How To Release Stress Quickly


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Discover how to release stress quickly with this special report. You will learn what stress is, how it is triggered and what you can do to manage stress effectively.

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How To Release Stress Quickly

  1. 1. How To Release Stress Quickly – Colin G Smith How To Release Stress Quickly ©2013 Colin G Smith Page: 1 © Colin G Smith 2013 – All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. How To Release Stress Quickly – Colin G Smith What is Stress? Today’s fast-paced modern life is faced with certain demands, frustrations, and deadlines. Stress is ordinary to most people. It has become part of their daily lives. More and more people are now learning how to release stress effectively. Actually small doses of stress are necessary, healthy and beneficial for a quality performance since it can give you a certain motivation to give it your best shot. This is known as positive stress. But when this reaches a certain level in which there are already excessive doses of it, you'll be in emergency mode and won't be able to relax anymore. However, don’t be disheartened since stress is manageable. This practically means you can do something to reduce if not get rid of it and thus decrease the harmful effects associated with it. By knowing the definition of stress, its causes and taking action in overcoming it, you can actually protect yourself from the harmful effects associated with it. In psychology, stress basically means a feeling of pressure and strain. Stress refers to a physical response which is considered normal when your composure is upset due to some events where you feel threatened. When a threat is perceived, your body’s defences lead you to respond in the “stress response” or the “fight-or-flight” reaction. Stress hormones are released such as cortisol and adrenaline which are responsible for the emergency action. This response is characterised by the heart pounding faster, breathing rate becoming faster, muscles tightening, blood pressure rising, and your senses becoming sharper. These body changes lead to an increase in your stamina and strength, sharpen your focus, and quicken your response time that prepare you to flee from or fight an impending danger. When this stress response works properly, it actually keeps you alert, energetic and focused. Stress in an emergency situation can serve as a lifesaver in the sense that it provides you some kind of power to protect yourself, for instance, hitting the brakes to evade an accident. This stress response can also aid you in meeting challenges. It is stress that makes you alert while you are giving presentations and gives you that drive to prepare for your examinations instead of watching your favourite show on TV. Page: 2 © Colin G Smith 2013 – All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. How To Release Stress Quickly – Colin G Smith What is Stress Caused By? Stressors, which refer to the pressures and situations causing stress, such as a tedious work schedule or a bumpy relationship. Whatever it is that pushes you beyond your limits or demands you to make many changes in your lifestyle can also be quite stressful. Even positive events can also give some stress such as settling down, purchasing a home, preparing for college, or being promoted. Stress is caused by how you perceive a situation. It is partly a matter of how you see the stressors and the way you deal with them. It is not actually stressful if you do not think about it in that way. Stress may be caused by some external factors such as family and children, hectic schedule, financial matters, relationships, work and major changes in one’s life. However, stress may also be caused by internal factors, which include perfectionism, unrealistic goals, pessimism, not able to accept uncertainties and the lack of asserting oneself. So keep reading if you want to know how to release stress and anger easily and quickly... Page: 3 © Colin G Smith 2013 – All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. How To Release Stress Quickly – Colin G Smith How To Release Stress Quickly With The Emotional Freedom Technique The good news is there is a way to rapidly reduce stress using a proven system know as the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. By tapping certain points on your face and hands you stimulate the acupressure points and help to get the trapped energy (stress) flowing through your system again enabling you to feel more relaxed. If you want to know how to release stress in office this is a simple process that can give you good results typically within ten minutes. You start off by assessing how stressed you are on a scale of 1 to 10 and then you begin to simply tap on the following points with several rounds of tapping until you feel yourself becoming more relaxed. This is one of the simplest and most effective techniques on how to release stress today: Page: 4 © Colin G Smith 2013 – All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. How To Release Stress Quickly – Colin G Smith "EFT Tapping: How To Relieve Stress And Re-Energise Rapidly Using The Emotional Freedom Technique" “I'm a big fan of EFT and have used it successfully in different situation and complaints in my life. The thing I like about this book is it doesn't get too bogged down in every aspect of EFT but gives you exactly what you need to lower your stress levels right now. While you can never get rid of stress totally out of your life, this book is a great addition to have in your toolbox for when times get too much for you.” - B McDonald “I like Colin's step-by-step illustratations and explanations for how to use the EFT technique to relieve stress. He takes something that on the outset could seem very complicated and with his simple, easy-to-follow explanation makes it a strategy you can easily use. I recommend it!” - K. T. Dileva Claim Your Copy of "EFT Tapping: How To Relieve Stress And Re-Energise Rapidly Using The Emotional Freedom Technique" Now! Page: 5 © Colin G Smith 2013 – All Rights Reserved