SEO Copywriting: Submitting SEO Press Releases
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SEO Copywriting: Submitting SEO Press Releases



How and Where to Submit Online Press Releases for Maximum Search Engine Optimization Benefit

How and Where to Submit Online Press Releases for Maximum Search Engine Optimization Benefit



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SEO Copywriting: Submitting SEO Press Releases SEO Copywriting: Submitting SEO Press Releases Presentation Transcript

  • Where and How to Submit SEO Press Releases
  • In this slideshow, I’m going to show you the techniques I used that caused this press release to rank in 5 out of the top 10 spots in Google for my target keyword. Note! This type of result is not typical - but it can happen!
  • In this slideshow, I’ll cover: •! Where I submit press releases •! Tips for getting the most use out of each press release distribution point •! Benefits of submitting press releases •! Expectations of press release publishing •! How online press release publishing works
  • Purpose of an Optimized Press Release •! To announce new products, programs, and events happening within your company. •! To gain added visibility on search engines for your keywords. •! To create quality keyword anchor backlinks for your website. •! To trigger email alerts to those who have Google Alerts set up for particular keywords. •! To appear in Google and Yahoo News for your keywords.
  • Notice the Emphasis on Keywords? An optimized press release should include keywords in its title, summary, and in the body of the release. Whenever possible, you want to embed links to your site in your keywords. This is called “anchor text.”
  • Expectations of an Optimized Press Release •! The act of submitting a press release alone will not necessarily drive tons of traffic to your site. •! A press release is designed to make an announcement. If media sites or popular blogs pick up on the news, you may see an increase in traffic. •! Even if media sites and bloggers do not report on your PR, you will still enjoy the benefits inherent of Google News visibility, possible visibility in the natural search engine results, and building targeted links back to your website.
  • Things You’ll Need Before You Begin… (For a FREE copy of my e -book “How to Write SEO An optimized press release Press Releases,” visit In Word Doc format. /2008/02/11/press-release/)
  • Things You’ll Need Before You Begin… A small and large version of an image to be included with your release. A place to host images online. Image 1 - no bigger than 1000x1000px Image 2 - no bigger than 250x250px
  • Things You’ll Need Before You Begin… An HTML editor to turn your Word Doc into HTML. A list of places where you I use the online editor: will be submitting your press release.
  • Step One… Using your HTML editor, turn your entire press release (excluding the title) into an HTML document. Make sure your HTML is clean! Make sure to include anchor text!
  • Resource One: Cost=Free or $6 with an SEO Upgrade First we’re going to submit to all of the sites that offer anchor text. The first site on the list is:
  • Submitting to Online PR News… 1. Enter your title. 2. Enter your summary 3. Paste in the body of your press release (though no HTML can be used, any links will be live AND you’ll have a chance to add anchor text and images in the following steps)
  • Submitting to Online PR News… 4. Upload an image from your computer (this will appear in the press release) 5. Add an image summary 6. Enter keywords that will become anchor text and the link associated with the keyword (these become anchor text with the $6 upgrade) 7. Enter your contact info
  • Submitting to Online PR News… Once submitted, any text in quotes will rotate in a large “pull quote” and your site will be visible in an iFrame below the press release. The $6 SEO upgrade activates all 3 anchor text links and removes ads from the press release.
  • Resource Two: Cost=Free The next site on our list is:
  • Submitting to dBusiness News… dBusiness News uses a WYSIWG Editor where you can add your PR with HTML 1. Add your title. 2. Paste your formatted PR 3. Leave the picture box blank. 4. Select your region. 5. Select your industry.
  • Resource Three: Cost=Free
  • Submitting to SeeNation… 1. Go to your HTML visual editor. 2. “Select All” and copy. 3. Paste the copied content into the “News Description” box. 4. Select your category. 5. Add your title.
  • Resource Four: Cost=Free Choose the option to upload “One at a time.” Select “News and Articles” from the dropdown and click “Next.”
  • Submitting to Google Base… 1. Add your title. 2. Add your company name in the “Author” box. 3. Copy and paste the content from your visual HTML editor into the description box. 4. Hover over the image and click “remove.”
  • Submitting to Google Base… 5. Upload your large image and click “attach.” 6. Give the picture a descriptive, optimized caption. 7. Preview and Publish.
  • Resource Five: Cost=Free
  • Submitting to… 1. Choose “Latest News.” 2. Add your name, email, and title. 3. Paste your summary into the intro text box. 4. Copy and paste from your HTML editor into the Main Text area. 5. Click “save” (the disk icon.)
  • The remaining press releases will be submitted by copying and pasting the content directly from your Word document into the press release submission form. Remember! Always include http:// before any hyperlinks.
  • Resource Six: Cost=Free
