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Telling a Story in Four Icons/Sounds
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Telling a Story in Four Icons/Sounds


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Workshop designed for 2nd grade students

Workshop designed for 2nd grade students

Published in: Education

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  • goal: Identify/reduce major elements of a story and represent them creatively in visual and audio forms, inspired by ds106 assignment
  • What Are Icons? Not pictures, but simple visual representation of things, so they can be quickly recognized and knowing a language not necessary.
  • School Crossing sign
  • Metro sign (should be familiar to students in Japan)
  • Don’t Do This!
  • No Dogs
  • Audio player icons (clicking play advances)
  • (sound of dog parking plays here in loop, clicking stop advances to next slide w/o sound)
  • These are just shapes
  • Now I will tell you a story about my dog, her name was “Dominoe”
  • She was named after this game (who knows what game it is)?
  • A friend found her and I adopted her. She was skinny at first
  • We walked a lot in the woods, I eventually got comfortable with taking the leash off
  • One day we went to the mountains for a walk.
  • I met a friend I had not seen since high school! Robert and I talked for maybe 15 minutes...
  • When I turned around, Dominoe was GONE. I spent all day running around calling her name.
  • Night came. I was so said I had lost the dog. What could I do? I would come back here every day until I found her.
  • When I got back to my car she was waiting for me! I was so happy.
  • We did a lot of things together, we drove across America.
  • She thought some things were boring.
  • We hiked in the mountains of California
  • Visited Crater Lake in Oregon.
  • She lived a few more years, but I never forgot that day in the woods.
  • What are the four symbols that might represent this story?
  • A dog
  • The woods we walked in
  • Night when she disappeared
  • The dog waiting for me!
  • Now, what are four sounds we can use to represent these same parts of the story?
  • Use a story the class is studying or recently read (?) On paper, decide on the 4 things to represent the story Draw 4 icons to represent them. For at least one, try and find an object in the room to represent it Using voice or objects in room, try and find 4 sounds to represent the 4 moments
  • Ben Rimes (2nd grade?) Frank Hart, 3rd rade, springfield park elementary school, Richmond Virginia chnology-work-samples/ Fifth Grade Wrinkle in a Time http://ww -in-time/ Brian Metcalfe (good examples)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Four Icon/Sound Stories for 2nd grade students
    • 2. 1 23 4
    • 3. 23 4
    • 4. 3 4
    • 5. 4
    • 6. 1 23 4
    • 7. Your Turn
    • 8. Optional Examples••••