Social Media: The New Age


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Social Media: The New Age. This presentation is introducing Social Media to Northwestern Technologies and is being presented by Connie Kelly. It describes the importance of FaceBook, Twitter and other call to action social media for their website.

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  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen.I am Connie Kelly from CJAK Media Marketing, Inc. I am excited to be here to show you the effectiveness and benefits of Social Media. I would like to tell you a little bit about our company. We have been in the marketing industry for over 20 years. We have worked with “A Big Named Technical Company” and have seen their sales rise 75% within one year of them joining our team and using the Social Media, such as and There are many opportunities in the Social Media that will grow Northwestern Technologies in recognition and economics.
  • For today I will like to talk about whatexactly is social media and who they are.How social media will be financially beneficial for NW Technologies?How effective social media can be for Northwestern?
  • Let us examine the picture for the cycle of Social Media. Social Tool- you see the social tools such as “Facebook” or “Twitter” will give your clients or viewers the ability to converse with your company.Measure & Monitor- it will allow you to calculate the influx of your visitors, this shows the expanding of your branding.Listen & Interact- You can get to know what your customers needs are and implement them into your product, and this will bring understanding and trust in your company. (Turner)
  • Reputation- you can keep your branding safe by monitoring and controlling the truth about your business.Branding- you will be able to get your name to the public not only locally but globally.Customer Loyalty- you will have faithful followers because you will be conversing with your customers and this will enable you to customize your site or product to their satisfaction through customer feedback.Lead Generation- since social media is becoming the new age of communication and it can be a global reach out. Just think if an American is satisfied with your business and he/she has an associate on their social network in other countries they most likely will share their good fortune. It will be a domino effect, one lead after another.Education Assists-will allow NW to stay ahead with new innovative ways to improve on your educational products.Competitive Analyses- Will allow you to hear the buzz of other companies just by observing their social media.(Honigman)
  • When a viewer visits your website they will see Facebook or Twitter social media icons and that will allow them to follow your company or product with just one click. And they can socialize with others concerning the particular software they are interested in. Creating a survey will allow the client to interact with NW about the software. To have customer reviews give prospective clients the opportunity to formulate a more educated decision.
  • Thank you and it has been a pleasure to share the wonders of Social Media with you today. I look forward to our working together.If there are any questions please feel free to ask and if you have any after you have left this meeting please email me at
  • This slide is a list of my sources.
  • Social Media: The New Age

    1. 1. Northwestern Technologies Teachers Software Social Media: The New Age Presenter: Connie Kelly Marketing Manager By:
    2. 2. Agenda1. The Social Media Cycle.2. Benefits of Social Media3. How to apply Social Media.
    3. 3. Cycle Of Social MediaListen & Interact Social Tools Monitor & Measure (Turner)
    4. 4. Benefits for NW Branding Reputation Managing Improving Customer Loyalty Lead Generations Education Assists Competitive Analyses
    5. 5. Ways to integrate social media. Incorporate social media icons for your website.Surveys (Nick)Customer Reviews
    6. 6. THANK YOU
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