Final Purposeful iGIP Market - Product Strategy for MENA


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Final Purposeful iGIP Market - Product Strategy for MENA

  1. 1. iGIP Market Research Strategy MENA REGION – GST OUTPUT
  2. 2. What is Happening with iGIP in MENA? 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 TNs Raised 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  3. 3. Organisational Value Market Value Individual Value
  4. 4. Our Value in the Market Long-term leadership pipeline and impact on the world Competitive talent advantage for tomorrow Short-term talent gap solution
  5. 5. Our Value for the EPs and Our Members
  6. 6. The Story of AIESEC in Spain
  7. 7. Organizational Value: A young person witnesses and contributes to responsible and entrepreneurial leadership overcoming the environment Market Value: Individual Value: Entrepreneurs can sell their A young member learns sales products in international and delivery, and learns how markets, survive, and support to contribute to society Spain’s economy through market solutions
  8. 8. To grow our product and develop leadership in every experience we have to raise TNs in meaningful industries where the EP has an impact on the world. How do we do that?
  9. 9. If you had 1000 AIESEC trainees coming to your country, in which industries would you want to place them? Because their experience would develop leadership. Because they would make an impact on society. Because our members would see their contribution to society.
  10. 10. Market Segmentation Process Relevant Market Segment Industry Talent Needs In what industry can you develop leaders What are the who will have a talent needs in positive impact that industry? on society? JD that Develops Leadership What can the EP do that will develop leadership and serve the industry’s talent needs? Supply Do we have the EP supply to fill this need? Where are the EPs from, and how can we match with them? BO Alignment How do we align our marketing and TC to sell and deliver these experiences on a major scale?
  11. 11. Purpose Driven Market Segmentation
  12. 12. Purpose Driven Market Segments Startups / Incubators Egypt Tunisia Morocco Jordan Education Egypt Tunisia Morocco Jordan Tourism All the Region
  13. 13. Relevance of the Industry  This Industry has a specific need of Talents, Yet its not on of the preferred destinations for youth or fresh Graduates.  This industry is considered as an Economical Focus for most of the Governments in the MENA Region due to the current state of market saturation from Talents.  The immense increase in Unemployment Rates in Several countries within the Region requires a lot of new companies entering the Corporate Market (Entrepreneurs), so it’s a Societal/Country Need at this point of time.  The Startups are finding a huge competition in acquiring talents from the youth pool, most of the youth would prefer a more stable job within the Corporate market.  Start Ups are facing a lot of challenges in penetrating markets within their countries, They might need International Exposure for their Companies and trying to penetrate other markets outside their countries. Startups & Incubators
  14. 14. Some Facts  The Network of Startups are usually very attached within different countries, they manage to help each other through networking events & sharing different resources , Its easy to build up a strong brand in this market through referrals and word of mouth.  Most of the Startups in the MENA Region now are very oriented towards Technology and Specifically information Technology.  New Projects and Startups are closely watched by Big Corporates and Investors, They Usually buy it at the latest stages of their development, which means that This companies and iGIP can grow along the way with each other.  Usually the Decision Makers within this market are the CEO or General Managers or Owners. Startups & Incubators
  15. 15. Some Facts  Startups usually have very basic Structures and Capacity similar to SMEs ( 8  25 Employees), That’s why you can easily reach the decision makers within this market.  Incubators in this market play a very important role in activating Startups and guiding them a long the way to establish their companies.  The Incubators Segment mainly provide the following types of support to Startups: 1- Supporting the Startups Legally to establish their presence within this market. 2- Supporting the Startups Financially in different areas. 3- Supporting the Organizational Development in terms of Human Resources, Organizational Structures, Product Development…etc.  Mostly these Startups are running on low budgets, however Startups at their latest development stages or in the early stages of becoming a strong healthy organization are financially wealthy. Startups & Incubators
  16. 16. Creating LEADs  Creating LEADs in this market is usually very easy because Entrepreneurs are interested by nature in new Ideas and innovation, Also they are highly exposed to different Social/Corporate Networks.  Reaching out Incubators will make your job quite easy to reach out these Startups, since one Strong Incubator would incubate an average of 50 Start ups per year, Accordingly they can guide you to reach out Recent and Previous Startups as well.  The Entrepreneurial Mindset in different countries will be quite receptive to our product and our Value propositions.  Networking Events is one of the Main Channels to reach out LEADs in this market.  Capitalizing on Alumni within these market, Usually a lot of the Alumni are engaged with this Market segment Startups & Incubators
