Computer Network

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Computer Network

Computer Network

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  • 1. Kuliah 8Computer NetworkPokok bahasan: Coky Fauzi Alfi e-mail : coky.fauzi.alfi@gmail.com1. Definisi dan konsep dasar Local Area Network (LAN) dan Wide weblog : Area Network (WAN) mobile : 0812.192.67.9852. Fungsi dan cara kerjanya3. Networking hardware
  • 2. What Is a Network? 
  • 3. What Is a Network? Network is a combination of hardware, software, and cabling, which together allow multiple computing devices to communicate with each other. 
  • 4. Networks can be classified as local area networks (LANs)and wide area networks (WANs).The main distinction between these classifications of networksis the radius of the network.A local area network is a network where the computers are physically closetogether. Computers in a wide area network are often distributed beyondmetropolitan areas. 
  • 5. All About Sharing Files send or copy a file to another computer Resources set up certain computer resources such as a hard drive or a printer Programs access the program from the shared hard drive 
  • 6. Server and Clients Server The computer that contains the hard drives, printers, and other resources that are shared with other network computers. Any computer that’s not a server is called a client. 
  • 7. Dedicated Servers and Peers Dedicated Server Peer-to-peer Network 
  • 8. Tools Network Interface Cards (NIC) Network cable Network hub or switch Network software 
  • 9. Network Interface Cards (NIC) 
  • 10. Network Interface Cards (NIC) 10
  • 11. Network Cables 11
  • 12. Network Hub and Switch 1
  • 13. Network Softwares Microsoft’s Server Operating Systems Windows NT 4 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003 Novell NetWare NetWare versions, NetWare 6 features, NetWare 6.5 Linux Apple Mac OS X Server 1
  • 14. Wireless Network 1
  • 15. Network ID IP stands for Internet Protocol, and its primary purpose is to enable communications between networks. An IP address is a number that uniquely identifies every host on an IP network. 1
  • 16. Applications 1
  • 17. Applications 1
  • 18. Terima 1