  • Submitting to OpenPR… 1. Enter your name and email in the yellow boxes. 2. Enter company name in pink box. 3. Copy the title from your Word doc into the title field. 4. **Delete any apostrophes or quote marks in the **If you copy quotes and apostrophes title and re-enter straight from Word, they will be converted them in the field.** to ?’s once published!
  • Submitting to OpenPR… 5. In the text area, enter only the body of the press release copied from the Word doc. Do not include the summary, the “about the company” part, or the contact information. Always include http:// with any hyperlinks!
  • Submitting to OpenPR… 6. Enter company contact info. 7. Enter “about” information. 8. Choose your category. 9. Select your large image. 10. Copy your summary into the “caption” box. Delete and replace any quotes or apostrophes.
  • Resource Seven: Cost=$2.99
  • Submitting to FPRC… 1. Add your title into the title field. 2. **Delete any apostrophes or quote marks in the title and re-enter them in the field.** 3. Add your summary. 4. Enter the body of your PR without the contact info. Delete any hyperlinks in the body text! (I’ll explain how you’ll insert your links in the next slide…)
  • Submitting to FPRC… In the next step, you will define your 5. Enter your first keyword phrases. The keywords you keyword phrase. enter here will become anchor text 6. Enter the URL once published. Keyword phrases where your first must be 3 terms or less and cannot contain apostrophes or periods. keyword phrase will link. 7. Enter your second and third keyword phrase (You will define the URL where these will link in a later step.) 8. Enter remaining contact info.
  • Submitting to FPRC… 9. After clicking “Add for Free” you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase an upgrade for $2.99. Do this! This will allow you to have three keywords instead of one. It will also give your press release visibility in more places.
  • Submitting to FPRC… On the next page, you’ll be able to choose 5 more industry categories in which your press release will appear. Enter the URLs that your 2nd and 3rd keyword phrases will link to. The terms you chose are listed on the right.
  • Resource Eight: Cost=Free
  • Submitting to i-newswire… This is the easiest place to submit a press release! Enter the information as asked - and you’re done!
  • Resource Nine: Cost=Free
  • Submitting to PR Log… Enter all required information. Though the address information is optional, be sure to enter it!
  • Submitting to PR Log… 2. Scroll down below the release preview and click add image. 3. Choose your smaller image and add a short title that will be displayed below the image. 4. Scroll down, enter the captcha image and submit.
  • Resource Ten: Cost = Free
  • Submitting to PRZoom… 1. Enter all required information. 2. Remove all hyperlinks from the body copy!
  • Submitting to PRZoom… 3. Enter your target keywords in the “enter link name” field. The terms you enter here will become anchor text.
  • How FREE Online Press Release Distribution Works Many free press release distributors will publish your press release only on their directory. This does not give you much exposure, but it does create an optimized page on the web with keywords linking back to your site that can rank in the search engines. Some free press release submission sites will also submit your release to Google News.
  • How PAID Online Press Release Distribution Works If you’re going to pay to distribute a press release, the company should have a system of pushing your news out to numerous news sites and/or journalists. I’ve found PR Web to be the most effective paid distribution site. PR Web will publish your headline on hundreds of thousands of sites via RSS news feeds.
  • Many times I use only free or very low cost submission sites. For news of particular interest, I will also use PRWeb. In fact, in the example where I ranked in 1/2 of the top spots in Google, I only used free press release submission sites.
  • Resource Eleven: PR Web Cost = $80, $120, $200 or $360
  • Submitting to PR Web At the $200 upgrade level 1. Enter the body of your release. 2. Highlight your keyword. 3. Click Enter your URL at the first prompt. “Linkwriter” to add anchor text. Enter your keyword at the second prompt.
  • Submitting to PR Web 4. Enter terms people may use to find your release in Technorati. 5. Select 10 industries related to your release. 6. Select 5 cities (for RSS news feeds that display news filtered only for a specific city.)
  • Submitting to PR Web 7. Click “skip” until you reach “file attachments and click “apply feature now.” 8. Click “Upload File” and select up to 3 images, PDFs, slideshows, or other files to attach to the release.
  • Submitting to PR Web 9. Drag your main image from the right column into the image slot in the press release body.
  • Submitting to PR Web 10. Drag additional images and files from the right column to the left column. 11. Enter a keyword optimized title and description for your image.
  • Finding Niche Press Release Distributors The press release distribution sources I showed you are for submitting general news. Your specific industry may have additional niche sites where you can submit your press release.
  • Finding Niche Press Release Distributors Do a search for your keyword in Google News and look for the different publishers submitting releases.
  • Other Ways to Use Your Press Release •! Create a “press center” on your site and publish your releases. •! Send press releases to your industry specific magazines, trade publications, and local newspapers. •! Send press releases to customers and potential customers.
  • Happy Press Release Writing! To your success, Christine O’Kelly