  17. 17. Sub-Products & Value Proposition Marketing - Main Value Proposition Supporting the Company in expanding its reach locally or internationally by enriching their marketing departments with the needed Talents. - Talent Needs Marketing & Advertisement. Digital Marketing Startups & Incubators Information Technology - Main Value Proposition Supporting the Companies with strong IT Talents That will enable the company to grow in its field. - Talent Needs Website Development/Management Online Portals Development Mobile Applications. Market Research - Main Value Proposition Helping Organization in penetrating a new market and to expand markets abroad if the Local Market is not that receptive for their products. - Talent Needs Market Research & Evaluation. Market Understanding
  18. 18. Leadership in These Experiences  The Startups segment is going to deliver one of the most intense & Challenging Experiences for the EP. In such Environment that EP will be able to develop a lot of Leadership Skills.  The EP in this segment would feel his direct contribution to the company and the society as well.  The amount of innovation, hard work, persistence & Leadership Traits required in such Challenging Market and Working Environment will drive the EP to go outside of his/her comfort zone frequently, Which will develop a lot of Leadership Traits. Startups & Incubators
  19. 19. Network Supply Economics Brazil Poland Canada Colombia Romania Mexico Tunisia United states India Ukraine Marketing 49 43 39 28 26 26 25 24 20 20 Startups & Incubators Brazil Poland Mexico Colombia Romania Tunisia Egypt India Canada Spain IT 172 144 121 116 97 90 89 84 82 62 Tunisia India Brazil Colombia Mexico Poland Egypt Morocco Romania Canada 158 87 85 82 58 57 56 50 43 32
  20. 20. Challenges  Financial Status of these organizations at their Early Stages.  Organizations are attached and connected in this market segment, which means we need to deliver our promises, other wise we would easily leave a negative impression in this market segment.  This Market segment did not yet reach a mature stage in terms of Capacity and Competition, however its growing a lot lately across the region. Startups & Incubators
  21. 21. Delivery Precautions & Leadership for TN-Taker and EP  Very Clear Value Propositions need to be communicated to the Prospect accompanied with the ROIs, due to the Financial budget people will think twice before Investing in such product unless the ROI and the Value propositions are very clear.  Building up international Relations assuring the Supply for TNs in this market segment, Ensuring the delivery.  Special Financial Packages need to be done specifically for this market segment.  Sales Representative need to communicate the purpose behind our approach and focus on this market. Highlighting the Connection between this market, the society and the Leadership we want to develop.  Assuring the Quality of the JD and the Challenging Working Environment that EP will be exposed to. Startups & Incubators
  22. 22. Questions or Doubts for this MarketProduct Strategy
  23. 23. Relevance of the Industry  The Education System is one of the Weakest Pillars in the MENA Countries Communities (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan & Algeria).  There is a huge gap between the Education Delivered to youth and the Current needs within different markets.  Education is the right place to invest in, develop and improve, since it’s the backbone of any Society or Community. Education
  24. 24. Some Facts  The Educational Systems (Curriculums) are in place for decades with very slight updates and development. The Current Education system adapt weakly to the evolution in Technology.  Governments and countries are focusing a lot in improving and developing the Educational system.  This market segment is very competitive, Mostly competition drives organizations to innovate and embrace new ideas that will acquire them the edge among their competitors.  International High Schools within this market segment commonly have high student capacity (800 + Students) Education
  25. 25. Some Facts  The majority of Pre-schools (Nurseries) along with International Schools have high budget, and are capable of investing in the GIP Product.  The Decision makers in this market segment are usually centered around the Principal or the General Manager of the School.  Usually the Decision maker for the pre-schools Market segment in the Owner or General Manager.  We are aiming to Focus on the following Segments within this Industry 1- International Schools. 2- Quality Pre-schools. 3- Learning Centers. 4- Universities. Education
  26. 26. Creating LEADs  Generating LEADs in the Market segment is pretty Easy and simple. Basic online Research would lead you to most of the prospects in this market segment.  Schools and pre-schools highly exposed to the Society (Family, Friends, Team mates…etc.)  Showcasing previous successes with other partners in the same market segment is critical, the market is competitive and Organizations wouldn’t like to be the last to acquire such Edge. Education
