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Young India Films Brief Description
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Young India Films Brief Description


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Technical Education, Secondary School, Montessori, Language Learning Software, Curriculum Software, ICT Products

Technical Education, Secondary School, Montessori, Language Learning Software, Curriculum Software, ICT Products

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  • 1.
    • Young India Films
    • Welcome All
  • 2. About Us
    • Established in 1962
    • Third Generation Family Business.
    • Pioneers in the field of Training, Education and Presentation.
    • Market leaders in Education Technology Solutions.
    • We cater to large market segments ranging from Government, Corporate , Schools, Colleges, Universities, Railways ,Paramilitary,Police and a lot more.
    • This is achieved through our dedicated sales team, Technical support and our efficient dealer network across the country.
    • We currently provide solutions for presentations, primary education, language learning & ICT based Digital learning, Technical Education and a lot more…
  • 3. Our Achievements
    • Single largest Language Lab order for Three consecutive years.
    • Over 1800+ Language Lab installations in India.
    • Single largest order in India for lecterns.
    • British Council, UN, RIE, CIEFL, IIT’s, NIT’s are among a few reputed Clarity users to name.
  • 4. Our Solutions
  • 5. Presentation & Training
    • ITC Lecterns/Podium
    • ITC Portable PA Systems
    • CM2 Max Portable Interactive Whiteboard Device
    • FB121 Wireless Interactive Pad
  • 6. Primary & Montessori Teaching Aids
    • We play
    • Polydron
    • Learning Mates
    • Playmats
  • 7. Secondary Education Solutions
    • Clarity Language Labs
    • SNET class Language Labs
    • Clarity English Teaching Software
    • Maths Labs
    • Digital Interactive Science software
  • 8. Technical Education
    • CoolTool CNC Machines
    • Unimat 6-in-1
    • Playmate
  • 9. WePlay- Physical & cognitive Equipment Sold in over 130 countries worldwide
  • 10. Five areas of child development Motor Skill Improvement Tactile Perception Creative Play Interaction Fine Movement Improvements Balance Coordination
  • 11. POLYDRON- Activity Based Learning Materials
  • 12. Areas of development Mathematic Skills Color recognition Cognitive Skills Geometric Skills Manipulative Skills & Creativity Problem solving Skills
  • 13. Learning Mates & Sports and Play base Ltd
  • 14. ITC-Lectern
    • Built-in 60W RMS Amplifier.
    • Built-in Speakers.
    • Built-in Goose Neck Mike.
    • Built-in Podium Reading Light.
    • Built-in two wireless Microphone Receiver.
    • Supplied with two wireless Hand held Microphone.
    • Can connect to external Amplifier and Speakers.
    • Operatable on external UPS.
    • Can handle up to 300 – 350 Audience.
    • Truly Plug & Play. No wiring, connectivity etc.
  • 15. ITC- Portable PA System
    • 20W built-in Rated output Amplifier,
    • works on 230V AC mains and Battery.
    • It consists of a uni-directional Microphone and a Headset Microphone as well.
    • Ideal for Playschools, nurseries, schools, colleges, playground, public address areas, demonstrations, rallies, sports meets, cultural activities etc.
  • 16. Onfinity-CM2MAX Interactive white Board
    • Ultra portable & simple setup
    • Covert any surface into an interactive
    • Supports upto 150” diagnol
    • Lower Power Consumption
    • Ideal for quick Drawing & writing
    • Powerful Touch screen & annotation Mode
    • Automatic real-time whiteboard recording & replay
  • 17. Onfinity- FB121 wireless white board
    • Powerful PowerPoint presentations – write, highlight and flip the pages
    • Smooth wireless connectivity
    • Supports multi-user
    • Standard A4 size writing area
    • Onboard operation icons
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • Whiteboard mode for teaching
    • Ultra portable and lightweight (200g with batteries ).
  • 18. Clarity English Communication Lab v6.5
    • Introducing World Renowned
    • Clarity English Communication Language Lab
  • 19.
    • Language Lab offered should be a fully Digitalised Computer based State -of-The-Art Language Lab system.
    • The platform must offer a Digital recorder having Dual Track recording to LISTEN-RECORD-COMPARE
    • The Language Lab system offered should not require any separate hardware network and should be operatable on an existing LAN.
    • The Language Lab system must provide a SPEED VARIATION programme so that the speed can be reduced for pronounced words without distorting the Stress Inotation and Rhythm of the spoken word so that it is understood well and spoken correctly and is a very important feature.
    • The Language Lab system must have a unique BOOK MARKING feature.
    Key Requisites of Digital Language lab
  • 20.
    • The Language Lab system, should offer the teacher recording of group discussion.
