data center, security, voice !  Introduction of new technologies into healthcare !  Cloud, Analytics, MDM !  Pilots, operational plans, value add42 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Current Healthcare Projects at a Glance !  Managing the integration of acquired clinics and physician practices, into regional hospitals !  Technology diligence, connectivity, standardization, ambulatory EMR !  Integrating devices with EMR’s !  Patient monitoring and alerting (vitals, BP, lab results) !  Connecting 1,000’s of iPads/tablets/handhelds to EMR’s !  Architecting and implementing connectivity, servers and storage for hospital analytics !  Deploying Cloud applications securely43 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Has Healthcare Been Customer Focused? !  Hospitals need customers, so the customer is #1 !  WRONG ! !  But that is changing !  Why? !  Availability of data to consumers coupled with the proliferation of mobile devices44 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Consumerization of Healthcare !  For the first time, people are shopping around for their healthcare !  Hospital scores are available, physician scores, quality metrics for facilities, specialties, clinicians !  Recent survey, metropolitan area showed 40%+ of one children’s hospital patients/demographic do not use computers. Smartphones are the device of choice, and they are shopping healthcare via specialty health info sites, Yelp, hospital websites, search, etc.45 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Healthcare Data for the Public/Customers !  Healthcare is getting competitive and marketing is becoming increasingly important (website analytics show lack of consumer interest in outdated hospital sites, no click through, abandonment) !  Social media, and leading edge technologies are the trend for getting data, communicating, decision making healthcare choices !  Healthcare websites need to have social integration, and backend data access to data sets for consumer search- clinician scores, hospital scores, outcomes, comforts, for care areas46 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • 47 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • A Plea !  Be patient with us (healthcare), as an industry we’re typically 5+ years behind !  A large % of hospitals are just getting electronic medical records, some won’t for years still !  Most hospitals do not have an analytics program !  Most are understaffed/lean operations !  Shortage of physicians and nursing !  Not used to staffing for other than bare bones operations, patient handling !  Analytics is new and a new skill set, new way of thinking48 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Healthcare Industry Challenges to Adoption !  “Keeping the lights on” is still priority #1 in hospitals across the U.S. !  EMR adoption is great, but we’re not there yet !  Analytics programs can be very expensive, and hospitals are struggling financially for years !  Not a core hospital competency, analytics represents a completely new skill set needed !  It’s complicated- even with a consolidated EMR, hospitals run 100’s of applications essential to the business-Analytics is competing with these49 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Analytics Adoption in Hospitals !  Over 40% of hospitals in California responding to a recent survey, that are greater than 200+ beds, have either installed or plan to install clinical and/or financial decision support systems over the next couple of years (HIMSS) !  They’ll need help !50 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Healthcare Data is Growing !  Note: data used in the care/diagnosis/decision making on a patient, will need to be included in the Electronic Medical Record !  Increase in devices being employed for care that are generating data, and will need to be included !  Patient monitoring, real time, alerting, WiFi/cellular to any device !  Telemedicine !  Home health monitoring, glucose, vitals, etc. !  RFID tracking (equipment, patients, staff) – meets FDA requirement !  Trend of consolidation of clinics and Physician practices with regional hospitals (regional data) !  Imaging with phone’s, iPads, video cams, etc.51 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Some New Rules for Data !  Data used in the care/diagnosis/decision making on a patient, needs to be included in the Electronic Medical Record !  Very shortly, regulations will change so that, if a patient is readmitted for the same condition within 30 days, it is not a reimbursable event New models are needed here, new protocols for managing patients that are data driven, home monitoring, patient education, discharge instruction reinforcement52 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Technology is Enabling Consolidation-More Data Central !  Trend for hospitals to acquire clinics and physician practices regionally !  Extension of ambulatory EMR via Citrix, VDI !  Historical data being incorporated into central EMR’s !  Referrals on a regional basis, more concentrated care of diseases Bottom line- more data in one place for a region53 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Real Time Communications – Alerting with Extension54 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Opportunities/Call to Action !  Analytics in healthcare is still a “green field” opportunity - wide open !  Consumers are demanding access to healthcare data, what? How? Where? When? And email is too slow and cumbersome ! !  There are new and evolving technologies such as Vertica, HANA and others, and the industry is willing to pilot/test !  Management and processing of new data sources on the horizon- clinical video, higher def imaging, home health monitoring, personalized medicine data, telemedicine consults !  Methodologies for standardizing and operationalizing analytics in healthcare are needed !  Systems (hardware, software, storage) !  Clinical operationalization !  Partnership needed with business, clinical, IT, research, consumer55 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • Nexus Collaboration56 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987
    • ! Thank You57 www.Nexusis.com 877.286.3987