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Olive Fruit Fly Detection and Monitoring Solution
Olive fruit fly poses a severe economic threat to olive growers throughout the world (Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, California). According to University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources IPM Online (http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn74112.html) the larvae of the olive fruit fly feed inside the fruit, destroying the pulp and allowing the entry of secondary bacteria and fungi that rot the fruit and degrade the quality of the oil.
Feeding damage can cause premature fruit drop and reduce fruit quality for both table olive and olive oil production. Large numbers of rotting fruit on the ground can create an unwelcome mess, especially in landscaped situations.
Olive fruit fly threat has a high social-economic impact i.e. according to European Union report http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/publications/lifepublications/lifefocus/documents/oliveoil.pdf in Europe the olives area of production is around 4,8 Million (ha) and the sector only in Spain creates 7500 full-time jobs.
Currently olive fruit detection and monitoring is done with the use of McPhail-type traps or yellow sticky tapes with pheromone either chemical or biological (ECO TRAP) attractive to male flies.
According to EU guidelines 2-3 monitoring traps should be present on 10,000 square metres and monitoring of the traps should be done every 2 days. Currently there is no monitoring system capable to distribute the monitoring data in real time to allow quick identification of an olive fruit fly population.
Our hack idea is to utilize modern technologies Machine to Machine, Resin.io, Raspberry Pi, Collective Intelligence, Image Processing, Social Networking and Cloud computing with the goal to improve olive fruit fly detection and monitoring system.
See More here : http://goo.gl/UWjPPu

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Olive fruit fly

  1. 1. Athens Location Sponsored by coLab Raspberry-Pi & Camera Sponsored by resin.io Olive Fruit Fly Detection and Monitoring Solution
  2. 2. High Level Architecture Friday 7/2/2014 19:00 CET B B1 Agronomists A OpenData Data Hackers Local Farmer B3 Other Farmers Biological Olive Fly Protection Spread via Drone B2
  3. 3. Thomas Porter Robin Venneman Sotiris Salloumis Staacy Cannon Daryl Lukas Global Online Team Thanks to Staacy Cannon for her support from Geeklist without her this team would not exist Thanks to Resin.io team at Athens Offices for their support Thanks to CoLab Workspace and Spiros Kapetanakis for hosting the event in Athens Thanks to family and friends supporting during this 48hous hackathon
  4. 4. Raspberry Pi WiFi Camera Solar Powered : http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/desktops/how-tomake-a-raspberry-pi-solar-powered-ftp-server-50009923/ Type B (Collector)
  5. 5. Collector
  6. 6. High-Res Image Longitude – Latitude Timestamp Farm Id Camera Id .. API Nitrous.io Frontend Farmer Agronomist
  7. 7. Summary Collector Frontend • Collector • Frontend • Hardware • Raspberry Pi + Camera module • McPhail Traps • Customizing to attach Raspberry Pi + Camera • Software • Raspberry Bash Script  resin.io • Backend • API for collector gathering • API for frontend • One Page App • Register • Sign-in • Angular-Js Google Maps status • Android • Farmer Apps • Architecture • Web 2.0 – API powered
  8. 8. Full of Geek Technologies Frontend Collector • Node.js / Express • Mongo-DB / mongoose • Angular.js • Handlebars • Coffeescript • Bower / npm • Nitrous.io • Raspberry-Pi + Camer • resin.io • Docker • Android
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