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Search Engine


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Search Engine

Search Engine

Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Kuliah Pengantar Teknologi Informasi Oleh Coky Fauzi Alfi cokyfauzialfi.wordpress.comSearch Engine
  • 2. Topics• Why Search the Web?• Alternative Methods for Finding Information• How Web Search Engine Work• What Search Engines Search• Major Search Engines• Searching with Google• Google Tricks
  • 3. Why Search the Web?A simple answer is that the Web is toolarge and unorganized to find muchuseful information.
  • 4. Alternative Methods for Finding Information• Typing in the web address of a known page (URL)• Search engines• Directories (or web catalogues)• Browsing
  • 5. Web ‘addresses’ or URLsThe most efficient method of findinginformation on the internet is throughtyping the web address or URL directlyinto the web browser.
  • 6. How do We Know the URL?• A word of mouth recommendation• From advertisement or company promotional literature• Simply making a good guess
  • 7. How Web Search Engine WorkSearch engines use special automatic toolsknown as spiders, crawler or robots toindex web pages of registered sites.
  • 8. What Search Engines Search• Content• Tags – Keyword – Description – Title – Heading – Links
  • 9. What Search Engines Ignore• Frames• Scripts• Java Applets and Plug-Ins• Server-Generated Pages• Forms• Images• Deeply Linked Pages• Reorganization and Broken Links
  • 10. Major Search Engines• Google –• Yahoo –• Microsoft Bing –• AltaVista –• Alltheweb –
  • 11. Alternative Search Engines• Vivísimo –• Dogpile –• or• SurfWax –• Ixquick –
  • 12. Mobile Search Engines•••
  • 13. Searching with GoogleThink “full text”war of 1812 economic causes
  • 14. Searching with GoogleSpecify exact phrases“tom bates”
  • 15. Searching with GoogleExclude a wordproliferation –nuclear
  • 16. Searching with GoogleInclude a wordobama +hussein
  • 17. Searching with GoogleWeb page titleintitle:hybrid
  • 18. Searching with GoogleWebsite or
  • 19. Searching with GoogleFile typefiletype:ppt site:edu “global warming”
  • 20. Google Tricks1. Definitions define:wireless LAN
  • 21. Google Tricks2. Calculator 26785*5764+45332-9674
  • 22. Google Tricks3. Street Maps 9 Princeton St Boston MA 02128
  • 23. Google Tricks4. Weather weather palembang
  • 24. Interpreting the Results
  • 25. When Not to Use Google• Google doesnt cluster results• Google isn’t good enough to find a persons email address• Google isnt the best place to find what an abbreviation stands for• Some topic-specific directories are simply more fine-tuned than Googles regular full-text search• When working on an in-depth research project (like a college thesis), Google doesnt help you catalog multiple search results, or let you take notes on interesting sites.
  • 26. Web Catalogues or DirectoriesMassive online catalogs that areedited, sorted, and organized byhumans
  • 27. Major Web Directories•••
  • 28. Practical Tips for Managing Information1. Using bookmarks2. Printing information3. Saving text for subsequent reading or printing4. Saving an image or diagram
  • 29. © 2011cokyfauzialfi.wordpress.comWhat’s Your Message?