  27. 27. Sub-Products & Value Propositions Teaching - Main Value Proposition Teaching a specific demanded language within specific markets, aside with teaching the teachers new teaching methodologies and introducing modern education concepts. - Talent Needs Teaching English. Cultural Education. Education Guidance (Psychology) - Main Value Proposition Directing Teachers on the best way to educate students, Updating the Parents about the Child’s overall Behavior and guiding them, to provide the child with the best raising environment. - Talent Needs Phycology Counseling & Guidance
  28. 28. Leadership in These Experiences  The EP will not only be working on teaching students but also on teaching teachers how to teach with modernized and creative approaches.  The EP will be taking part in changing the Education system and techniques in the Country.  The EP would also guide the parents on how to provide their child the best environment. Education
  29. 29. Network Supply Teaching Tunisia Poland Brazil Ukraine Romania Mexico Colombia India Germany United states Child Education - Phycology 97 96 86 68 62 60 58 50 47 47 Education Poland Ukraine Brazil Tunisia Canada Romania Mexico Germany India Russia 79 64 62 58 51 46 39 34 34 33
  30. 30. Challenges  The Capability of the TN Taker to provide a strong Job Description that develop Leadership in the EPs.  The Market openness to integrate the idea of teachers teaching other teachers, introducing new concepts and ways of education.  Not all of the market is capable in investing, we need to be more focused to reach out specific type of Organizations in this market. Education
  31. 31. Delivery Precautions & Leadership for TN-Taker and EP  Setting Expectations with the TN Taker to assure the delivery of a JD that provides Leadership development.  Building up international Relations, aligning the supply with the Job Roles and the specific needs.  Communicating very clearly the Value Proposition of the product and the ROI on the organizations and society.  Emphasizing on our purpose behind approaching this specific market segments with these concepts.  TN Taker need to be aware that the provided talents Native Speakers, however they are excellent speakers with no accent issue. Education
  32. 32. Questions or Doubts for this MarketProduct Strategy
  33. 33. Relevance of Industry  This Market segment has been one of the most important sources of income several governments, It creates a lot of Job opportunities.  This Market has always been one of the main focuses for Governments in the Region, It has been struggling recently with different societal moves, International Media & Safety Concerns.  By Helping this market to start growing again, we would have a huge contribution to the overall countries’ development. Tourism
  34. 34. Some Facts  This Market is very huge in terms of number of companies & Capacity of operations.  It was perceived to be the most healthy markets in the region previously, since it contained different Organizational clusters (SMEs, Startups, MNCs, Big Corporates)  The Structure within this market is pretty diverse depending on the company size, Startup from 5 to 20 Employees, SMEs from 15  50 Employees, MNCs 50+ employees, Big Corporates from 50+ employees.  Usually Decision makers in this market are the General Manager, Operations Manager / HR Manager, Owner / CEO. That’s Depending on the Organizational Maturity and Size. Tourism
  35. 35. Some Facts  A lot of SMEs used to take place in competition within this market, the Market was pretty competitive, Accordingly they will be constantly searching for innovation.  Currently several Governments are investing a lot and allocating several resources for this market to get back on track.  Recently This Organizations are struggling a lot to maintain their profits / growth, hence most of them might be running on low budgets.  The Tourism Market has very clear 3 segments: 1- Inbound Tourism. 2- Outbound Tourism. 3- Hotels & Leisure Tourism
  36. 36. Creating LEADs  The companies within these markets are highly exposed to the society, since that’s one of their main channels and sources of income.  Only Basic Online Research is required to access a huge data base for these companies with phone numbers and Addresses.  Referrals from Alumni and Partners is essential like the rest of the Market-Product Strategies.  Hotels are very easily reached, even the Decision makers in this market(The Product is Very appealing to them) Tourism
  37. 37. Sub-Products & Value Marketing / Sales Propositions Information Technology - Main Value Proposition - Main Value Proposition 1. Exploring and expanding the company’s pool of clients. 2. Introducing different tourism packages that would be more appealing to the new pool of clients. Talent Needs Marketing Sales 1. Developing and Enhancing Websites for Tourism Companies. 2. Developing online platforms that improve the interaction and accessibility between the company and its pool of clients. - Talent Needs Website Development. Online Portals Tourism
