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  • Tables with Goal Achievement breakdown for Q3 and Q4 (compare this year and last year)(Similar to MTM Reporting)* Create (1) report for the programme over-all (Ra-ma-re quality MoS + Key Goals we identified during quarter review ex. 50 % Matching rate) and (2) More detailed Reporting based on tiers/clusters of the OD Model implementationWith each table/ graph, include notes– Highlights and Comments on where these results came from (regions, tiers, entities etc.)
  • GIP Monthly Meeting January

    1. 1. GIP Monthly Meeting January 2014
    2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • • • Check In Results of Q4 and Q1 so far iGIP Sales Intensity and CLO oGIP Preparing for Raising Peak Updates on Re-Planning Managing Your S&D Pipeline Talent Capacity for GIP IPM Preparation for GIP
    3. 3. Check In We need to be bold to grow in GIP, and we need to do it now. What do you have in your plans that’s bold enough to really drive growth?
    4. 4. Results Q4 ’13 & Jan ‘14
    5. 5. GLOBAL MoS – Q4 01.10 – 31.12 15.3% Growth in Matches 5000 4500 4000 3500 4400 3572 3464 3400 2858 3000 2012-13 2392 2500 2013-14 1800 2000 1350 1175 1500 1800 1120 1117 1000 500 0 Ra EP Ra TN Ma Re Goals
    6. 6. Entities with the Most Absolute Growth in iGIP in 13.14 • • Sales Intensity TN Raising A clear market product strategy TN Matching TN Realizing • National partners managed well CY partnerships for matching 187 COLOMBIA 94 ROMANIA 32 ROMANIA 83 BRAZIL 49 GREECE 31 TAIWAN • COLOMBIA 71 ROMANIA 38 COLOMBIA 28 JAPAN 70 INDIA 37 MEXICO 28 HUNGARY 40 GREECE 36 SPAIN 26
    7. 7. Entities with the Most Absolute Growth in oGIP in 13.14 • • • Strong marketing synergy EP Raising EP Matching EP Realizing S&D alignment and clear partnerships for matching MOROCCO 75 COLOMBIA 58 COLOMBIA 45 BRAZIL 62 BRAZIL 43 ROMANIA 32 MEXICO 50 TURKEY 28 EGYPT 20 VIETNAM SP based marketing strategy with specific channels and clear message 43 ROMANIA 23 ARGENTINA 19 ROMANIA 38 SLOVAKIA 22 BRAZIL 18
    8. 8. iGIP Sales Intensity & CLO
    9. 9. Driving Sales Intensity • iGIP Results = Sales Intensity x Strategy • Always continue pushing sales intensity in your LCs—people often forget to push sales intensity after their initial success • If you have new members, now is a crucial time to make sure they are selling
    10. 10. Driving Sales Intensity
    11. 11. GCP of AIESEC in Romania!
    12. 12. Personalized raising and matching campaigns, called "monthly challenges from the MC" To encourage a sustainable and efficient growth in raising and matching and avoid the regular competitiveness between LCs that a national campaign would bring, the MC customized the approach, by giving monthly "challenges" for each LC. • • • The national goal was split into personalized goals for each LC (based on their pipeline, reality, HR and potential to sustain operations). The message was "The MC challenge for you this month is..x Raises” If all the LCs manage to achieve their own challenges, they get the chance to give a challenge for their MCVP also, which made it fun and enjoyable too. Compared to November 2012, we achieved a 212% growth in Raising and a 176% growth in Matching
    13. 13. Driving Sales Intensity Content to help you drive sales intensity: • PPT for Driving Sales Intensity in an LC: 74623 • PPT for Driving Sales Intensity in Tier 1 and 2 MCs: 74615
    14. 14. Content you can deliver for driving Sales Intensity Leadership for iGIP PPT: Video: How to Match Efficiently PPT: Video: 3 Steps to Re-Raising PPT: Video: • Has anyone watched these videos? Were they useful?
    15. 15. CLO Implementation • 3 Solutions for CLO as output of CLO Summit in November Video: alse&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal PPT:
    16. 16. CLO Implementation • 41 entities implementing account • • management JDs and flow 26 entities implementing the new JQ 17 entities implementing the standardized matching process
    17. 17. CLO Implementation • Greece and Mexico have grown significantly simply through excellent account management of MC accounts. o There’s a huge financial ROI on account management • What have entities already done to implement the CLO solutions? What successes have you seen from that?
