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Coil Group is an enterprise mobility consultancy that helps mid and large size organizations that are under pressure to increase employee productivity, sales revenue and sales team effectiveness.

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Coil Group Intro

  1. 1. Intranets: ERP C
  2. 2. The App Shop A handful of college kids writing code. Cheap. Eager. But a crap-shoot on quality and no grasp of enterprise. The Interactive Agency Web shop turned mobile. Visuals are key, but true usability and scalability are typically lost. The ‘we-do mobile-too’ Tech Firm Consulting firm that has enterprise roots. Mobile is treated like any other IT platform, which is your problem to begin with.
  3. 3. Usability Touching data is a unique experience Usability trumps features. Coil has a depth in UX that is unmatched. In a world of touch devices, this sensibility is critical – it directly results in higher adoption and ROI. Enterprise - centric Leverage existing systems and scale Coil appreciates investments in enterprise systems, and can help scale a mobile solution that leverages them. Also, Coil designs and builds for enterprise adoption, which is a world apart from consumer-focus. Networked The catalyst to a broad spectrum of specialists There are many flavors of app shops and products on the market today. Coil knows how to get the most out of them, hold them to one vision and keep them accountable.
  4. 4. Define Filling in the gaps on the IT Roadmap. From security to integration through system selection and ultimately system design – Coil helps you map your next move in emerging tech. Build Code, Integrate, Architect Backend to frontend – platform to custom. We engineer the custom applications and solutions that keep you on the edge. Design Visualizing what users really need. You plan on building an application, but have been burned by bad user experiences. Leave the interface to the pros. Keep your devs and stakeholders honest with user-driven direction.
  5. 5. project samples Coil Group is a new firm and we have limited examples of our work together, included here are examples of work delivered by our team members before joining. A group is only as good as its members – judge for yourself, are we on the right track?
  6. 6. “We’ve worked with app agencies in the past, but these guys are different. We actually enjoyed the process, and now have total confidence in what they deliver.” Joel Housman, Solution Architect – USGBC
  7. 7. “This is a cornerstone of our business, and was getting complicated for members to engage with as we added features over time. Our collaboration with Coil’s design and strategy experts helped us discover new ways of delivering an experience that will engage members for years to come” Jason Muxlow, Director of IT, Gongos Research
  8. 8. HTML5 Web & Mobile app. Massive scale music streaming app hosted in the cloud focusing on security, usability, and scale. Rapid development, rescuing previous failed launch.
  9. 9. Portal UX Redesign Migrating from 1990s design themes to modern interface. UX/UI redesign and front end dev for internal and client portal.
  10. 10. SharePoint Redesign Updating SharePoint portal navigation and design UX/UI redesign and front end dev for internal portal.
  11. 11. Mobile Sales Catalog A fully customizable catalog created specifically for tablets presents your company’s products in rich detail while giving your organization total control over content. Available Fall 2013
  12. 12. Apple App Store consumer app. Rose to become #3 on the U.S. Top Paid Apple App Store charts. Utilized camera and the iPhone’s built-in extrasensory capabilities. Pre-Coil Experience
  13. 13. Fixed Income Wealth Management Platform Named ‘Best Application’ by Leading Design and Usability Firm Real-time bond research and trading platform. Pre-Coil Experience
  14. 14. Political App - developed for both iOS and Android and distributed via the Apple App Store, Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Store. Pre-Coil Experience
  15. 15. Various applets built for the SmartStick Smart TV device. Android OS Pre-Coil Experience
  16. 16. Windows Mobile handheld solution -before mobile was cool. Windows Mobile Pre-Coil Experience
  17. 17. Dev Lab We can figure it out together. Enlist the Coil brain-trust to help experiment with emerging tech or refine strategic direction. One to six-month retainers. Rotation of expertise based on need. Exclusive access to partner systems and code. Can result in engineered product or a strategy. Interaction Retool Unusable apps don’t get used, we can help You have a development team building an application, but the user experience is falling flat. There is a window of opportunity to bring Coil in to efficiently upgrade the user experience without derailing the larger project. Project Execution We turn your plans into reality. You know what needs to be built, implemented or designed, and you need expertise to execute. Maybe your staff can handle some of it, but not all. We can help. You may have taken a crack at it already, but need a better V2.
  18. 18. Office Mission Mantras Demographics