  38. 38. Leadership in These Experiences  The key challenges currently there in the market would drive the EP to develop a lot of his/her leadership traits and behaviors.  The EP will be contributing to the development and improvement to one of the most important markets in the country, Hence having a direct contribution to the Society improvement.  The EP would be working in a very intense and challenging market, that is very competitive and has been struggling lately.  The EP would be introducing solutions to expand the Companies pool of clients. Tourism
  39. 39. Network Supply Marketing/Sales Brazil Poland Canada Mexico Colombia Romania Tunisia India Spain Argentina 77 67 55 50 50 45 38 38 35 29 Tourism Tourism BR Poland Romania Tunisia Colombia Ukraine Mexico Brazil Czech republic Argentina Germany Information Technology 35 21 21 20 20 19 15 12 12 10 Tunisia India Brazil Colombia Mexico Poland Egypt Morocco Romania Canada 158 87 85 82 58 57 56 50 43 32
  40. 40. Challenges  The Financial capability of the Organizations at this point of time to invest in the GIP product, unless a very clear ROIs were there for the organization.  The Market openness to receive and implement the concept of Recruiting International Talents to help in expanding the pool of Clients across the Local or international market. Tourism
  41. 41. Delivery Precautions & Leadership for TN-Taker and EP  Making sure of the JD Quality, along with the challenges that are already there in the market.  Building up international Relations, aligning the supply with the Job Roles and the specific needs.  Communicating very clearly the Value Proposition of the product and the ROI on the organizations and society. (Expanding the pool of clients and bringing back one of the top income resources)  Emphasizing on our purpose behind approaching this specific market segments with these Value Propositions.  Special Financial Packages might be required, to be able to penetrate this market. Tourism
  42. 42. Questions or Doubts for this MarketProduct Strategy
  43. 43. What purposeful GIP strategies am I recommending?  Enabling Incubators and Start ups through providing them with the Talent Needed to grow.  Education Enrichment by introducing a new mindset and different Approach of Education gained through our GIP.  Bringing back the Tourism Market (one of the biggest Economical Resources in the MENA Region) on Track.
  44. 44. My Virtual Resources Research Creating LEADs       www.Egyptbusiness       (Start ups in MENA Region)          www.UN.Org/en
  45. 45. My Other Resources Partners Businessmen & Expertise Regional MCVPs Alumni GST Team
  46. 46. Do we have to change everything??  No, don’t stop raising TNs  No, you don’t have to drop your current market – product strategy  No, we don’t have to raise with only nonprofits, schools, and hospitals
  47. 47. Make specific changes to what we’re doing now Start doing new things to build a purposeful GIP program
  48. 48. How to Change What You’re Doing Now  Choose which of these market – product strategies you want to implement in Q1  In the JDs your EPs are currently doing, add activities that develop leadership  Ensure TN-takers understand and want to co-deliver leadership experiences  Embed purpose into your sales member education, your marketing, and your sales process
  49. 49. Market – Product Process 1. Research trends in business, education, government, social issues, IGOs, NGOs, etc 2. Choose relevant needs of society and the industries that address these needs 3. Interview with industry leaders and experts, use research to understand talent needs and create hypothesis of sub-product solution for the industry 4. Test sub-product solutions and choose top market – product combinations 5. Make a targeting list of companies to sell these products to 6. Align marketing an talent capacity to be able to reach these markets, sell the right product, deliver it, and showcase it
  50. 50. Will This Solve All My Problems?  Still need to train people  Still need to market, sell, and deliver well  In Colombia sales members see the impact so clearly it’s difficult to move their focus to other sub-products  In Russia the sales members were so successful they didn’t feel as much pressure to perform anymore
  51. 51. What Will Be the Impact When We Do This?  More sales intensity because members understand the why  Better leadership experiences for EPs and members as they contribute to society’s needs  More TN raises with better customers for our purpose
  52. 52. What Do We Do in Q1? Activity Choose what market segments you want to sell in based on “If you could bring 1000 EPs to your country . . .” Message purpose of GIP to LCs in all channels Add purposeful elements to JDs of current marketproduct strategy Share CoW of GIP with TN-takers and help them plan to co-deliver leadership experiences Embed purpose of GIP in all marketing, talent capacity, and showcasing for iGIP Integrate 1 new market segment from GST research Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  53. 53. What Do We Do in Q1? Activity Create a new market – product strategy based on purposeful GIP Test new market – product strategy on national level Tier 1 Tier 2 X X Raises that create leaders Tier 3
  54. 54. Why Do This Now, and Not Next Year? What are we trying to achieve? Be the leader who confronts the fundamental problem Make an organization whose purpose and actions are aligned Create purposeful leaders
  55. 55. Thank You LETS DO iGIP With Purpose in MENA !!! Mando Cole Wirpel MCVP iGIP Egypt 13’14 AIVP Operations 13’14