Legal Research and Writing Services for lawyers & law firms


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Cogneesol has sponsored the detailed information on Legal research & writing services that are required by lawyers or law firms. Call on +1-646-688-2821 for further queries...

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Legal Research and Writing Services for lawyers & law firms

  1. 1. Legal Research & Writing
  2. 2. About Legal Research & Writing Legal Research and Writing is a two-term process implemented by legal people. Authorized Lawyers work on a legal problem starting with an initial interview, conducting factual investigation & legal research related to that problem. They analyze the problem by using valuable tactics like legal analysis, narrative, legal theory, public policy to frame, develop legal arguments & then write projected memos & convincing briefs that are introduced to the professional norms of ethics, timeliness, & courtesy.
  3. 3. • Legal Research • Legal Writing About Legal Research & Writing
  4. 4. Legal Research Services Litigation & Non Litigation Research Statutory Research Case Law Research Secondary Source Research Multi Jurisdictional Research Preparation of Research Memos
  5. 5. Litigation & Non Litigation Research
  6. 6. Statutory Research
  7. 7. Case Law Research
  8. 8. Secondary Source Research
  9. 9. Multi Jurisdictional Research
  10. 10. Preparation of Research Memos
  11. 11. Legal Writing Services Motions Briefs Appellate Briefs Pleadings ComplaintsAnswers Legal Memoranda Letters Trial Preparation Discovery
  12. 12. Motions
  13. 13. Briefs
  14. 14. Appellate Briefs
  15. 15. Pleadings
  16. 16. Complaints
  17. 17. Answers
  18. 18. Legal Memoranda
  19. 19. Letters
  20. 20. Trial Preparation
  21. 21. Discovery
  22. 22. Outsourcing Legal Research & Writing There are a number of third party or outsourcing legal research and writing service providers in your city, country or worldwide those are expert in legal research and writing procedure and offer lawyers and legal firms, the best possible results at best prices.
  23. 23. Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Research & Writing Allows You to do What you do Best Saves your Time Cost Efficiency & Flexibility Two Heads are Better than One Reduce Your Stress Increase your Bottom Line
  24. 24. Cogneesol - Outsource Legal Research & Writing Company Cogneesol marks legal research and writing operational and competent. Their Legal Support Team aims at drafting documents that are 95% file set, required by the lawyers who appoint us to review our work product, make any minor corrections, and file.
  25. 25. Contact us Cogneesol Pvt. Ltd. Call us at: +1 (646) 688-2821 Address: 12648 Agave Bay St Victorville CA 92392, USA Email:
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