How to get genuine software with low cost


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you will know how to use your software free or with small fee after you read it. save your money when use your computer.

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  • If anyone wants to buy gunuine and low cost Microsoft softwares,please visit I bought Windows 7 Professional following by this link for only $15...

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How to get genuine software with low cost

  1. 1. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.How to get genuine software with low cost Catalog1. We are using Microsofts Genuine software? ......................... 22. The dangers of using pirated software.................................... 33. What is Technet and MSDN ..................................................... 54. How to get the software key? ................................................... 75. How to download the software from link like ed2k://|file|... ... 96. Where can i find genuine softwares product key, if I do nothave IT friends? ................................................................................... 12
  2. 2. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.1. We are using Microsofts Genuine software?Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft, most of theworld are using Microsoft Windows systems, recent Windows 8 pre-sale version justreleased, has set off a discussion for Windows. Mobile browser, IOS and Android becomepopular in front of our eyes, is the Windows out of the game? The latest data show that,no.The amount of the annoying Vista system‟s active Internet users is the sum of the Mac OSand Linux.Win7 and XP is still the most popular products. And Microsoft office series is avery popular product.Are you also using their products?How much money did you spend on Microsoft windows and office? Basically a lot ofpeople have 2 or more than 2 computers, then how many sets of Microsoft softwareproducts have you buy? How many months of wages and the budget to go on vacationhave you spent on them?
  3. 3. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.Look at Microsofts official website quotation., let us illustrate these dates, I have a desktop computer, a laptop, a smart phone, mywife also have a laptop, a smart phone, my mom and dad also have a desktop computer ,my two children also have two laptops.If they should be able to turn on the computer, type and write articles, go on the Internet,how much I need to pay?My God, it is an astronomical figure. I just need them for my home but not use them tooperate and profit. I need to spend so much money on the invisible things. Terrible.2. The dangers of using pirated software View of the astronomical budget, so I want to use the way collected from the Internetto download a pirated system and software. But that is one more unpleasant experience.I start to look for them, the first thing is too many ads in front of my eyes and too manyfalse sites placed with false Download address, tried again and again, and finally I find anobscure website, the software‟s download address, at meanwhile registration codepublished. But unfortunately, when I downloaded the software and burn into a CD-ROMinstalled the system, it was found that the registration code is invalid. Extremelydepressed.But I do not give up, re-find crack patch online. Oh, more depressed, the crack patch witha Trojan horse, change my system files, I lost valuable information.Do I have to accept the reality of what astronomical budget. ! !(Sad face)
  4. 4. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.This is a reports on pirate software:Consumers should be concerned about their own data security50% of consumers are concerned about the data loss or identity theft issues caused bythe pirated software.17th of Nov - Microsoft Corp. today released a survey report on consumer attitude againstsoftware piracy. Survey showed that nearly 70 percent of consumers around the worldthat the use of pirated software is not as safe as who use legitimate software, most ofconsumers are worried about data loss and identity theft, and they also expressed astrong support for government and industry anti-piracy activities. The survey visited 38,000 consumers in 20 countries on cognitive problems of software piracy,. David Finn, associate general counsel of Microsofts global anti-piracy, said:"Consumers around the world have expressed that the pirated software, did vary degreesof negative impact to them, they want to know the real situation and how to protectthemselves. In addition, consumers also expect industry and government can comeforward and take measures to combat piracy, Microsoft is committed to make every effortto help them. "According to data released today, 80 percent of consumers are very concerned about therisks of counterfeit software, 70% of respondents believed that genuine software is moresecure, more stable and easier to update. However, the markets existing simulationproducts screening genuine or pirated software, consumer facing enormouschallenges. 73% of respondents said that if given the choice, they will buy legitimatesoftware, but more than two-thirds of respondents considered them difficult to distinguishpirated products.The IDC survey shows that 25% of sites offering pirated software tried to install unwantedmalicious code when users download,. And this rate continues to rise. The MediaSurveillance, anti-piracy solutions provider, recently analyzed more than 500 piratedWindows 7, found that 32% contain malicious code.Since 2005, more than 300 000 consumers take the initiative to visit the Web site "How to
  5. 5. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.determine the authenticity", and provides a variety of detailed dangers of the use ofpirated software by the virus and malware, and even the computer itself simply can notrun.This is a very frustrating information. I think I would never go to download and use thosehorrible pirated software. But I feel helpless to face the price of the budget .One of my IT friends‟ suggestion reminded me this time. "You can try to look at MicrosoftsTechnet and MSDN software products?"What?What is the Technet?What is the MSDN?I love to research, so I want to understand what are they.3. What is Technet and MSDNMicrosoft TechNet is a Microsoft program and resource for technical information, news,and events for IT professionals. Along with a website, they also produce a monthlysubscription magazine titled "TechNet Magazine".TechNet was originally available only to customers with paid subscriptions; however, ithas been expanded to include public information, webcasts, local events, and freenewsletters.TechNets primary web presence at is a collection of sites for the ITprofessional community that provide information, documentation, and discussion which isauthored both by Microsoft and by the community at large. Recent emphasis on andincorporation of applications such as forums, blogs, library annotations, and socialbookmarking is changing the nature of the TechNet site from a one-way informationservice to an open dialog between Microsoft and the IT professional community.The mainwebsite, and most of its constituent applications below are available in 12 or morelanguages.
