Final - Water Works


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  • Final - Water Works

    1. 1. Panama Canal& Los Angeles Colin Evans
    2. 2. Panama CanalFerdinand de Lesseps, the hero of the Suez Canal, attempted to build asea-level Panama Canal but his workers were hit by waves of diseaseTheodore Roosevelt used his “greatest good for the greatest number”mantra to justify his approval for water projects like the Owens ValleyAqueduct and the Panama CanalPhillipe Bunau-Varilla was a french engineer who lobbied the UnitedStates to choose his particular site for the Panama Canal
    3. 3. John Stevens was the Chief Engineer appointed by Theodore Roosevelt tohead the Panama Canal project from 1905 to 1907Colonel George Washington Goethals was appointed by TheodoreRoosevelt to be the Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal project from1907 to 1912, finishing the project 2 years ahead of scheduleDr. William Gorgas was the Chief Sanitary Officer on the PanamaCanal Project and whose job was to protect workers from mosquito-borneillnesses during the project
    4. 4. Why Was It Necessary?In order to ship goods by seafrom coast to coast, shipshad to travel around SouthAmericaBy building a canalthrough Central America,shipping costs andshipping times decreaseddramatically
    5. 5. Engineering SkillsFirst had to prevent theoutbreak of disease in thetropical environmentredeveloped the Panamarailway system to helpmove soil from theexcavation sitesbecause the canal wasn’t atsea-level, builders had toengineer a series of locks tomove ships along the canal
    6. 6. Owens Valley Aqueduct! Los Angeles was growing at a rate too fast for the current water supply to maintain William Mulholland, Superintendent of the Los Angeles water system, couldn’t stop the population growth of Los Angeles decided that the only way to provide water for the growing population was to acquire new sources of water discovered the Owens Valley River 200 miles to the North of the city secretly bought the majority of the water rights meanwhile, wealthy Los Angeles businessman purchased large plots of land in the San Fernando Valley
    7. 7. with no formal engineering training, Mulholland began building theOwens Valley Aqueduct dealt with the harsh working conditions of the desertAqueduct was an engineering marvel completed in 5 years ahead ofschedule and under budgetHe was later made the highest paid public employee in the state ofCaliforniato this day, Los Angeles still uses Mulholland’s aqueduct to get itswater supply
    8. 8. Engineering Skills used the geography of the Owens and San Fernando Valleys to his advantage had to deal with the intense heat during the days and cold during the nights providing water for his workers was also a demanding task
    9. 9. Who Benefited? the city of Los Angeles had acquired a water source that provided 4 times more water than it could use property owners in the San Fernando Valley were able to irrigate their newly acquired land Farmers in the Owens Valley were forced by lack of water out of business