December GIP Monthly Meeting


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This was the PPT used for the December GIP Monthly Meeting of AI VPs and MC VPs responsible for GIP

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  • Detractor issues are always around professional working experience ( trend for the whole of 2013)
  • Detractor issues are always around professional working experience ( trend for the whole of 2013)
  • Detractor issues are always around professional working experience ( trend for the whole of 2013)
  • RW
  • RW
  • December GIP Monthly Meeting

    1. 1. December GIP Monthly Meeting From Rotterdam and Indonesia!!
    2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • • • • • Check-In November Review How to Re-Raise like it’s Christmas oGIP Selection What’s Happening in Market – Product Strategy?? Reminders about Driving Sales Intensity Match Like Never Before Big AIESEC Online BI Strategic Meeting Questions
    3. 3. How Far Have We Come? • Since we began our terms . . . 40%, 56 million • In your role in GIP, what are you fighting for?
    4. 4. MoS Report
    5. 5. Quarter forecast
    6. 6. Month update
    7. 7. Where is iGIP Growth Coming From?
    8. 8. Where is oGIP Growth Coming From?
    9. 9. Matching Rate Program Last 90 days (completed) oGIP iGIP 31% 46% TN Matching rate 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% EP Matching Rate
    10. 10. Net Promoter Score Indicator NPS Last 90 days (completed) 40 (32) RR % Promoters Cases Open/Total Cases 42% (40%) 55% (51%) 41/136 Promoters Detractors Communication by the host LC (4%) Information about the visa process (6%) Communication by the Home LC (4%) Support by the host entity during the experience (6%) Integration into the Local Culture (4%) Accommodation (5%)
    11. 11. Net Promoter Score
    12. 12. How to Re-Raise Like It’s Christmas
    13. 13. Let’s Make It Rain TNs!! • In a new country • Arrived 3 months late because of visa • Implemented market segmentation and drove sales intensity aggressively • 200% growth in Q1 and Q2
    14. 14. New Raising and Re-Raising • What is your goal for new raising, and what is your goal for re-raising? –Entity: New Ra Goal, Re-Ra Goal
    15. 15. What Our Customers Say • NPS of 13 • 50% of promoters recommend the professional skills of the trainee, 44% the trainee’s motivation, and 41% the personal skills of the trainee • Passives and detractors most recommend we improve our communication with the company and the selection process • 74% of customers say they would probably take another trainee, but only 31% do • How can we make sure our customers get the best trainees possible with a fast and easy selection process and reliable communication with AIESEC?
    16. 16. Our Solutions New JQ to Raise the Right TN Standard selection process to make matching fast and easy Standard account management flow and acct mgmt JD
    17. 17. New JQ • New JQ: • Guideline for Using the JQ: Challenges with current JQ Solution JQ has Unclear Job Roles Introduction of Minor and Major Job Roles and Goals for the internship will help Interns prepare for the internship and result in clear expectation setting. The length of the Job Questionnaire / Profile Selection Tool The new JQ is only 4 pages long including cover page and the contract. JQ Unaligned to Sub-Products Customers see skills and backgrounds specific to different sub products JQ Unaligned to Demand and Supply Entities can customize JQ according to global supply and partnerships for specific Sub-Products JQ Limited to current HR Needs Asks about customers’ long-term HR needs / Recruitment patterns to help ReRaising in the future
    18. 18. The Solution : New Job Questionnaire 1. Use the New Job Questionnaire at all your Sales and Re-Raising Meetings 2. Customize the JQ according to Demand and Supply and SubProducts your entity works with 3. Follow the JQ guideline ( A guideline document that describes the flow of a JQ Meeting) document to know how to fill and follow-up on the same effectively.
    19. 19. Fast and Easy Matching Process Step 1: Signing contract 6 weeks matching plan Step 2: Trainee Profiling & definition of job description Step 3: Global promotion for the opportunity Step 4: Candidate Short-listing by AIESEC Step 6: Company Interview Step 7 : Match
    20. 20. STEP 1: Signing the contract & Understanding the Company Needs Behind The Scenes Together With the Company Communicate the expectations Set dates for all meetings and steps leading to match Day 1 Agree on the channel of communication Communicate the expected visa timeline based on country preferences Assess whether the company wants AIESEC to make a pre-selection of 3-5 CVs or provide many a large shortlist of 10-15 CVs
    21. 21. How to track new process ?
    22. 22. Account Management One person is responsible for every account, standardized process and timeline of servicing, clear account transition scheme. Structure adaptation to have ONE account responsible per 6 months Implementation of account management flow for account manager to meet company every quarter
    23. 23. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER FLOW For every account you must have the following meetings: Legend: Physical Meeting Virtual Interactions (Fast calls, mails) RE RAISING
    24. 24. JOB DESCRIPTION – ACCOUNT MANAGER       
    25. 25. Intern’s supervisor, HR responsible       •This is the right moment for the account transition to the new account manager    
    26. 26. Intern’s supervisor, HR responsible and New Account Manager    •This should be aligned during all the internship process that the Account manager will change after every 6 months in the quarterly reviews          
