DNC List Scrubbing Success


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You've invested in a great product, now make it work for you. This refresher webinar is designed to offer you tips and tricks on how to be DNC compliant and it starts with getting a SAN. We'll show you step-by-step how to get it.

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  • What is a SAN Number?
    SAN= stands for subscription account number
    A 16-digit number the FTC requires when a person or business is involved in telemarketing or solicitation
    Each SAN number can have up to five area codes for free.
    You must renew your SAN on a yearly basis
  • TO create a profile, you must be the organization’s authorized representative for the national do not call registry.
  • Cole information makes it easy for you to register and renew your SAN number.
    Simply go to either your Cole Information product and login. And then access your account & from there, you can get to the National Do Not Call Registry to either create a profile or renew or subscription.
    At this time, I’m going to ask Victor Olguin, our customer support specialist to take over & show you step by step how to get your Subscription Account Number. Victor?
  • Go to the National Do Not Call Registry and either register as a new user or manage/renew your subscription
  • For more information, you can contact Victor Olguin, the National Do Not Call Registry or Cole Information.
    This webinar will be available on colecommunity.com if you need to refer to it.
  • DNC List Scrubbing Success

    1. 1. Telemarketing Success SAN Step-by-Step Guide 1
    2. 2. SAN Registration In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enacted the Do Not Call (DNC) registry to combat telemarketing fraud and aggressive tactics and give consumers added privacy protections and defenses To date, more than 217 million people have added their telephone number to the list. You are exempt if you are a: •Charitable organization. •Telephone surveyor who refrains from "selling" goods or services. •Political organization. •Company that have an established customer relationship with call recipient. As a company/business, if you are involved with telemarketing, there are certain guidelines you need to follow in order to be in compliance with the DNC registry. These guidelines include: •Regularly update lists (scrub their lists every 31 days). •Disclose company name and reason for call. •Call consumers during the day (8 a.m.- 8 p.m.). •Have caller identification information. •Register for a Subscription Account Number (SAN). As a provider of consumer telemarketing lists and related services, Cole Information requires a customer using the National DO Not Call Registry to have a Subscription Account Number (SAN). You need a 16-digit number in order to get OK numbers to call. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register for a SAN: •https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov •https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov •Click Register New Users. •Click Register New Users.
    3. 3. Cole Information 17041 Lakeside Hills Plaza, Suite 2 Omaha 55-5555555 68130 NE Fill This Section Out Completely 555-5555 402 402 514-4367 Be sure to choose “seller “ as your Organization function
    4. 4. Jack 402 Cole 402 •Scroll down and fill out the applicable Organizational Information 514-4267 YourSuccess@coleinformation.com YourSuccess@coleinformation.com YourSuccess@coleinformation.com YourSuccess@coleinformation.com Verify all of the information is correct to Create a Profile. Then Certify the information you provide is correct.
    5. 5. •Your registration is now complete. •Print this page for your records. •Check your email for a confirmation with a link to continue your SAN process.
    6. 6. •Click on the email link to •Click on the email link to continue your SAN continue your SAN process. process.
    7. 7. •Select area codes by area code number. •Log in by keying in (you cannot copy •Log in by keying in (you cannot copy and paste) the organization ID and and paste) the organization ID and password your received into the password your received into the applicable areas. applicable areas. •Agree to the terms and click the •Agree to the terms and click the Certify button. Certify button. 7
    8. 8. •Click on Create New •Click on Create New Subscription to add area codes Subscription to add area codes to your subscription. to your subscription. 8
    9. 9. •Choose your area •Choose your area codes. codes. •The first 5 are •The first 5 are free. free. •More than 5 costs •More than 5 costs $59 for each area $59 for each area code. code. •Confirm your area codes •Confirm your area codes then hit Continue. Note: then hit Continue. Note: area codes can only be area codes can only be added to your subscription, added to your subscription, not removed. not removed.
    10. 10. •Your SAN is •Your SAN is pending. pending. •Wait one business •Wait one business day then log in to day then log in to check your status. check your status. 10
    11. 11. •Upon one business day, •Upon one business day, log in as a Current User to log in as a Current User to Check Status. Check Status.
    12. 12. 12
    13. 13. Calling OK Numbers •After receiving your SAN, log •After receiving your SAN, log into your Cole product. into your Cole product. •Click on the My Account •Click on the My Account button at the upper left hand button at the upper left hand corner of the screen to corner of the screen to update your SAN information. update your SAN information. 13
    14. 14. •Update the National Do•Update the National DoNot Call information. Not Call information. •Add in your SAN number •Add in your SAN number including: including: •The Org. ID •The Org. ID •Expiration date •Expiration date •SAN type •SAN type •Area codes •Area codes •Save and close. •Save and close. •Hit search and create a •Hit search and create a telemarketing list. telemarketing list. 14
    15. 15. We’re here to Help! •Customer care advisors •800-283-2855 •Monday-Friday CST •National Do Not Call Registry •https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/ •Cole Information •www.coleinformation.com •www.colecommunity.com
    16. 16. 16