So You Want to Do a Web Promotion? Read this first!


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So You Want to Do a Web Promotion? Read this first!

  1. 1. GAMES & APPS IN 2012 Part 3 of 5 ‘So, You Want to Do a Web Promotion?’ Read this first!App & Game 2012: Part 3
  2. 2. 5 THINGS TO THINK ABOUT How Does My Web Promotion Get Noticed? Know What You’re Aiming For Think Games! Prize Competitions Promote The Promotion!App & Game 2012: Part 3
  3. 3. GETTING NOTICED There are thousands of web promotions launched every week How will your brand stand out from the crowd? The good news… You can think BIG and BOLD without spending a fortuneApp & Game 2012: Part 3
  4. 4. KNOW WHAT YOU’RE AIMING FORMost promotions fail because the objectives have not clearlybeen thought through. Start with the question, what are we tryingto do?• Generate leads – Increase mail/email/phone database. How many?• Increase brand/product awareness. By how much?• Increase Facebook Likes / Twitter Followers / Social Community. How many?• Drive website visitors / encourage repeat website visits. How many? A Few Types of Web Promotions:• Increase sales. By how much? • Games!• Increase goodwill toward the brand. • Prize competitions – game of chance How will you measure that? • Prize competition – 25 words or less…and the list goes on • eVouchers or eCoupon giveawaysApp & Game 2012: Part 3
  5. 5. THINK GAMES! Games make some of the most successful web promotions!Everyone Plays Games – thanks to Angry Birds, Words withFriends and smartphones, the average gamer in Australia is 32 and47% of gamers are female1. There’s a game for every audience.People Love Play – research consistently shows that brands whogive their audience a fun opportunity to play feel positively towardsthe brandDeep Brand Immersion – long brand exposure times: 5-20 mins 3Repeat Brand Exposure – players consistently return to playSocial Media Integration – strong sharing opportunities 2App & Game 2012: Part 3
  6. 6. PRIZE COMPETITIONSPrize competitions are ever-popular drivers for web promotions and are a strong wayto hit some of those objectives you’ve identified up front.Prize competitions are an excellent way to: Prize competition sites or microsites integrated into Generate user data larger sites must be: Drive website traffic • Robust, scaleable Drive brand/product awareness backend for data capture and storageBut, they’re hard to do well. • Approved by state authorities competitionOur promotions toolkit, together with our drawing system for permitsexperience a set of development • Designed to drive userstools that minimize development time and cost. through a journey Get Maximum Bang for Buck Game + Prize Competition = The Complete PackageApp & Game 2012: Part 3
  7. 7. PROMOTE THE PROMOTION Even the best promotions need people to hear about them. As part of your integrated marketing strategy, tell them! Promote it through your other marketing channels – advertise it through your traditional channels, PR it Integrate social – Facebook Connect offers an excellent way to collect user data, tap into user social networks and build user relations SEO it! Make sure it’s optimized for search – ensure the metadata around the web promotion is in place Tell your existing database – eDMs, DMs, Facebook and Twitter updates, YouTube, Pinterest, promote it on your websiteApp & Game 2012: Part 3
  8. 8. USE US FOR YOUR WEB PROMOTION! Use the Experts! We’ve run dozens of online promotions for brands. We’ve got the tools ready and we know how to effectively integrate brands into great online promotions. We’ll: Plan Structure Design Manage Analyse your web promotion. We can help you set the objectives and measure the outcomes.App & Game 2012: Part 3
  9. 9. GET IN TOUCH Interested in discussing your mobile app development? Call or email the commercial team: 02 8923 1200 3rdsense.comApp & Game 2012: Part 3
  10. 10. REFERENCES1. Digital Australia, 20112. Continental Research, 20093. 3RDSENSE, 2012App & Game 2012: Part 3