    27. 27. Want to Learn More? • Webinar and Q&A on the CLO Summit Output, including Tips for Implementation –Thursday December 12 from 16:00 – 18:00 GMT +1 –
    28. 28. Selection for oGIP
    29. 29. Let’s implement faster and match like never before!
    30. 30. EP Selection out today! Content: 1. EP Selection process ‘How can you move a student from ‘open’ to ‘raised’ in 7 days?’ 1. Selection methods & guides ‘inputs which methods to use and toolkits of selection guides’ 1. EP Selection Criteria ‘what kind of EPs do we need to select in terms of profile and expectations’ Link:
    31. 31. Student has signed up.. Day 1 (Friday)
    32. 32. Step 1. Send students in ‘open’ and ‘in progress’ stage an automatic email to invite for more information.
    33. 33. Step 1. Automatic email to invite for more info Thank you for signing up for AIESEC. Please come to our information hours, every Monday at 18:00. Location: XX. Also feel free to check out more information at our website: XX. Add video & story & booklet, process also. Or sign up for interview now: click here. Day 1
    34. 34. Day 4 (Monday) Student comes to information evening/hour/meeting the first Monday after sign up! oGIP member gives information and can recommend or not recommend to take a GIP with AIESEC based on first conversation.
    35. 35. Person tells AIESEC that he wants to apply, EP manager put student on ‘in review’ Day 5
    36. 36. Day 5 Step 2. Automatic email to invite for interview Thank you for applying for an internship with AIESEC. Please schedule an interview via this link: XX. Do you want more information? Come to our info meeting XX. In case of further questions or changes you can email to XX or call XX.
    37. 37. Interview sign-up Use ‘book me’ website Plan in selection days Manage bookings by selection responsible Include phone number for in case of changes/ questions
    38. 38. Day 5 Students schedules an interview. Is selected on that day. And is raised in the system!
    39. 39. Let’s implement faster and match like never before!
    40. 40. Market – Product Strategy for 2014
    41. 41. What purposeful gip strategies are we recommending? • IGN: Teaching TNs focused in approaching youth with different workshops related to: Social Enterprises, Global Vision, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. • Africa: Marketing interns for SMEs to help them integrate the Chinese business culture within their businesses • MENA: Enabling Incubators and Start ups through providing them with IT and Marketing Talent • AP: Providing marketing EPs to increase outbound and inbound tourism across industries and eliminate the boarders between AP and the world
    42. 42. Your homework: not optional! • IGN: • Full PPT of market research here: • Webinar Wednesday, December 11 at 19:00 GMT +1 here: • AP: • Full PPT of market research here: • Webinar Wednesday, December 11 at 10:00 GMT +1 here: • MENA: • Full PPT of market research here: • Webinar Friday, December 13 at 13:30 GMT +1 here: • Africa: • Full PPT of market research here: • Webinar Wednesday, December 11 at 15:00 GMT +1 here: • CEE: Details coming soon!
    43. 43. Driving Sales Intensity
    44. 44. Easy Things You Can Do • Share sales wins from AI—most entities don’t open them, and only a few send them to LCs • Make Sales Wins in your entity for every contract in your entity and send them to all sales people • Monthly sales blitzes • Sales Playoffs • Campaign to Start Fast in 2014 • Monthly Meetings with all of your VPs or your sales people to drive strategy and recognize people
    45. 45. Match Like Never Before
    46. 46. Topics • Matching behavior, process and expectation setting • Matching tools:, DAAL, AFT • Tracking methods for EP and TN management, EP selection preparation • S&D + GIP partnerships for LCs
    47. 47. How did this go? • • • • Sign up: 420 Webinars: 170 people, 60 people, 40 people, 30 people Recordings available: unknown how many listeners Feedback: very positive feedback, 30-40 LCs very active • Goal: matching rate increase, matching time decrease Too early to measure a difference
    48. 48. What do you do? • Share output recording ands PPTs with your LCs and encourage them to listen to them • Use the materials for education in physical or virtual touch points • Education for LC VPs and members (even new members)
    49. 49. Do you have feedback? Email to
    50. 50. BIG AIESEC Online
    51. 51. BIG AIESEC Online • We are working hard to support you guys in implementing the OP/ORS in your entities! • Rachel (AI VP Digital Marketing) is delivering webinars for you guys to educate you how to make sure you can implement it, know how to use it and why! • Google drive: XM • You will find all the information you need, including webinar recordings and PPTs! • You can also go to the BIG AIESEC Online Wiki: Lets implement OP/ORS and attract & convert more people than ever before! • Questions? Email or
    52. 52. BI Strategic Meeting Output
    53. 53. BI Strategic Meeting will be out this week!
    54. 54. Objectives • Co-creation of Business Intelligence guide and education materials embedding BI into GCDP, GIP, TMP/TLP and Marketing • Feedback and ideation for the evolution of current systems/proposed systems to enable stronger BI for better decision making and planning in the future
    55. 55. What can you get out of this? • Super simple and insightful content how to use data for raise match release in oGIP and iGIP • Data from, NPS & • This will help you to plan, to set goals, to track and more!