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Samples of SMART goals will help you learn how to set your own SMART goals. Take a look at this short SlideShare presentation demonstrating several SMART goal examples from various areas of life.

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Samples SMART Goals

  1. 1. Samples: Smart Goals ©2014 Colin G Smith
  2. 2. Smart Goals Examples ● To understand how to set your own SMART goals it helps to look at various examples of SMART goals ● Have a look at the following examples of smart goals from various areas of life...
  3. 3. SMART Goal Example 1 (S) Specific: I want to be living in a warmer, dryer climate, away from noisy traffic with beautiful scenery. (M) Measurable: The location of the house will be in the countryside. I will be able to see, hear and feel the beautiful environment every day! (A) Achievable: Yes, there are plenty of locations in my country and if necessary abroad to fit within my budget. (R) Realistic: Yes, I know others that have done it. (T) Timed: 9 months from today. Actualised SMART Goal Statement: “It is September 2013 and I have just moved into my dream home in my dream location in peaceful countryside with amazing scenery!”
  4. 4. SMART Goal Example 2 (S) Specific: I want to be the best mum I can be! (M) Measurable: My children will smile and open up to me more. (A) Achievable: I will accomplish this goal by being a better listener. (R) Realistic: It's in alignment with my other goals and very worthwhile. (T) Timed: 1 month from today. Actualised SMART Goal Statement: “It is the 1st July 2013 and my relationships with my children are much better. We speak more openly with each other and I feel more loved.”
  5. 5. SMART Goal Example 3 (S) Specific: I want to have 1000 items listed on eBay (M) Measurable: I will have 1000 items on eBay. (A) Achievable: Yes it is. (R) Realistic: Many other people have. (T) Timed: 2 Months from now. Actualised SMART Goal Statement: “It is March 2013 and I have over 1000 items listed on eBay.”
  6. 6. SMART Goal Example 4 (S) Specific: I want to be a relaxed, peaceful, loving person. (M) Measurable: I will be able to keep my cool, not lose my temper and feel more inner peace. (A) Achievable: I will achieve this goal by meditating at least once per day on love. (R) Realistic: This goal encompasses all my other desires and wishes. (T) Timed: 3 months from today. Actualised SMART Goal Statement: “It is the 27th April 2013 and I am feeling in control of my emotions. I now feel a kind of background bliss that enables me to remain calm even when challenged.”
  7. 7. SMART Goal Example 5 (S) Specific: I want to be making a living from my new business (M) Measurable: I need to make at least £2000 Profit per Month. (A) Achievable: I know other people that have done it in the same business. (R) Realistic: Yes it is. (T) Timed: 12 months from today. Actualised SMART Goal Statement: “It is the 1st August 2013 and I am making over £2000 Profit Per Month from my business.”
  8. 8. Learn More About SMART Goals ● I hope those samples of SMART goals helped you understand the SMART goal setting process better ● Discover Life’s Weird Little Motivation Rule (It Works!) ● Checkout my other SlideShare presentation: How To Write Smart Goals
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