Gamification - The Internet Show 2012


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This presentation was delivered by Colin Cardwell at the Internet Show, 30th April 2012 in Melbourne

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Gamification - The Internet Show 2012

  2. 2. TODAY What is gamification? Why now? How is it done? What are the business benefits? Examples Questions
  3. 3. PLAY ALONGHidden in some of the slides in this presentation is this image might be more than one per slide If you can tell me at the end exactly how many times this imagehas been shown during the presentation (including this one), you will win a prize
  5. 5. GAMIFICATION IS… Making non-game activities more game-like
  6. 6. GAMIFICATION IS…Making things more: Fun and Playful Rewarding and Engaging Exciting and Challenging Competitive and Collaborative Social and Sharable
  7. 7. GAMIFICATION IS… Motivating people to do the things you want them to do Using the methods that game designers use Tracking that activity So that we can feedback and continue to motivate
  8. 8. BROAD RANGE OF APPLICATIONS Education, to motivate learners Motivate and reward staff Change in behaviour at a society level Increase customer loyalty and therefore increase sales and profits
  10. 10. IN BIG WAYS
  11. 11. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just won an award! You have just won the Bronze Paying Attention Trophy for paying attention during this presentation Well Done You! Keep paying attention to win the Silver Trophy
  12. 12. 3 REASONS
  13. 13. CHANGES IN CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR The economy has reduced confidence Tending to save more and spend less Tending to buy during ‘sales’ Growth in buying online, offshore Growth in purchase through ‘Daily Deal’ sites and services More propensity to shop around
  14. 14. THE BUSINESS RESPONSE More sales to tempt the consumer Reliance on ‘Daily Deal’ and other promotionsWhich has: Increased customer acquisition costs Increased customer retention costs Reduced profit margins
  15. 15. MEANWHILE… …there has been revolution in the games industry
  16. 16. Before the revolution we knew where we stood… Gamers were young adult males who were anti-social, ate Pizza, drank Coke by the BIG bottle and had no life. Or maybe…
  17. 17. Kids! And then this happened…
  18. 18. WHY DOES EVERYONE PLAY? Play is part of our make up as human beings People were playing long before computers were invented Computer games have been around so long that most have grown up with themWe dont stop playing because we grow old;we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw
  19. 19. SOME NUMBERS Over 300 new games are uploaded to iTunes every day Around half of all apps downloaded are games 20 million Facebook Apps are installed by users every day, more than half of those are games More than half of Facebook active users play Facebook games at least once per week There are over 250 million people playing Zynga games each month
  20. 20. AND OF COURSE……everyone has a smartphone these days
  21. 21. SMARTPHONES You can get rid of the membership card Real time interactions Geo-targeted events Real time rewards, feedback and reporting Open line of communication With someone all the time
  22. 22. WHY MIGHT GAMIFICATION WORK?First…1. Businesses need new ways to drive loyalty and increase profits2. Play is for everyone, not just for kids and young adult males3. Nearly everyone has a smartphoneAND… In most situations, fun is better than not fun The value in a reward can be much greater than the value of the reward itself People are social and what their friends/family think matters to them Often enough, the difference between choosing one action/product over another can be tiny
  23. 23. THE PEOPLE ARE ASKINGWhen it comes to all the boring things in theworld (and for many, buying things is one ofthem), the people are asking…Why can’t this be fun?
  24. 24. HOW IS IT DONE?
  26. 26. THE TOOLS Points Levels and Progression Leader boards Badges and Trophies Virtual Currency Social Media Integration Virtual Items Fun Virtual Economies
  27. 27. Points Feedback is important
  28. 28. Leader boards How do we compare to others?
  29. 29. Virtual Currency Making points worth something
  30. 30. Virtual Shops & Items Adding value to the currency
  31. 31. YOUR VIRTUAL CURRENCY Must be of value to the players. They have to want it.
  32. 32. PAYING FOR ACTIONS WITH A VCTypical Actions PAY THEMSign up to a newsletter V$20Visit a website V$50Watch a video V$100Take a survey V$250Tell a friend about a product V$500Tweet/post to Facebook about a product V$750Visit a Store V$1000Sample the product (test drive) V$5000Purchase a product V$20000Purchase lots of products V$ No Limit
  33. 33. FLEXIBILITY OF A VCTypical Actions PAY THEMSign up to a newsletter V$100Visit a website V$50Watch a video V$100Take a survey V$250Tell a friend about a product V$500Tweet/post to Facebook about a product V$750Visit a Store V$1000Sample the product (test drive) V$5000Purchase a product V$20000Purchase lots of products V$ No Limit
  34. 34. Levels and Progression The sense of purpose
  35. 35. Awards and Trophies Goals and Objectives
  36. 36. Social Media Integration Spreading the word
  37. 37. FUN CHALLENGING FUN EASY FUN Objectives, Rewards, Surprise, Adventure, Accomplishment, Frustration, Discovery, Mystery, Addiction, Focus Imagination, Curiosity Goals, Strategy, Obstacles, Levels Content, Experiences, Exploration 4 TYPES OF FUN PEOPLE FUN CREATIVE FUN Generosity, Co-operation, Niche Creativity, Expression, Interests, Networking Individuality, Personalisation Collaboration, Competition, Avatars, Customisation, Choice Community
  38. 38. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! You’ve just won a better award! You have won the Silver Paying Attention Trophy for continuing to pay attention during this presentation Well Done You! Who wants to win the GOLD trophy?
  40. 40. THE BENEFITS More engagement in brand Better feelings towards the brand Increased loyalty Lower propensity to shop aroundBut what is the biggest business benefit of atraditional loyalty programme? Data. Behavioural data.
  41. 41. BEHAVIOURAL DATA Pre-Sales Behaviour Post Sales Behaviour (data) (data)
  42. 42. IMAGINE…being able to track all of thebehaviours and activities that lead toa saleDo I get points for trying this on?Yes you do, because then we’ll startto understand how many timespeople try on before they buy.
  43. 43. AND FINALLY… It is far less expensive to implement than a traditional loyalty programme And far less expensive to run (no toasters)And that opens it up to organisations thatcouldn’t previously consider a traditionalloyalty programme, like: TV Shows and Channels Charities Low margin businesses
  44. 44. SOME EXAMPLES?
  46. 46. ABC READING EGGS Targeting 3-6 year olds Over 2000 reading based activities which progressively unlock Kids earn Golden Eggs every time they complete one. Other rewards too. Kids spend them on their house, their avatar and to play games (over 30 games to choose from) Progress reports for teachers and parents
  48. 48. RSPCA RESCUE SHELTER Rich Social game on Facebook Players build and grow their own Rescue Shelter Equip it and customise it from a range of virtual shops Employ staff, build buildings and landscape Top up their currency by making real donations Vouchers are used to drive other actions.
  50. 50. FOX FOOTY LIVE KICK Players choose a team to play for when the register Fan teams play against each other during a LIVE match Players get a feed of kicks based on the kicks from the LIVE game Players earn VC every time their team scores Players spend VC to take a kick and more to re-takes misses Game ends 15 minutes after the Live game ends
  51. 51. FOX FOOTY LIVE KICK Footy$ are the virtual currency Additional Footy$ can be earned by completing brand actions: Visiting Fox Sports, NAB and Foxtel sites Watching live matches Watching other shows on TV Signing up to newsletters Following on Facebook We’ll be adding others through the competition.
  52. 52. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just won the biggest award! You have won the Gold Paying Attention Trophy for continuing to pay attention during this presentation BIG Well Done You!
  53. 53. QUESTIONS?Thank you
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