2013 Cognizant
Making The Future After-school
and Summer Program Grantees
Benton County
4-H Club
Foundation, Inc.
Bentonville, AR
LA Makerspace Los Angeles, CA
Hacker Scouts Oakland, CA
Jewel's Academy —
Young Emerging
Scientists Program
Des Moines, IA
DuPage Children's
Naperville, IL
Sprout ...
Newark Museum Newark, NJ
Newark Museum
Liberty Science Center
Jersey City, NJ
DreamYard Project Bronx, NY
Grantee Location Program Description
Children's Museum
of Pittsburgh &
Pittsburgh, PA
The Children's
Museum of th...
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Cognizant Making The Future: After-school and Summer Program Grantees


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Cognizant’s Making the Future initiative is focused on inspiring in children a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by providing fun, hands-on learning opportunities. As part of the initiative, Cognizant supports nationwide after-school and summer programs, awards U.S. college scholarships, sponsors a Maker Space at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI), and inspires countless students to pursue their interest in STEM disciplines. Cognizant’s grants fund equipment, materials, and instructor stipends for programs at child-serving non-profit organizations across the U.S. to enable hands-on, STEM-based learning. Here’s a complete list of 2013 recipients.

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Cognizant Making The Future: After-school and Summer Program Grantees

  1. 1. 2013 Cognizant Making The Future After-school and Summer Program Grantees TODAY’S INSPIRATION IS TOMORROW’S INNOVATION MAKING THE FUTURE
  2. 2. Benton County 4-H Club Foundation, Inc. Bentonville, AR LA Makerspace Los Angeles, CA Hacker Scouts Oakland, CA Exploratorium San Francisco, CA Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley San Jose, CA CPEP (The Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program) Waterbury, Hartford, East Hartford, New Haven, and New Britain, CT The Clover Design Lab is an exciting way for 4-Hers to learn by doing using new technology. 4-H Makers will learn about sewing, sergers, 2D & 3D design, embroidery, vinyl transfers, screen printing and 3D printing. They will design and make projects that will be displayed at the Benton County Fair in August. Participants will also be demonstrating what they learn during the fair. Our research network allows for students, representing a broad swath of LA, to work with each other on conducting research in connection with current scientific institu- tions. These experiences help students learn about the nature of science, while connecting the scientific community more with the public. Open Lab is an all ages, inclusive, drop-in program designed to explore STEAM Education and skill building, as well as a desire we see in the Maker culture for community and family inclusiveness. Open Lab provides activities and workshops designed to support multiple learning styles, autonomy, and independence. XTech targets middle school youth, with an emphasis on girls and minorities, because research shows that at this age many young people turn away from STEM topics, closing the door on future STEM careers. Through its blend of science and art, XTech demonstrates that STEM is fun, engaging, and inspiring. Youth will design and build a series of robotic Arduino-based projects, promoting STEM curriculum in an engaging and interactive manner and supporting higher-level skills: critical thinking, analysis, making inferences, and problem solving. The program provides the opportunity for youth to increase critical 21st Century Skills that will support their success in school and future academic and career pursuits The CPEP Gaming Challenge is a voluntary 5-week summer learning program that helps 6th and 7th graders significantly improve their proficiency in mathematics and 21st century skills. The award winning program provides youth with transformational learning experiences using “real-world” hands-on STEM projects and cutting-edge educational video game learning systems. Grantee Location Program Description
  3. 3. Grantee Jewel's Academy — Young Emerging Scientists Program Des Moines, IA DuPage Children's Museum Naperville, IL Sprout & Co. Somerville, MA 5e Gallery Sonic Makerspace Detroit, MI Science Museum of Minnesota St. Paul, MN New Jersey Institute of Technology Consortium for Pre-College Education Newark, NJ Location Program Description The Y.E.S. program is designed for girls entering 4th - 8th grades who are interested in STEM subjects and would like to learn more about career possibilities. These workshops are held at the Science Center of Iowa and will give the girls an immersive experience that inspires scientific exploration through interactive hands-on projects. Strengthening an interest in science, young girls will explore electricity to discover exciting possibilities in E-Textiles. Using LEDs, conductive thread and other technology, girls will interact with female makers to design and create light components for backpacks. They will document their process and install a museum exhibit of their work. "Signs of Life" focuses on people exploring what it means for something to be alive by making things which are alive in one way or another, each week. Whether that's basic robots that respond to feedback or software incorporating notions of evolutionary computation, participants will be bringing physical, digital, philosophical, and artistic tools to bear on the question, "What is life?" over the course of a year-round program targeting local middle- and high school students, free of charge. 5e gallery celebrates the 5 elements of hip hop culture: Breakdancing, DJing, Street Art and Graffiti, MCing, and the fifth element Knowledge of history and self. The 5e Sonic Makerspace will be an opportunity for young people to create their own positive messages utilizing existing technology to creating new and hybrid technologies. We will be offering a number of sound creation and music production workshops this summer. Youth will learn basic Maker skills through hands-on activities, such as a computer-con- trolled system to grow plants in water, and then explore and create their own individual hands-on projects. Youth will also plan a celebration event at the Science Museum to showcase their individual creative projects. Students will work with RobotC, C++ and python programming in support of our FIRST Tech Challenge team. They will work with autonomous and remotely operated robots and explore their applications in daily life. Our current plans include outfitting the submarine from our summer engineering program with lights, recording devices for video and temperature, and the ability to retrieve samples of water at depth.