    18. 18. GCP of AIESEC in Germany!
    19. 19. Strategy • Customer Centricity Campaign - Phase 1: Customer Loyalty (Evaluating old Partners) - Phase 2: Customer Focus (Raising new accounts) - Phase 3: Customer Delivery (Matching) • Education and Consultancy  Point System and Price in the end of Jan.
    20. 20. Results and Conclusions • LCs struggled in the beginning with other topics (Member Recruitment, Induction, Team Leadership) • Picked up performance in Nov/Dec • Competition motivated some hidden champions and gave a lot of motivation to members • Final Sprint in December and National Sales Day brought a lot of performance and excitement
    21. 21. oGIP Preparing for Raising peak
    22. 22. Preparing for right EP raising like never before! 1. Set clear goals nationally and with your LCs. 2. Track them and keep them accountable!
    23. 23. Preparing for right EP raising like never before! 1. Be clear and focused on the sub product you are trying to raise for, make sure your members understand the value proposition 2. Synergize with your MC VP Marketing, oGIP needs back office support! 3. Innovate in the channels you use to attract more of the right EPs!
    24. 24. Drive EP raising via online channels: Online Marketing Wiki:
    25. 25. Preparing for right EP raising like never before! Resources: • • • • • • • OP/OPS: Marketing: Brand Summit Output: Selection: Match Like Never Before: S&D: AI Consultancy Week:
    26. 26. Are you planning to implement OP in your entity for raising peak?
    27. 27. GCP of AIESEC in Turkey!
    28. 28. Successful strategy? • Raising EPs via LinkedIn through promoting concrete TN opportunities – • Result: – Over 200 applicants for a TN promoted on LinkedIn – High quality applicants for the TNs (right background, study year and skills) • Also they focused on better selection and stricter raising to ensure raising the right EP only • Result: – Raised 22 forms during Q3 and matched 17 of them also in Q3. Last year that was 8 in 39.
    29. 29. Updates from AI Replanning
    30. 30. Updates from AI replanning! Driving Teaching Growth Driving Marketing Growth Talent Capacity for GIP Global Planning GIP Product Development Matching Current Supply
    31. 31. How to growth GIP massively?
    32. 32. Value of Teaching Providing schools and governments with EPs to improve education. Providing EPs with a professional XP where they can make an impact
    33. 33. Value of Marketing Providing start-ups and SMEs with international talent to help them market their products or expand their operations abroad. Providing EPs with a professional experience in a growing start-up or SME where they can learn entrepreneurship and bring business to their home country
    34. 34. Driving Teaching & Marketing Growth • • • • • • • • Driving Teaching & Marketing Straightforward value proposition High scale Focus SPs of many entities Relevance across regions One side is the main bottleneck we need to over come Most potential for high scale partnerships for TNs Potential for a summer peak RaMaRe timeline is shorter
    35. 35. How will we support? S&D Analysis Connecting entities Teaching and Marketing Toolkits! Ongoing consultancy & education
    36. 36. Are you focusing on Teaching in your entity?
    37. 37. Are you focusing on Marketing in your entity?
    38. 38. GCP of AIESEC in Colombia!
    39. 39. What is the successful strategies you want to showcase? Raising • Raised a 100 TN contract for Teaching Eps Matching • Matched all TNs within 3 months
    40. 40. What is the result the strategy brings? • Massive Raising growth in the last 6 months • 218 absolute raises (81  297 Raises) • Massive iGIP relative growth in matching in the last 6 months • 128 absolute matches (from 334 MA to 462).
    41. 41. iGIP Education matching strategy  Have an MC manager to manage iGIP big government projects and matching those TNs;  Define the right country partners & engage them, invest in them  Define managers per each cooperation  Design and track through a international cooperation tool  Design a website for promotion:  Do a EP segmentation according to the profile through S&D tools  Contact EPs by email using mailchimp  Define one link application for all the educational TNs where the MC can track it  Rotate the EPs within the TN Takers when they are not selected  Standardize with the TN taker frameworks and deadlines for selection process
    42. 42. Tools Matching tool: heet/ccc?key=0AgVvRZKX6Mw5dEpldnF3ZnJ aMGlmNWFwSHU2S2tHdlE&usp=drive_web #gid=23
    43. 43. Matching Current Supply
    44. 44. Managing Your Current S&D • • Based on matching time (70 days) and realization time (50 days), almost all realizations in 13.14 will come from what’s raised before the end of March We have 3450 available TNs heading into our raising peak and 5585 available EPs. Your ability to match these forms will determine most of the growth in your term
    45. 45. What is AI Doing about Matching Our Current Forms? • Providing ongoing analysis of our available forms o o o which forms are most matchable in which sub-products how to manage your matching processes in the best way what expectations to set with LCs about the EPs and TNs they’re raising
    46. 46. Steps Needed to Match More in iGIP • Make sure you’re tracking your TN Managers o Use the CRM to see how available TNs are moving through your pipeline o Message to your TN Managers the importance of matching o Make sure TN Managers are responding to EP applications within 24 hours (you can make an application link so you can see all of the EP applicants) o Re-set expectations with TN-takers to be flexible in matching o Use supply tools coming from AI (New AFT!!) to find the best EPs for your TNs • Send CEEDers to partner entities to raise and match EPs directly for your available TNs
    47. 47. Steps Needed to Match More in oGIP • Make sure you’re tracking your EP Managers o Use the CRM to see how available EPs are moving through your pipeline o Track your EP Managers aggressively to make sure they are moving very fast on matching o Advertise available TNs directly to your available EPs based on partner entities or subproducts o Re-set expectations with EPs to be flexible in matching  Most TNs are in Marketing, Teaching, IT, and Business Administration, but especially EPs interested in doing marketing or teaching will be easiest to match
    48. 48. Matching Current Available Forms • What information would you need from the global office to match your available forms? • Does anyone have any other recommendations for how to match your currently available forms?
    49. 49. Talent Capacity for GIP
    50. 50. What do I need to do as MCVP GIP? • Check your current efficiency in iGIP and oGIP – Number of Exchange experiences in iGIP and oGIP/Number of members in iGIP or oGIP • Check current TMP Retention rate • Along with MCVP TM, identify if there is a talent gap in GIP based on efficiency and retention rate and plan either recruitment (if there is a talent gap) or L&D strategy (if there is capacity but low efficiency)
    51. 51. What do I need to do as MCVP GIP? • Tier 1 and most of tier 2 entities need to FOCUS on matching current supply as soon as possible and clearing pipeline (unmatched forms) – Check if you have enough members working on the matching process in the entity • Tier 3 – Are you Implementing an SDP focused on Increasing SALES INTENSITY (This is how the tier 2 entities are growing currently) – If not check out the SALES UNIVERSITY Wiki and get on to this immediately!!!
    52. 52. Along with MCVP TM • Understand how there can be a balance between members in GCDP and GIP (If you are focusing on a GCDP Programme as well) • Ensure there are people in Marketing and TM working on driving GIP growth (specifically for high volume LCs) • Ensure JD and MoS for GIP is completely clear. • Evaluate team cycles in GIP along with MCVP TM especially for your focus LCs to ensure LCs have people working on raise, match and delivery at the right time (in case of start up) and on raise and match simultaneously (in case of high volume)
    53. 53. GCP of AIESEC in Colombia!
    54. 54. GCP of AIESEC In Colombia! • Go through the Talent Capacity Strategic Meeting Output (if you haven’t already) and ensure you are implementing!!! • GCP: AIESEC in Colombia’s growth in GIP: - Capacity: Implementing structures for oGIP (from the SM output) and having the right number of people in oGIP along with the right team cycle - Learning and Development: Focusing on L&D (Running Sales University) in iGIP to increase TN Ra especially through team leaders and team members.
    55. 55. What’s next? • TMP TLP Planning for GIP (For both capacity and Learning and Development) at IPM • Upgrading TC Strategic Meeting content to add back office structures. • Team Minimums and Team standards at IPM.
    56. 56. IPM Preparation for GIP
    57. 57. IPM Preparation Stay tuned.. Your MCP will approach you soon to make sure you bring your goals in sub products & key suppliers!
    58. 58. Let’s change the Game in GIP!