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Through the Lens (2013 Version)

Through the Lens (2013 Version)



The mechanics and art of photography unveil an intriguing metaphor for thinking about learning and our world view. For a photographer, the operation of cameras-- exploiting apertures, shutter speeds, ...

The mechanics and art of photography unveil an intriguing metaphor for thinking about learning and our world view. For a photographer, the operation of cameras-- exploiting apertures, shutter speeds, optics, -- coexist with the artistic skills of pre-visualization, framing, composition. It is no longer a field dominated by pros with expensive gear, we can all make photographic art.

Taking the metaphor farther, creating an engaging learning experience is much more than point and shoot or flipping the settings into automatic mode. Photography is a beautiful example of how you can get better at doing something just by regularly doing (and sharing) your craft. Regular acts of photography, such as the Daily Create, are a model of informal learning that works.



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  • [twitter]Starting “Looking Through the Lens” presentation on photography as a metaphor for learning[/twitter] <br /> Hi, my name is Alan and I am a photographer... of that is the wrong talk. Oh, wait, it is the right one. <br />
  • For some, photography seems hard. <br />
  • [twitter]So what is a photographer? Only for pros to say “I Exist”?[/twitter] <br /> But this guy looks happy. He is a “professional” and as a pro-- he has the Big Lens, he is on some exotivc location... as a pro his photography says “I Exist” <br />
  • Bullshit. <br />
  • The only thing about being a professional is that you get paid to do something everyone else can do if they choose. Think of the oldest profession in the world... <br />
  • This photo is not be a quote/unquote professional. It makes a statement. It says I Exist. <br />
  • She’s not a pro, but look at her expression. Do you question her assertion of existence? <br />
  • This guy to exists... in pain. Maybe the pain is because he is not a Professional? <br />
  • [twitter]Instagram creating new niche of photographers http://bit.ly/gF7mdA[/twitter] <br /> Mobile photography is opening up creative opportunities for people who might not have considered themselves a photographer. Photos like these from my colleague Kim Flintoff are casual, in the moment, intimate. <br />
  • Who in the audience has a camera? <br />
  • Not these kind, put your big guns away. <br />
  • These kind. Every smartphone user has a device to take both bad and excellent photos... <br />
  • [twitter]Best Camera = One That is With You (Chase Jarvis) http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2009/09/the-best-camera-iphone-app-book-community/[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Make mobile photo of a person or thing, send to [email_address] [/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Photos shared should end up on http://flickr.com/photos/cogdogroo[/twitter] <br />
  • On Making art in photos- it is going way beyond just pressing a button. <br />
  • [twitter]Used slow shutter speed, layering to create six word story http://flic.kr/p/9FSfvk [/twitter] <br /> Easy to take a snapshot of this interesting photo gallery. But more went in to it, wanted to explore perhaps creating a scene or story. With camera knowledge, I forced a slow exposure to make cars blur, and thought the arrangement of people made for layers. In post (I tossed 4 that did not work) I decided to make this a six word story. <br /> http://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/5702001885 <br />
  • [twitter]Creating Animated GIFs from a series of photos http://cogdogblog.com/7639[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Making big leap of comparing learning to cameras...[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Aperture... like how open attention is? wide open or narrow?[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Shutter speed... like how much time spent on task?[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]ISO like sensitivity/perception? tradeoff for fidelity?[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Composition in photography, like learning, is framing, cropping, pre-visualizing[/twitter] <br />
  • It’s All in the Eyes <br />
  • [twitter]Cropping ordinary photos- creation by deletion.[/twitter] <br /> But this was an ordinary photo I made better by deletion <br />
  • [twitter]What’s wrong with this photo? http://flic.kr/p/9h51m5 [/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Compare to @kk photo of son- beautiful! http://bit.ly/gVK9jb[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]It is not hard to transcend from snapshots to well composed photos[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Like photos, learning is much more interesting when there is a story to draw us in[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Errol Morris “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” - importance of context http://nyti.ms/h5xKmY[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]How to get better at something? Practice... 10000 hours (where Gladwell got it?)[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]365 photos flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/366photos/ began in 2007 w/ @dlnorman[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Introducing The Dailyshoot http://dailyshoot.com/ as model of informal learning[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Get daily photo assignments by following @dailyshoot[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Daily Shoot and creativity, reflections from @galagonwagon http://bit.ly/gmypDd[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]@intrepidteacher on finding novel ways to do dailyshoot http://bit.ly/es7p3u[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]@twoodwar photos of strangers http://bionicteaching.com/?cat=254[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Matt M reflects on 7 days of daily shoot http://blog.electrovert.net/?p=69[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]In learning and photography, here’s what matters- motivation.[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Learning in a shared space matters.[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Learning with others matters[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Learning by doing matters[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]What else might work like photography for a daily _______?[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Redo that photo, make it show excitement. Email to [email_address][/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Look for photos shared by audience http://flickr.com/photos/cogdogroo[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Preso resources at http://cogdog.wikispaces.com/thru-the-lens-2013[/twitter] <br />
  • [twitter]Make some (photo) art, damnit![/twitter] <br />

Through the Lens (2013 Version) Through the Lens (2013 Version) Presentation Transcript