  4. 4. Grantee Newark Museum Newark, NJ Newark Museum Liberty Science Center Jersey City, NJ DreamYard Project Bronx, NY DIYAbility Inc. New York, NY COSI Columbus, OH MakerGrlz, in partnership with the Parma City Schools Foundation, Inc. Parma, OH Location Program Description High school students in the greater Newark area participated in a 14-week program that supported the school’s curriculum. Student projects ranged from micro-controller and video game design and programming, 3-D design and 3-D printing, and projects in audience-design interaction. Advanced Technology Workshop Series is composed of hands-on, exploratory modules that transform students to makers via STEM Education. During the workshops, students receive an introduction to circuits and electronics, learn to solder, build an arduino microcontroller, learn programming and implementation, and learn techniques of "Makers" tools. DreamItYourself teaches Bronx teens how things are made by engaging them in soldering, basic engineering principles, and solving problems through design. Based on the core values of Empower, Create and Connect, this program bridges together digital tools, the arts, and social justice pedagogy and has been an amazing programmatic addition to our newly developed digital media space at the DreamYard Art Center. Using assistive technologies, teens with physical disabilities can access and control computers. With these computers they can write programs to automate their home, control a 3D printer or CNC router, design a website and position themselves for many creative opportunities for fun and future careers. In this program held in the Gadgets Café at COSI, children will spark, design, melt, and stitch with our expert Makers as they learn to solder, 3D print, create an ArtBot, or make their t-shirts light up. Integrating STEM disciplines with the arts to encourage girls to express their creativity while building communication, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills. They will create computer animations, electronics projects, solve engineering problems, publish to a website, and design art projects using FabLab equipment. University City Science Center Philadelphia, PA Incorporating open-ended and planned activities, the Young Makers program develops spatial skills and exposes students to science concepts behind technology through hands-on projects and craft activities. Hack-Your-Life empowers youth to apply design thinking to analyze their everyday life, find opportunities to address a problem, and design and create a solution.
  5. 5. Grantee Location Program Description Children's Museum of Pittsburgh & Assemble Pittsburgh, PA The Children's Museum of the Upstate Greenville, SC Venture Lab San Antonio, TX Utah State University Extension 4-H Cedar City, Lehi, Loa, Price, and St. George, UT The Georgetown School and Virginia 4-H, Hanover County Mechanicsville, VA Friess Lake School District Hubertus, WI Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (CMP) and Assemble will partner to provide programs at both locations. The Youth ALIVE! program at CMP strives to engage and sustain youth interest, positive social relationships and personal success through workshop-based informal learning opportunities with digital and physical media. Assemble connects artists, technologists, and makers of all ages through interactive gallery shows, communi- ty talkbacks, learning parties, and workshops focused on teaching STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Summer camps at The Children's Museum of the Upstate offer special themed weeks like "Talkin' Trash," "Construction," and "Start Your Engines!" Campers will make eco-art, rockets, cars, and even a Mars Rover. Each camp will also use the Imagination Playground, a specially designed, open-ended playground that encourages free, creative play and collaboration among campers. Venture Lab makerspace is housed in a contemporary art museum (Artpace) in San Antonio to serve students who are at risk of never graduating. Our programs empower the "inner maker" in students while using 21st century technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters and robotics. Utah State University Extension 4-H will run programs in 5 locations across the state, and will also utilize a mobile makerspace to serve children at remote locations. Children will be engaged in a wide range of projects to spark interest in STEM and the arts, including making rockets, conductive dough, electronic gadgets, musical instru- ments, solar cars, wearable electronics, and more. Students who thrive in an alternative school setting work through a three-step "Make process" (kit building, make it better, design your own) to practice the art of Making and designing creative projects which will be displayed at the state science museum. Students will work with alternative energy, robotics using everyday objects, electrical circuits, and hydraulics. They will explore career interests through creative and fun personal expression. The Friess Lake Makerslab is a place where children in grades kindergarten through eighth come to build objects like a full size operating roller coaster or bridge. They construct cardboard and duct tape boats, build and program robotic machines, print in 3D, launch rockets, and study electricity. In addition, they have the opportunity to create and pursue whatever interests them.
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