    • The Language Lab system should be MUTIFORMAT and should support all Audio/Video formats like DAT,MPEG,AV,REAL,ASF,WAV,MP3,WMA..
    • The Language Lab System should allow direct playback of any external analog & electronic source like Cassette Player, Video Camera, DVD Player, CD Player etc…
    Key Requisites of Digital Language Lab -
  • 21.
    • Waveforms of master track and student track for easy comparison if the student’s tone is correct.
    • Student will record down his own voice while he follows the master track, with AAC (Audio Active Comparison) function.
    • Allows Paperless examination.
    • SP and SSP Self Learning mode feature and Voice Speed adjustment so as the tone remains unchanged for students to follow the content.
    • Teacher can prepare and edit the materials of various formats of video, audio or text to prepare learning material
    • Combination of audio/video with text.
    Digital Language Lab Features:-
    • Designed for non IT background teacher
    • Simple Graphic user interface for pedagogical application
    • Step-by-step procedure indication
    • Dual monitor design for easy class control and material preview
    • Unique design for teaching language
    • Cover student screen to keep student concentration in class
    • Student cannot surf internet/play game
    • Adapt all teaching material format
    • Indication of next teaching activity and group members
    • Digital recorder available for language practice
    • Hands up button for help
    • Self study guidance
    • The virtual digital recorder located at the SUI is equipped with Audio-Active Comparative (AAC). The teacher can remote launch the student digital virtual recorders, and transfer the prepared programme to the student digital virtual recorder’s master track
    • The dual track for comparison of master voice & student voice with wave form
    Master Track Student Track
  • 25.
    • Sentence Pause.
    • S represents the original sound track
    • P represents the recorded sound track
    • 3 modes for following the original sound of multimedia material:
    • SSPP – Following the paragraph , thus SSPP means to play the original
    • sound twice and then start to speak twice.
    • SPSP – Repeating the sentence
    • SP – Play and record one after another
  • 26. Speed variation with same tone.
    • The speed of the sound of the multimedia materials can be adjusted with the
    • tone remaining the same. The speed varies from 50% to 150% of the
    • original sound, thus 0.5x to 1.5x..This future allows the Students to adjust the playback speed of learning material if they are having difficulty following at a set level
    • Teacher can send the designated web address to all students to keep students focused on teacher's choice of web based material. The teacher can browse the web in order to present the material while students follow this activity
  • 28. Clarity Communication Enhancement Package & Language Lab Software
    • Learning Areas:-
    • Create Lessons
    • Listen / Read / Compare / Evaluate / Repetitive Spoken Word / Phrases
    • Sentence Practice
    • Online Test / Examination functions.
    • Supporting various formats of questions, including multiple choice, simple answer, listening and audio reply, etc.
    • Ready to teach English content covering key areas of English Learning.
  • 29. Clarity Communication Enhancement Features
    • Grammar / Vocabulary
    • Reading Skills
    • Listening Skills
    • Speaking Skills
    • Writing Skills
    • Pronunciation and more……
  • 30. Clarity Communication Enhancement Package Online
  • 31. Case Study - British Council
      • The British Council
        • Cambridge University Press
        • Scholastic
        • Ministries of Education
        • The British Council
    • Mr Rod Pryde, Director of the British Council, India wrote:
      • Working with Clarity on the Tense Buster extension project was the best experience I have had yet on seeing a complex partnership project through on schedule, to budget and with a clear sense of shared ownership throughout…
  • 32. The United Nations
      • The United Nations
        • The United Nations
        • Cambridge University Press
        • Ministries of Education
        • The British Council
    Young India Films, Chennai The United Nations in Geneva spent five months trialing programs for video-based language training, and in 2006 chose Clarity’s Author Plus Pro. The decision was based partly on Clarity’s excellent support.
  • 33. Clarity’s India Success:-
      • Over 1800 installations across
      • India
      • Approved & used by RIE,
      • Chandigarh & Bangalore
      • Used by CIEFL, Hyderabad
      • Used by IIT in India
  • 34.
    • Clarity Communication Enhancement Package an Ideal Solution for Today’s Spoken English & Communication needs
  • 35.
    • Mr. Vivek Bhasin – 098410-22551
    • Mr. K.P. Vijay Shankar – 098410-56109
    • Young India Films
    • 1-F, Lakshmi Bhawan,
    • 609, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 006
    • Phone: 044-2829 2065; 2829 5693
    • Visit us at :
    • E-MAIL:
    Contact us:-
  • 36. Thank you…..