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2012 05 08 proposed retention policy
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2012 05 08 proposed retention policy


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Proposed Retention Policy Senior Operating Team 5/8/2012 Joel A. Cohen, Ph.D. Associate Vice President, Library and Information Services
  • 2. Why? Reduce liability Establish custodial responsibility for different record types (“official repository”) Preserve archival history Conserve physical and digital space
  • 3. Key Policy Excerpt The College’s Records Retention Schedule lists the official repositories for College records as well as how long these records must be retained. All records will be maintained in the media in which they originated. Units that are not official repositories but retain duplicate or multiple copies of these College records should dispose of them when they are no longer useful. A copy of the College’s Records Retention Schedule (the “Record Retention Schedule”) is as attached as Schedule A to the Record Retention and Disposal Policy”.
  • 4. Key Policy Excerpt (Continued)In the event of a pending or expectedlawsuit, claim, audit, program review oradministrative charge, all relevantrecords, regardless of physicalformat, including e-mails, must be preservedand safeguarded until the litigation orproceeding has terminated and the time for allappeals has expired. You should contact theappropriate Vice President immediately if youhave questions about this note.
  • 5. Non-record Records that are not considered College records include, but are not limited to; extra copies of original documents and publications kept only for convenience or reference, and blank forms. We need to minimize these
  • 6. Official repository duties Preserve (and destroy) records according to the schedule Provide training for department staff as to appropriate practices in that department, including confidentiality and retention Transfer appropriate records to the College Archivist
  • 7. Some Potentially Controversial Recommendations Email: automatic deletion from Inbox after 90 days, but can be protected by moving to another folder. Email: delete email after two years unless otherwise specified in schedule. Personnel: 50 year retention of personnel records. Student personnel: Treat as non-student personnel for retention purposes.
  • 8. Record Disposal Paper: Light to moderate: Shred on campus. Initial pass: consider outside contractor (approximate cost: $6/banker’s box (10 to a $60 tote). Electronic records on office computers: contact ITS Help Desk for assistance. Electronic records on Banner: contact ITS for assistance.