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The Secret Revolution (Keene State College)
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The Secret Revolution (Keene State College)


Published on

Keynote presentation for Keene State College Faculty Technology Showcase (Feb 19, 2011). …

Keynote presentation for Keene State College Faculty Technology Showcase (Feb 19, 2011).

Join the Revolution!

Audio available at

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Alan LevineKeene State College Technology Showcase
  • 2. Not Nice
  • 3. WTF?
  • 4. Nothing is wrong
  • 5. Don’t Blame
  • 6. Inner Geek
  • 7. You are on stage
  • 8. It really is a secret!
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. Local Revolutionary
  • 12. Local Revolutionary Dorris Haddock aka Granny D
  • 13. Local SecretRevolutionary
  • 14. Local Secret Jon Udell cc licensed flickr photo by Joi Ito
  • 15. Change, Please?
  • 16. cc licensed flickr photo by Eisenvater
  • 17. Burn, baby, burn
  • 18. Who needs school?
  • 19. cc licensed flickr photo by lrargerich
  • 20. Thousands of Stories cc licensed flickr photo by Matthew Field
  • 21. Not me.
  • 22. Is This All You Do?
  • 23. I don’t get it.
  • 24. Working from the cc licensed flickr photo by Quinn Ryan Mattingly Inside Out...
  • 25. Game Software Evaluation 1995
  • 26. Successful?
  • 27. “Ah the syllabus… that sacred document that serves as apath, a beacon, a contract between student and teacher forthe upcoming 16 weeks of the course…. or that thing yourdepartment chair asks you to hand in or put in a three ringbinder so when the evaluators come (once every 5 yrs) theycan see what you have done. Oh yeah, that…”Barbara Sawhill, Oberlin College,
  • 28. Evil.
  • 29.
  • 30. ahem
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34. pekka what?
  • 35.
  • 36.
  • 37.
  • 38. “I’m a one man army, like many of you. This projectwasn’t the result of the effort of a team of a dozenpeople over 6 months. It was me, a couple weeks, and alot of lost sleep. To do this, I committed to the idea that itwould be a pet project...Part of me feels that you have to be willing to take thoserisks though when you’re in web development. Playing itsafe means you’ll only ever be average.”Michael Fienen, Pittsburg State University
  • 39. not a programmer
  • 40. Crowdsourcing Solutions
  • 41. “In literally seconds, the document began to fill out as peoplearrived to collaborate or observe. On many occasions, peoplewere booted out as the maximum number of editors had beenreached (a number that seems to be around 50 simultaneoususers). It was interesting to watch the information emerge. Aswell, I was fascinated to see others who focused on theformatting and readability of the document. Individuals decidedwhat they could contribute, and worked together for a commongoal.”Crowdsourcing SolutionsAlec Couros,
  • 42. “I set up a Google Doc that everyone in class can edit before I lecture or lead adiscussion on material they will refer to all semester. I fill in the major topicheadings in an outline format.When they all have it open on screen I tell them to collaboratively take notes aswe go over the material. I set them up with a goal - example: "you need tounderstand these terms well enough to use them correctly in class discussionsand written critique papers assigned throughout the term. If one persons notesdont help you enough, add your own underneath. We want a collection ofexplanations of these concepts that we can all refer back to later."Written critiques using the terms discussed were due last week and I have to saythese are the best first-time critiques Ive seen from a class ever.”Cheryl Colan,
  • 43. easy
  • 44. sucks
  • 45. They Stole OUr Learning Environment - Now Were Stealing It Back
  • 46. “Moodle VLE is generally locked down, the wikiscrapes every flavour of embed, script and embed arenot allowed in resource pages... but - if all you put inan HTML resource page is a single iframe, it seems toget through...So I can actually embed whatever I want in an inframecontainer within the VLE...”The Amazing Tony Hirst, Open University, They Stole OUr Learning Environment - Now Were Stealing It Back
  • 47.
  • 48. “Although the organisation I work for supported and paid me to develop a project using Second Life, we werent able to install the software on our organisations computers (not approved - it takes 10 months for software to be approved!) so we used USB sticks and software called mojopac to circumvent the system and we were able to do demos to teachers without the organisation ever knowing”
  • 49. clever
  • 50. Stepping Outside cc licensed flickr photo by GeekMom Heather
  • 51. IdiotTube
  • 52. by John Rodgers
  • 53. Robert Rios
  • 54. “My school blocks everything. The filters are terrible andwhen I complain to the district I get ignored or yelled at.I went out and got a MIFI (2nd line on my Verizon acct with afree Palm Pre Plus that comes with FREE mifi). I now jack thatinto my laptop, plug the schools projector into my laptop, andnow my students can present from any site they want!(YouTube, Facebook, etc!) ”Devon, un-named school in un-disclosed city
  • 55. risky business
  • 56. “In addition to this activity being fun, I also noticed thatthere was a lot of higher-order thinking going on.Students were having to synthesize passages, evaluatewhich scenes most accurately characterized theirpassage, narrow them down to 5 images, decide how tophysically portray those 5 essential scenes andultimately create them. One reason the students lovedthis activity was because it was challenging, but thekind of challenging that is so much fun you dont realizehow much work it actually is.”Curby Alexander,
  • 57. Homework / Lecture FlipDonna Gaudet, Scottsdale Community College
  • 58.
  • 59. “Sometimes I wonder what visitors expect to find in this blog for First Certificate. I imagine them googling and landing here in search of learning, tips and practice. Just think. All of those students alone with a computer searching for exercises to improve their English. Just like you. Now, isnt it a pity we dont share our findings? This morning I woke up with world domination plans and thought it would be fantastic to pull the results of those searches and share them.” Claudia Cersa, Buenos Aires,
  • 60. CyberSalonGrass Roots Professional Development
  • 61. Digital Storytelling Open Course
  • 62. Digital Storytelling Open Course
  • 63. Digital Storytelling Open Course
  • 64. ds106 Student
  • 65. Want to Join? secretrevolution = us
  • 66. flickr photo by Linus Gelber
  • 67. party, party
  • 68. Must be open and shared... cc licensed flickr photos by Ryan Wolf and ryancr
  • 69. Tag theRevolutionShare anything revolutionary bytagging in delicious assecretrevolution flickr photo by Laurie | Liquid Paper
  • 70. Tag theRevolutionariesAnd also tag local Keene Stateexamples with the “secret” tagksc flickr photo by Laurie | Liquid Paper
  • 71. cc licensed flickr photo by David M* cc licensed flickr photo by doug88888
  • 72. the point
  • 73. cc licensed flickr photo by Markybon
  • 74. cc licensed flickr photo by Howard▼Gees
  • 75. cc licensed flickr photo by bufivla
  • 76. cc licensed flickr photo by Karen Eliot
  • 77. cc licensed flickr photo by Xosé Castro
  • 78. cc licensed flickr photo by SiamEye
  • 79. cc licensed flickr photo by SiamEye
  • 80.
  • 81. wait
  • 82.
  • 83. me too