SMAC: The New Enterprise IT Model


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The SMAC stack (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) is the next generation technology stack and is already reshaping the enterprise.

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  • Read many articles on SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytic & Cloud) but none could connect all the dots. So, I tried mine by reordering SMAC as SCAM. What do you think of it?

    “Social Networking brings customer together to share data about products/services. Cloud platforms provides backbone to required elasticity & scalability of customer’s social data about products/services. Analytic bring this social data in cloud to life by analyzing & correlating it to develop insights into customer behavior about product/services. Mobile brings these data insights to life by delivering personalized products/services into customer’s environment. “
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  • I see a lot missing the evolution in the networking as part of their strategy... Seems the point of convergence is yet to be understood correctly...
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SMAC: The New Enterprise IT Model

  1. 1. ©2013, CognizantImageArea
  2. 2. | ©2013, Cognizant2Introduction• If your company is more than 10 years old, its structure is probablywrong in many ways.• Your key processes, and the organizational and financial modelsthat support them, were likely architected for yesterday’s world ofwidgets and are floundering in today’s onslaught of digits.• “Digit winners” possess just one key advantage:• They harmonized their value chains with today’s information-basedmarkets by harnessing an emerging computing model: the social,mobile, analytics and cloud information technology stack, or“SMAC stack”, for short.• And if you don’t follow suit, then you risk being usurped by fast-moving competitors that have.
  3. 3. | ©2013, Cognizant3Introduction cont.• Welcome to the most significant change to hit the business world indecades, as new competitors trounce the old with approaches thatreflect the digital world in which we live and work.• What companies are learning the hard way, is that it’s not enough tosimply “bolt on” these new tools to existing business models.• The power of this technology platform is in treating it as a stack,for its components have a multiplying effect when they work incombination.
  4. 4. | ©2013, Cognizant4Introduction cont.• Successful companies from the industrial age are crumbling undertheir own weight, with business models that no longer fit thenew digital realities of their markets.• Think Borders, Blockbuster and Kodak, all of which quickly toppledin the face of new-age competitors, Amazon, Netflix andShutterfly.Source: Company reports; valuations as of mid-November, 2012
  5. 5. | ©2011, Cognizant5Today’s corporate reality is thedigitization of entire businessmodels and industries.Are you ready?
  6. 6. | ©2013, Cognizant6The Fifth Wave of IT: The “SMAC Stack”• The new master corporate IT model — the SMAC stack — is the “fifthwave of IT” (see chart below).• Like the four waves before it — the mainframe, minicomputer,client/server and the Internet — SMAC will generate significantdislocation and wealth creation for the IT hardware, software andservices sectors and drive new levels of productivity for businesses
  7. 7. | ©2013, Cognizant7Building the Modern Enterprise• To prepare for the fifth wave of IT, business leaders need to understandthree key interrelated issues:• Embrace new technology: Transforming business today meansharnessing the multiplying effect of the SMAC stack.• “Unchain” business models: The SMAC stack will help businessesunbundle tightly-coupled, industrial-age value chains, createboundaryless ways of working and transform key processes andentire industry structures.• Focus on knowledge processes: Successful transformation willhappen when you identify key knowledge process areas, where theconfluence of the SMAC stack and new ways of working can trulydifferentiate your business and change the competitive equation.
  8. 8. | ©2013, Cognizant8Don’t Get SMACked• Today’s corporate reality is the digitization of entire business models andindustries.• In this new landscape, it doesn’t matter how hard your organizationworks, how well you manage or what resources are at your disposal; ifyou are competing with an antiquated business model, you are at risk offacing your own Kodak moment.
  9. 9. | ©2013, Cognizant9Learn More• Our white paper “Don’t Get SMACked” will help you answer thesequestions and prepare for the fifth wave of IT.• This paper and other information about the SMAC stack can be found or contact us at to beconnected with one of our SMAC experts.Scan here to downloadDon’t Get SMACked
  10. 10. | ©2013, Cognizant10Key Questions You Should Be Asking• Whether you’re a general manager, head of information technology orleading your company’s strategy, a decade from now, you’ll be asked thesame two questions: