Corporate Golf


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Corporate Golf Presentation Project

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Corporate Golf

  1. 1. PRESENTATION Enhance local, regional & global brand awareness of your company and existing or new products and services.
  2. 2. WAGTT Championship presents a product, with aadvertising networking tool, specifically designed to meetthe requirements for your companies business in theinternational and home business markets. This is provenand successful product, provides your company with abusiness platform for your products and services togenerate future market growth from both the world andnational business markets.Corporate Golf Days is today for many companies are theperfect match and many business partnerships, friendshipsand business deals are often made on the golf course. Intodays business markets companies of all sizes havepersonal with the highest training for working in thebusiness world, and a large number of them are golfplayers.The business world has been changing and looking forexpanding business growth, golf provides companies with atool that gives your company the opportunity to grow yourbusiness and improve your position within home andinternational business markets.We make planning and organizing corporate golf days aseasy as possible for our clients, whilst providing excellentservice and competitive prices. We can guarantee to findthe golf venue that will suit all the requirements of yourcompany and your guests, even non-golfers ourprofessional staff will make sure they enjoy the day.
  3. 3. Corporate Golf Days are successful for building your This simple, proven product of Golf and business provides yourcompany brand and team building within the company in company with a networking platform for business growth fromtodays complex home and international business markets. world, national. and regional markets.All our Corporate Golf tournaments are planned and Enhance local, regional and global brand awareness of yourorganized in a first class manner to fit your companies company’s existing or new products and services.budget.Corporate Golf Days are custom made for your company and To generate support for the local communities, businesses,are designed to present your company and achieve your charities, and development of junior golf programs for younggoals in the business markets of today . golfers,(they are the future).
  4. 4. The duration local Corporate Golf Events of a 1 or 2 daysevent corporate program planned and organized for yourcompany with a tournament format which is relaxing andenjoyable for all you invite to come and play, and enhance yourproducts and services to international and home markets,these events can be individual or team events.Your Corporate Golf Day is away of showing application toclients and personal for their support and hard work for yourcompany, by inviting them to come along relax play a round ofgolf, lunch, prizes, and to help support in the local community.Should your company require conference facilities for 1 day ormore we are able to arrange everything for your company.Our MissionTo formulate long term business relationships for our corporateclients by using corporate golf event programs that creates asuccessful business platform for your company andemployees.
  5. 5. Below are some examples of our most popular packagesIn golf like business, fundamentals and attitude are key components to enjoying and being successful in business andin the game of golf , WAGTT installs this philosophy into the organizing of corporate golf events. The WAGTT CorporateGolf Days has developed numerous ways to entertain, and generate incentives and rewards to top performers with theuse of Corporate Golf programsCorporate 1 Day Package: Corporate Overnight 2 x 18 Hole 2 day Package:1 golf tournament round 18 Holes 2 18 Holes of Golf 1 practice roundBreakfast 1 golf tournament roundLunch Lunch at the golf coursePrize Dinner Dinner in hotelNearest-the-Pin, Longest Drive Nearest-the-Pin, Longest DrivePutting Competitions Putting Competitions Prize Dinner Accommodation with breakfast
  6. 6. The list of partner golf course venues foryou to select from where we are able toorganize your companies Corporate GolfEventThe WAGTT Corporate Golf Days aredesigned for the development andpromoting of your Businesses productsand services and generating businessgrowth for your company.
  7. 7. This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity for both businesses and individuals to reach out to our communities and touch the lives of those less fortunate around the World. Thank you for considering our proposal for your company golf event or joining us for a day of golf.Colin Crowe.Email: colinwagtt@gmail.comSkype: colin.561