How Did European Settlement And Expansion In North...
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How Did European Settlement And Expansion In North...






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How Did European Settlement And Expansion In North... How Did European Settlement And Expansion In North... Presentation Transcript

  • How did European settlement and expansion in North America affect Native Americans? What reasons did white political leaders use to justify the removal of Native Americans to the trans-Mississippi region?
  • Native-American Lands Reasons for Decrease Disease NA relocation War Land Resources
  • Early interactions/Disease
    • Disease unknowingly effected Native-Americans Particularly
    • French and Indian war
      • British forces distribute blankets infected with smallpox to NA working with the French
    Smallpox Death count unknown. Population in 1674 about 50,000. After 1729, 1738, and 1753 smallpox epidemics their population was only 25,000 when they were forced to Oklahoma on the Trail Of Tears Cherokee Tribe 1674 Killed 90% of the Massachusetts Bay Indians North America northern east coast 1617-1619 Smallpox kills millions of native inhabitants of Mexico. Unintentionally introduced at Veracruz with the arrival of Panfilo de Narvaez on April 23, 1520[14] and was credited with the victory of Cortes over the Aztec empire at Tenochtitlan (present-day Mexico City) in 1521. Kills the Inca ruler, Huayna Capac, and 200,000 others and destroys the Incan Empire. Mexico, Central America, South America 1520-1527 Description Location Year
  • Land Loss
  • Indian Removal Act
    • Signed treaties with numerous tribes forcing them to move west including the Fox and Choctaw
    • Initially, the Supreme Court would not rule on The Cherokee's case because they were a “domestic dependent nation”
    • However Samuel Worchester sued on the Cherokee’s behalf and won, treaty of Encota
    • A minority of Cherokee were recognized by the government to be the true representatives of the Cherokee, by 1838 many had not relocated Van Buren ordered them forcibly removed
    Worchester vs. Georgia
  • Trail of Tears
    • Cherokee were sent in groups of about 1000
    • Route went mainly by foot
    • Livestock and money were stolen
    • 1/25 of the Cherokee died in route
    • Davy Crocket supported the Cherokee
    .......... rail of tears.kmz Chief John Ross .......... rail of tears.kmz
  • Sand Creek Massacre
    • As more settlers began to move westward, problems with native American began to grow
    • Government tried to sign treaties that limited the lands of NA
    • Cheyenne were located on a reservation in Colorado
    • IN response to raids, cornel John Chiviginton’s troops massacred 200 Cheyenne
  • sources