  6. 6. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.MSDN Library is a library of official technical documentation content intended fordevelopers developing for Microsoft Windows. MSDN stands for the Microsoft DeveloperNetwork. The MSDN Library documents the APIs that ship with Microsoft products andalso includes sample code, technical articles, and other programming information. It isavailable free on the web and on CDs and DVDs for paid MSDN subscribers. Initially, thedisc version was only available as part of an MSDN subscription and was released on aquarterly basis (January, April, July and October). However, in recent times (2006 andlater), it can be freely downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center in the form of ISOimages and the CD/DVD releases are no longer published quarterly. Instead, its releaseschedule is now aligned with major software releases (major Visual Studio release, majorWindows release or service packs),(up to Visual Studio 2008).Since May 2006, Microsoft has also started producing a community CD version of theMSDN Library freely available for download as ISO images on its Download Center whichcontains only updated content. The community distribution of the MSDN Library is aimedat developers in countries where broadband internet connections are not readily available.
  7. 7. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.Visual Studio Express editions integrate only with the MSDN Express Library which is asubset of the full MSDN Library, although either MSDN edition can be freely downloadedand installed standalone.In Visual Studio 2010 MSDN Library is replaced with the new Help System which isinstalled as a part of the Visual Studio 2010 installation. Help Library Manager applicationis used to install Help Content books covering selected topics.I found that Microsofts these two parts include all licensed software and the softwareserial number, and containing a variety of languages.Wow! that is great! For us, this is an exciting news.So, I asked help from my friend, and asked if he can help me get the software and theserial number, but my friend gave me one windows 7 ultimate retail key and download link,I spent for a long time to test and install, finally it works. My friend told me that this key canbe used permanently, and such a system is a genuine system, you can download andinstall Microsofts server. Thats good, excellent.4. How to get the software key?My friend helped me install the genuine software on a pc computer. However, in additionto my laptop, my wifes computer, my fathers computer, in addition to the windows 7, Ialso need Office. , There are a lot of software, I have to install. My friend doesn‟t have somany product key for me.
  8. 8. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.How do I get genuine software from Microsoft.I looked for them on internet, then I found such a site, is derived from the MSDN, whichhas all the software from the MSDN and in all languages. This is a very good site. regret is that here only download link, but no product key. and when I click „Copyselected‟, which show me the website like below:ed2k :/ / | file | en_windows_7_enterprise_x86_dvd_X15-70745.iso | 2400401408 |4117C4CB9648A9ED79CC6CFB47A10696 | /Such address can not be typed directly into the IE address bar, it‟s no use.But later, I find another article:How to download the software and from the link like the ed2k :/ / | file | ...
  9. 9. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.5. How to download the software from link like ed2k://|file|...We recommend that you can download them by our tools “Thunder_eng“, very easy touse. Please click here to download it first.Extract the “Thunder_eng.rar”, and double click the thunder.exe.Open the thunder, check the picture as below:
  10. 10. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation can change the language to “English”.Click the “file”, then click “new”, like the picture as below:
  11. 11. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.Do it as the picture:Click ok, then the file are downloading. Check the picture as below:
  12. 12. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.Wait and you will get the software soon.6. Where can i find genuine softwares product key, if I do not have IT friends?I downloaded the software through the search engine Google, I found a website that canfind a genuine software product key:http://www.cheapkeysale.comWhere Microsoft software prices are very cheap, in my opinion, support paypal and visacard to pay, but when I tried Visa card the order didn‟t go through, then I tried my paypalamount to pay, it succeeded, I‟m not sure what‟s wrong with my Visa card, but paypalworks. The windows 7 ultimate product key price of $ 16.00, the office 2010 professionalplus price of $ 9.00, and only the text key, the shop sent products via e-mail to mymailbox. Stores said key can only use at home, can not be traded. Because Microsoftprohibited the product key for IT professionals and developers use into the market. Theytold me that one key can only be used for a computer, and permanent use, can also bedownloaded from the Microsoft server upgrade.
  13. 13. Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.So I spent the amount less than the price for one Windows 7 software to solve theproblems of my familys genuine software installation. Functionally identical with theproducts regular purchased. This is a perfect solution.In addition, I also see a lot of very low-cost anti-virus software, I do not know the shopwhere it came from, but the price is very cheap, I purchased BitDefender the internetsecurity and Panda the internet security, both of them can be used and updated.I think this is very cool, hope which will help you.Are copyrighted by the author, prohibited content changes, the free circulation of.Postscript:The articles address comes from: