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Bible Lessons for Kids Lessons One Through Ten


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Bible stories and comprehension questions for children

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Bible Lessons for Kids Lessons One Through Ten

  1. 1. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking These lessons are for parents or teachers. They can Then at Gods word, the dark clouds all around the earth began be used for childrens ministry, Sunday school, home to break, and the sky came in sight, and the water that was in school, or individual study with your own children. the clouds began to be separate from the water that was on the earth. And the arch of the sky which was over the earth God Most of the content on this site will be geared to upper called Heaven. Thus the night and the morning made a second elementary children, since that is the age group that I day. worked with for thirty-three years. You may copy and print these lessons for personal or group use (such as a Then God said, "Let the water on the earth come together in Sunday school class). Please do not sell them. one place, and let the dry land rise up." And so it was. the The stories and questions mostly come from Hurlbuts water that had been all over the world came together, and Story of the Bible, copyright 1904 and Hurlbuts Bible formed a great ocean, and the dry land rose up from it. And the Lessons for Boys and Girls, copyright 1907. great water God called Sea, and the dry land he named Earth: and God saw that the Earth and the Sea were both good.Lesson 1 - The Story of a Then God said, "Let grass and trees, and flowers, and fruits, grow on the earth." And at once the earth began to be greenBeautiful Garden and bright with grass, and flowers, and trees bearing fruit.From Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 This made the third day upon the earth.No one knows how old the earth is. But long before there Then God said, "Let the sun, and moon, and stars come intowas any earth, sun, or stars, God was living. God never had a sight from the earth." So the sun began to shine by day, andbeginning. He always existed. That is very hard for our human the moon and the stars began to shine in the night. And thisminds to understand. was done on the fourth day. And God said, "Let there be fishes in the sea, and let there be birds to fly in the air." So the fishes, great ones and small, began to swim in the sea; and the birds began to fly in the air over the earth, just as they do now. And this was the fifth day. Then God said, "Let the animals come upon the earth, great animals and small ones; those that walk and those the creep and crawl on the earth." And the woods and the fields began to be alive with animals of all kinds. And now the earth began to be more beautiful, with its green fields and bright flowers, and singing birds in the trees, and animals of every kind walking in the forests.Long ago, God spoke, and the earth and heavens came about. But there were no people in the world - no cities nor houses, But the earth was not beautiful as it is now, with mountains and no children playing under the trees. The world was alland valleys, rivers and seas, trees and flowers. It was a great ready for men and women to enjoy it. So God said, "I will makesmoking ball, with land and water mingled in one mass. And man, to be different from all other animals. He shall stand upall the earth was blacker than midnight, for there was no light and shall have a soul, and shall be like God; and he shall be theupon it. Nobody could have breathed its air, no animals could master of the earth and all that is upon it."walk upon it, and no fish could swim in its black oceans. Therewas no life upon the earth. So God took some of the dust that was on the ground, and out of it he made man. God breathed into him the breath of life,While all was dark upon earth, God said, "Let there be light," and man became alive, and stood up on the earth.and then the light began to come upon the world. Part of thetime it was light, and part of the time it was dark, just as it is So that the man whom God had made might have a home, Godnow. God called the dark time Night, and the light time Day. planted a beautiful garden on the earth, at a place where four And that was the first day upon this earth after a long night. rivers met. Perhaps we might rather call it a park, for it was 1
  2. 2. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingmuch larger than any garden that you have ever seen. It was even though God had told her not to do so. She took the fruit,miles and miles in every direction. and ate it. And then she gave some to Adam, and he too ate it.In this garden, God planted trees, and caused grass to grow, Adam and Eve knew that they had done wrong in not obeyingand made flowers to bloom. This was called, "The Garden Gods words. Now, for the first time, they were afraid to meetof Eden." In one of the languages of the Bible the word God. They tried to hide themselves from Gods sight amongthat means "garden," or "park," is a word quite like the the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called and said,word "Paradise." This Garden of Eden has often been called "Adam, where are you?""Paradise." And Adam said, "Lord, I heard your voice in the garden, and IGod gave this garden to the man that he had created. He said was afraid, and I hid myself."to him, "Care for this garden, gather the fruits upon the treesand the plants, and live on them." God said, "Why were you afraid to meet me? Have you eaten the fruit of the tree of which I told you that you must not touchGod named the first man Adam, and God brought to Adam the it?"animals that he had made, and let Adam give to each one itsname. Adam answered, "The woman you gave me offered me some of the fruit, and I ate it."But even though Adam lived in this beautiful place, he was allalone. God saw this and said, "It is not good for man to be Then God said to the woman, "What is this that you havealone. I will make someone to be with Adam, and to help him." done?"So when Adam was asleep, God took a rib from Adams side, Eve said, "The snake told me that it would do me no harm if Iand from it God made a woman. He brought her to Adam, and should eat the fruit, and so I took some of it and ate it."Adam called her Eve. Adam and Eve loved each other. Theywere very happy in the beautiful garden which God had given Then the Lord God said to the snake, "Because you have ledthem for a home. Adam and Eve to do wrong, you shall no more walk as do other animals; you shall crawl in the dust and the dirt forever. YouSo, in six days the Lord God made the heavens and the earth shall hate the woman, and the woman shall hate you. You shalland the sea, and all that is in them. And on the seventh day try to kill her and her children, and her childrens childrenGod rested from his work. forever, and they shall try to kill you."For a time, we do not know how long, Adam and Eve were at And the Lord God said to the woman, "Because you led yourpeace in their beautiful garden. They did just as God told them husband to disobey me, you shall suffer and have pain andto do, and talked with God as a man would talk with his friend. trouble all the days of your life." They did not know of anything evil or wicked. It was nedfulfor Adam and Eve to understnad that they must always obey And God said to Adam, "Because you listened to your wifeGods commands. So God said to Adam and Eve: when she told you to do what was wrong, you too must suffer. You must work for everything that you get from the ground."You may eat the fruit of all the trees in the garden except one. You will find thorns and thistles and weeds growing on the In the middle of the garden grows a tree, with fruit upon it earth. If you want food, you must dig and plant and reap andthat you must not eat and you must not touch. If you eat of the work, as long as you live. You came out from the ground, forfruit upon that tree, you shall die." you were made of dust, and back again into the dust shall your body go when you die."Now among the animals in the garden there was a snake; andthis snake said to Eve, "Has God told you that there is any kindof fruit in the garden, of which you are forbidden to eat?"And Eve answered the snake, "We can eat the fruit of all thetrees except the one that stands in the middle of the garden. Ifwe eat the fruit of that tree, God says that we must die."Then the snake said, "No, you will not surely die. God knowsthat is you eat of the fruit of that tree, you will become as wiseas God himself, for you will know what is good and what isevil."Even listened to the snake, and then she looked at the tree and Because Adam and Eve had disobeyed the word of the Lord,its fruit. As she saw it, she thought that it would taste good; they were driven out of the beautiful Garden of Eden, whichand if it would really make one wise, she would like to eat it, God had made to be their home. They were sent out into the 2
  3. 3. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingworld; and to keep them from going back into the garden, Godplaced his angels before its gate, with swords which flashed Creation Museum Virtual Tourlike fire. WorksheetsSo Adam and his wife lost their garden, and no man has everbeen able to go into it from that day. The Creative Days Worksheet The Serpents Lie WorksheetReview the Story Coloring Pages1. Look up Genesis 1:1 in your Bible. What is the first verse in It Couldnt Just Happen by Chancethe whole Bible? Lets use this as our memory verse for thislesson. Adam and Eve Kicked Out of the Garden2. In your own words, tell what this verse means. Crafts3. In how many days does the Bible tell us that God made the Creation Craftworld? Adam and Eve Craft4. On what day did God rest from his work? Notebooking5. Whom did God make as the first man? Creation Science Lap/Notebook6. Who was the first woman? Skits7. What place did God give to Adam and Eve as their home? Adam and Eve Skit8. What happened to Adam and Eve when they disobeyedGod? Another Adam and Eve SkitMemory Verse Illustration from Patriarichal Age Artwork, courtesy of http:// purpose of learning and memorizing Bible verses is so that Story taken from Hurlbuts Story of the Bible , copyright 1904our lives will be changed for the better. As you study a verse Question adapted from Hurlbuts Bible Lessons for Childrenthink about what it has to say. , copyright 1907A. Does it contain a promise?B. Is there a warning that you need to listen to?C. Is there something to praise God for?D. Is there something in that verse that you should ask God Lesson 2 - The First Childrenfor? Genesis 4:1-18E. Does the passage tell you something about what God is like? Now Adam and his wife had to go out into the world to liveLets take a look at Genesis 1:1. "In the beginning, God created and to work. For a time they were all alone, but after a whilethe heavens and the earth." God gave them a little child of their own, the first baby that ever came into the world. Eve named him Cain. After a time7. Which of those questions above does it answer? Circle the another baby came, whom she named Abel.correct answer. There may be more than one. A B C D When the two boys grew up, they worked, as their father8. What does this have to do with your life right now? Write worked before them. Cain chose to work in the fields, and toa sentence to answer this question. raise grain and fruits. Abel had a flock of sheep and became a shepherd.9. Write the verse on paper. Always make sure to includethe Scripture reference when you copy and memorize a Bible While Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden, theyverse. For example, this one is Genesis 1:1. could talk with God, and hear Gods voice speaking to them. But now that they were out in the world, they could no longerOnline Activities (Parents should always supervise online talk with God freely, as before. so when they came to God,activities.) they built an altar of stones heaped up, and upon it they laid 3
  4. 4. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingsomething as a gift to God, and burned it, to show that it was 1. Who was the first child of Adam and eve after they were sentnot their own, but was given to God, whom they could not out of the Garden of Eden?see. Then before the altar they made their prayer to God, andasked God to forgive their sins, all that they had done that was 2. What was the name of their second child?wrong. They prayed and asked God to bless them and do goodto them. 3. What wicked thing did Cain do when the two boys grew up to be men?Each of these brothers, Cain and Abel, offered upon the altarto God his own gift. Cain brought the fruits and the grain 4. Why did Cain do this?which he had grown. Abel brought a sheep from his flock, andkilled it and burned it upon the altar. For some reason God More Resourceswas pleased with Abel and his offering, but was not pleasedwith Cain and his offering. Perhaps God wished Cain to offer Cain and Abel Puzzle Sheetsomething that had life, as Abel offered. Perhaps Cains heartwas not right when he came before God. Cain and Abel Lapbook Game Cain and Abel Coloring Pages Cain and Abel Game Lesson 3 - The Great Ship ThatAnd God showed that he was not pleased with Cain. But Cain, Saved Eight Peopleinstead of being sorry for his sin, and asking god to forgive Genesis 5:1 – 9:17him, was very angry with God, and angry also toward hisbrother Abel. When there were out in the field together, Cain After Abel was slain, and his brother Cain had gone intostruck his brother Abel and killed him. So the first baby in the another land, again god gave a child to Adam and Eve. Theyworld grew up to be the murderer of his own brother. named this child Seth. Other sons and daughters were given to them, for Adam and Eve lived many years. But at last they died,The Lord said to Cain, "Where is Abel your brother?" as God had said that they must die, because they had eaten of the tree that God had forbidden them to eat.Cain answered, "I do not know. Why should I take care of mybrother?" By the time that Adam died, there were many people on the earth. The children of Adam and Eve had many other children;Then the Lord said to Cain, "What is this that you have done? and when these grew up, they also had children; and these too Your brothers blood is like a voice crying to me from the had children.ground. do you see how the ground has opened, like a mouth,to drink your brothers blood? As long as you live, you shall be In those early times people lived much longer than they dounder Gods curse for the murder of your brother. You shall now. Very few people now live to be a hundred years old. Butwander over the earth, and shall never find a home, because in those days, when the earth was new, men often lived to beyou have done this wicked deed." eight hundred or even nine hundred years old. So, after a time, that part of the earth where Adams sons lived began to be fullCain said to the Lord, "My punishment is greater than I can of people.stand. You have driven me out from among men. You havehid your face from me. If any man finds me he will kill me, It is sad to tell that as time went on more and more of thesebecause I shall be alone, and no one will be my friend." people became wicked, and fewer and fewer of them grew up to become good men and women. All the people lived nearSo God said to Cain, "If anyone harms Cain, he shall be together, and few went away to other lands. So it came to passpunished for it." And the Lord God placed a mark on Cain, that even the children of good men and women learned to beso that whoever met him should know him, and should know bad, like the people around them.also that God had forbidden any man to harm him. Then Cainand his wife went away from Adams home, to live in a place And as God looked down on the world that he had made, heby themselves, and there they had children. And Cains family saw how wicked the men in it had become, and that everybuilt a city in that land. Cain named the city after his first child, thought and every act of man was evil and only evil continually.whom he had called Enoch. But while most of the people in the world were very wicked,Review Questions there were some good people also, thought they were very few. The best of all the men who lived at that time was a man whose name was Enoch. He was not the son of Cain, but another 4
  5. 5. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingEnoch, who came from the family of Seth, the son of Adam who It was a long time, even a hundred and twenty years, that Noahwas born after the death of Abel. and his sons were at work building the ark, while the wicked people around wondered, and no doubt laughed at Noah forWhile so many around Enoch were doing evil, this man did building a great ship where there was no sea.only what was right. He walked with God, and God walkedwith him and talked with him. And at last, when Enoch was At last the ark was finished, and stood like a great house onthree hundred and sixty-five years old, God took him away the land. There was a door on one side, and a window on thefrom earth to heaven. He did not die, as all the people have roof, to let in the light. Then God said to Noah, "Come into thedied since Adam disobeyed God, but "he was not, for God took ark, you and your wife, and your three sons, and their wiveshim." This means that Enoch was taken up from earth without with them. For the flood waters will come very soon. And takedying. with you animals of all kinds, and birds, and things that creep; seven pairs of those that will be needed by men, and one pairEnoch left a son whose name was Methuselah. We do not know of all the rest; so that all kinds of animals may be kept aliveanything about Methuselah, except that he lived to be nine upon the earth."hundred and sixty-nine years old, which was longer than thelife of any other man who ever lived. But at last, Methuselahdied like all his people, except his father Enoch. By the timethat Methuselah died, the world was very wicked.God looked down on the earth, and said, "I will take away allmen from the earth that I have made; because the men of theworld are evil, and evil continually."But even in those bad times, God saw one good man. His namewas Noah. Noah tried to do right in the sight of God. as Enochhad walked with God, so Noah walked with God, and talkedwith him. Noah had three sons. Their names were Shem, Ham,and Japheth. So Noah and his wife, and his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, with their wives, went into the ark. And God broughtGod said to Noah, "The time has come when all the men and to the door of the ark the animals, and the birds, and thewomen on the earth are to be destroyed. Everyone must die, creeping things of all kinds; and they went into the ark, andbecause they are all wicked. But you and your family shall be Noah and his sons put them in their places, and brought insaved, because you alone are trying to do right." food for them all. And then the door of the ark was shut, so that no more people and no more animals could come in.Then God told Noah how he might save his life and the livesof his sons. He was to build a very large boat, as large as the In a few days the rain began to fall, as it had never rainedlargest ships that were made in our time; very long and very before. It seemed as though the heavens were opened to pourwide and very deep; with a roof over it; and made like a long great floods upon the earth. The streams filled, and the riverswide house in three stories, but so built that it would float on rose, higher and higher, and the ark began to float on the water.the water. The people left their houses and ran up to the hills, but soon the hills were covered, and all the people on them were drowned.Such a ship as this was called an ark. God told Noah to buildthis ark, and to have it ready for the time when he would needit.God said to Noah, "I am going to bring a great flood of wateron the earth, to cover all the land and to drown all the peopleon the earth. And as the animals on the earth will be drownedwith the people, you must make the ark large enough to hold apair of each kind of animals, and several pairs of some animalsthat are needed by men, like sheep and goats and oxen; so thatthere will be animals as well as men to live upon the earth afterthe flood has passed away. And you must take in the ark foodfor yourself and your family, and for all the animals with you,enough food to last for a year, while the flood shall stay on theearth. Some had climbed up to the tops of higher mountains, but the water rose higher and higher, until even the mountainsAnd Noah did what God told him to do, although it must have were covered and all the people, wicked as they had been, wereseemed very strange to all the people around, to build this drowned in the great sea that now rolled over all the earthgreat ark where there was no water for it to sail upon. where men had lived. 5
  6. 6. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingAnd all the animals, the tame animals - cattle and sheep and laid upon it an offering to the Lord, and gave himself and hisoxen - were drowned; and the wild animals - lions and tigers family to God, and promised to do Gods will.and all the rest - were drowned also. Even the birds weredrowned, for their nests in the trees were swept away, and God was pleased with Noahs offering, and God said, "I willthere was no place where they could fly from the terrible storm. not ever again destroy the earth on account of men, no matterFor forty days and nights the rain kept on, until there was no how bad they may be. From this time no flood shall again coverbreath of life remaining outside of the ark. the earth; but the seasons of spring and summer and fall and winter shall remain without change. I give to you the earth.After forty days the rain stopped, but the water stayed upon You shall be the rulers of the ground and of every living thingthe earth for more than six months. The ark, with all that were upon it."in it, floated over the great sea that covered the land. Then Godsent a wind to blow over the waters and to dry them up. So by Then God caused a rainbow to appear in the sky. He tolddegrees the waters grew less and less. Noah and his sons that whenever they or the people after them should see the rainbow, they should remember that God hadFirst the mountains rose above the waters, then the hills rose placed it in the sky and over the clouds as a sign of his promiseup. Finally the ark ceased to float, and lay aground on a that he would always remember the earth and the people uponmountain which is called Mount Ararat. it, and would never again send a flood to destroy men from the earth.But Noah could not see what had happened on the earth,because the door was shut, and the window may have been in So, as often as we see the beautiful rainbow, we are tothe roof. But he felt that the ark was no longer moving, and he remember that it is the sign of Gods promise to the world.knew that the water must have gone down. Review QuestionsSo, after waiting for a time, Noah opened a window and letloose a bird called a raven. Now the raven has strong wings. 1. What does the Bible tell of the ages of the earliest people whoThis raven flew round and round until the waters had gone were on the earth?down, and it could find a place to rest, and it did not come backto the ark. 2. Who lived the longest of any of those people? How old did he live to be?After Noah had waited for it a while, he sent out a dove. Butthe dove could not find any place to rest, so it flew back to the 3. God was displeased because most of theark, and Noah took it into the ark again. people who lived at that time had gotten very ____________________________.Then Noah waited a week longer, and afterward he sent outthe dove again. And at the evening, the dove came back to the 4. Enoch was a good man who lived in those times. The Bibleark, which was its home. In its bill was a fresh leaf which it had says that he _________________________ with God.picked off from an olive tree. 5. How was the end of Enochs life unusual?So Noah knew that the water had gone down enough to let thetrees grow once more. He waited another week, and sent out 6. What did God send to the earth because of the wickednessthe dove again. But this time the dove flew away and never of its people?came back. Noah knew that the earth was becoming dry again. 7. Noah was a good man. How did God save him and his familyHe took off a part of the roof and looked out, and saw that there from the flood?was dry land all around the ark. Noah had now lived in the arka little more than a year, and he was glad to see the green land 8. On what mountain did Noah and his family leave the arkand the trees once more. after the flood?God said to Noah, "Come out of the ark, with your wife, andyour sons, and their wives, and all the living things that arewith you in the ark." Lesson 4 - The Tower ThatSo Noah opened the door of the ark, and with his family came Was Never Finishedout, and stood once more on the ground. All the animals and Genesis 10:1 - 11:9birds and creeping things in the ark came out also, and beganagain to bring life to the earth. After the great flood, the family of Noah and those who came after him grew in number until, as the years went on, the earthThe first thing that Noah did, when he came out of the ark, was began to be full of people once give thanks to God for saving all his family when the rest ofthe people on the earth were destroyed. He built an altar, and But there was on great difference between the people who had lived before the flood and those who lived after it. Before the 6
  7. 7. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingflood, all the people stayed close together, so that very many so that everybody could understand what every other personlived in one land and no one lived in other lands. said.As far as we know, all the people on the earth before the great God caused men to change their language, perhaps not allflood, lived in the lands where the two great rivers flowed, at once, but by degrees, little by little. After a time, thecalled the Tigris and Euphrates. This part of the world was very people that belonged to one family found that they could notfull of people; but few or none crossed the mountains on the understand what the people of another family were saying,east, or the desert on the west. The great world beyond was just as now Germans do not understand English, and Frenchwithout people living in it. After the flood, families began to people cannot talk to Italians, until they have learned theirmove from one place to another, seeking for themselves new different Some went one way, and some another. As people began to grow apart in their speech they moved awayThis moving about was a part of Gods plan to have the whole into other places, where the families speaking one languageearth used for the home of men, and not merely a small part could understand each other. So the men who were buildingof it. Then, too, a family who wished to serve God, and do the city and the great tower could no longer understand eachright, could go away to another land if the people around them others speech. They left the building without finishing it, andbecame evil; and in a place by themselves they could bring up many of them went away into other lands. So the buildingtheir children in the right way. stayed forever unfinished.From Mount Ararat, where the ark rested, many of the people And the city was named Babel, a word which meansmoved southward into a country between two great rivers, the "confusion." It was afterward known as Babylon, and for a longrivers Tigris and time was one of the greatest cities of that part of the world,Euphrates. There they built houses for themselves. They even after many of its people had left it to live elsewhere.undertook to build a great city, which should rule all the peoplearound them. Part of the people who left Babylon went up to the north, and built a city called Nineveh, which became the ruling city of aThey found that the soil in that country could be made into great land called Assyria, whose people were called Assyrians.bricks, and that the bricks could be heated and made hard. Sothis made it easy to build houses to live in, and walls around Another company went away to the west, and settled by thetheir city to make it strong against enemies. great river nile, and founded the land of Egypt, with its strange temples and pyramids, its Sphinx, and its monuments.And the people said to each other, "Let us build a great tower,that shall stand on the earth and shall reach up to the sky; so Another company wandered northwest until they came to thethat we may be kept together, and not scattered abroad on the shore of the great sea which we call the Mediterranean" There they founded the cities of Sidon and Tyre, where the people were sailors, sailing to countries far away, and bringingSo they began to build their great tower out of bricks, which home many things from other lands to sell to the people ofthey piled up, one story above another. But God did not wish Babylon, and Assyria, and Egypt, and other countries.all the people on the earth to live close together, just as theyhad lived before the great flood. God knew that is they all kept So after the flood, the earth again became covered with peopletogether, those that were wicked would lead away from God living in many lands and speaking many languages.those that were good, and all the world would become evilagain, as it had been before the flood. Review Questions 1. What was the name of the first large city built after the great flood? 2. What happened to the people who were building a great tower in this city? 3. What did these people of different languages do? Lesson 5 - The Story of a Long JourneyThis was the way that god kept people from staying in one Genesis 11:27 - 13:18place. While they were building this great city and tower whichthey intended to rule the world, God caused their speech to Not far from the city of Babylon, where they began to buildchange. At that time, all men were speaking one language, the tower of Babel, was another city, called Ur of the Chaldees. 7
  8. 8. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingThe Chaldees were the people who lived in the country which • Another brothers son, Lot. Lots father, Haran, who waswas called Chaldea, where the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris the younger brother of Baram, had died before this time.come together. Abram also took all that he had, his tents, and his flocks ofAmong these people, at Ur, was living a man named Abram. sheep, and herds of cattle. He went forth on a long journey toAbram was a good man, for he prayed to the Lord God, and a land of which he did not even know the name.tried always to do Gods will. He journeyed far up the great river Euphrates to the mountainBut the people who lived in Ur, Abrams home, did not pray region, until he came to a place called Haran, in a countryto God. They prayed to idols, images made of wood and stone. called Mesopotamia. The word Mesopotamia means "betweenThey thought that these images were gods, and that they could the rivers." This country was between the two great rivershear their prayers and could help them. And as these people Tigris and Euphrates.who worshipped idols did not call on God, they did not knowhis will, and they did many wicked things. They stayed at Haran for a time. Perhaps they stopped there because Terah, the father of Abram, was too old to travelThe Lord God saw that Abram was good and faithful, though further; for they stayed at Haran until Terah died.wicked people were living all around him. And God did notwish to have Abrams family grow up in such a place, for then After the death of Terah, his father, Abram again went onthey too might become wicked. So the Lord spoke to Abram, his journey, and Lot, his brothers son, went with him. Butand said: Abrams brother, Nahor, stayed in Haran, and his family, and children, and childrens children, whom they call his"Abram, gather together all your family and go out from this "descendants," lived at Haran for many, to a land far away, that I will show you. And in that landI will make your family to become a great people, and I will From Haran, Abram and Lot turned toward the southwest,bless you and make your name great, so that all the world shall and journeyed for a long time, having the mountains on theirgive honor to your name. If you will do as I command you, you right hand and the great desert on their left. They crossed overshall be blessed, and all the families of the earth shall obtain rivers, and climbed the hills, and at last they came into the landa blessing through you." of Canaan, which was the land of which God had spoken to Abram. This land was called Canaan, because the people who were living in it were the descendants, of a man who had lived long before, whose name was Canaan. A long time after this it was called "the Land of Israel," from the people who lived in it. Because in that same land the Lord Jesus lived many years afterward, we now call it "The Holy Land." When Abram came into the land of Canaan, he found in it a few cities and villages of the Canaanites. But Abram and his people did not go into the towns to live. They lived in tents, out in the open fields, where they could find grass for their sheep and cattle. Not far from a city called Shechem, Abram set upAbram did not know just what this blessing meant that God his tent under an oak tree on the plain. There the Lord camepromised to him. But we know that Abrams family grew after to Abram, and said:many years into the Israelite people, out of whom came Jesus,the Savior of the world, for Jesus was a descendant of Abram. "I will give this land to your children, and to their children, andThat is, Jesus came a long time this shall be their land forever."afterward from the family of which Abram was the father. Soin this way, Abrams family became a blessing to all the world So Abram built an altar there, and made an offering, andby giving to the world a Savior. worshipped the Lord. Wherever Abram set up his tent, there he built his altar and prayed to God. For Abram loved God, andAlthough Abram did not know just what the blessing was to be served God, and believed Gods promises.that god promised to give him, and although he did not knowwhere the land was, to which God was sending him, he obeyedGods word. He took all his family. • Here is a list of the people he took: • His father Terah, who was very old • His wife, whose name was Sarai • His brother Nahor and his wife 8
  9. 9. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking This was noble and generous in Abram, for he was the older, and had the right to claim the first choice. Also, God had promised all of the land to Abram. So he could have just said to Lot, "Go away. This land is all mine!" But Abram showed a kind, good heart in giving to Lot his choice of the land. Lot looked over the land from the mountain where they were standing. He saw down in the valley the Jordan River flowing between green fields, where the soil was rich. He saw the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah upon the plain, near the head of the Dead Sea, into which the Jordan flows. And Lot said, "I will go down there to the plain." Lot went down the mountain to the plain, with his tents andAbram and Lot moved their tents and their flocks to many his men, and his flocks of sheep and his cattle, leaving the landplaces, where they could find grass for their flocks and water on the mountains, which was not so good, to his uncle, drink. At one time they went down to the land of Egypt,where they saw the great river Nile. Perhaps they saw also the Perhaps Lot did not know that the people in Sodom were thePyramids, and the Sphinx, and the wonderful temples in that most wicked of all the people in the land. But he went to liveland, for many of them were built before Abram lived. near them, and gradually moved his tent closer to Sodom, until after a time he was living in that wicked city.Abram did not stay long in the land of Egypt. God did not wishhim to live in a land where the people worshipped idols. So After Lot had separated from Abram, God said to Abram:God sent Abram back again to the land of Canaan, where hecould live apart from cities, and bring up his servants and his "Lift up your eyes from this place, and look east and west, andpeople to worship the Lord. north and south. All the land that you can see, mountains and valleys and plains, I will give it to you, and to your children,He came to a place where afterward a city called Bethel stood. and their children, and those who come after them. YourThere, as before, he built an altar and prayed to the Lord. descendants shall have all this land, and they shall be as many as the dust of the earth. If one could count the dust of the earth,No Lot, the son of Abrams younger brother who had died, was they could as easily count those who shall come from you. Risewith Abram. Lot, like Abram, had flocks of sheep and herds of up and walk through the land wherever you please, for it is allcattle, and many tents for his people. Abrams shepherds and yours."Lots shepherds quarreled, because there was not enough grassin one place for both of them to feed their flocks. Besides, these Then Abram moved his tent from Bethel, and went to live nearpeople, the Canaanites were also in the land, so that there was the city of Hebron, in the south, under an oak tree. There againnot room for all of them. he built an altar to the Lord.When Abram heard of the quarrel between his man and the Review Questionsmen under Lot, he said to Lot: 1. Who was Abram?"Let there be no quarrel between you and me, nor betweenyour men and my men. For you and I are like brothers to each 2. In Abrams time, to what did all the other people pray?other. The whole land is before us. Let us go apart. You shallhave the first choice, too. If you take the land on the right hand, 3. What did God tell Abram to do?then I will take the land on the left. If you choose the left hand,then I will take the right." 4. What was Gods promise to Abram? 5. Abram obeyed Gods word. To what land did he go? 6. How did Abram and his family live in the land of Canaan? 7. What did Abram build whenever he set up his tent? 8. Who was Lot? 9. Where did Lot live, after he left his uncle Abram? 9
  10. 10. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking King Melchizedek blessed Abram, and said, "May the LordLesson 6 - The Choices of Lot God Most High, who made heaven and earth, bless Abram;and Abram and blessed be the Lord God Most High, who has given your enemies into your hand."How Lots choice brought trouble, and Abrams choicebrought blessing Abram made a present to King Melchizedek, because he worshipped the Lord. Abram gave to the king of Sodom all theGenesis 14:1 - 15:21 people and all the goods that had been taken away; and he would not take any pay for having saved them.Lot lived in Sodom, and Abram lived in his tent on themountains of Canaan. At that time in the plain of Jordan, near You would have thought that after this, Lot would have seenthe head of the Dead Sea, were five cities, of which Sodom that it was wrong for him to live in Sodom. But he went back toand Gomorrah were two. Each of the five cities was ruled by that city, and made his home there once more, even though hisits own king. But over all these little kings and their little heart was made sad by the wickedness that he saw around him.kingdoms was a greater king, who lived far away, near the landof Chaldea, from which Abram had come, and who ruled all After Abram had gone back to his tent under the oak trees atthe lands, far and near. Hebron, one day the Lord God spoke to him, and said:After a time these little kings in the plain would not obey the "Fear not, Abram; I will be a shield to keep you safe fromgreater king. So he and all his army made war upon them. enemies; and I will give you a very great reward for servingA battle was fought on the plain, not far from Sodom, and me."the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah were beaten in the battle,and their soldiers were killed. Then the king who had won the And Abram said, "O Lord God, what good can anything do tovictory over his enemies came to Sodom, and took everything me, since I have no child to whom I can give it. After I die, thethat he could find in the city, and carried away all the people man who will own everything that I have is not my son, butin the city, intending to keep them as slaves. After a battle, in a servant." For although Abram had a large family of peoplethose times, the army that won the victory took away all the around him, and may servants, he had no son. He was now angoods, and made slaves of all the people on the side that had old man, and his wife Sarai was also old.been beaten. God said to Abram, "The one to receive what you own shall notSo Lot, with all that he owned, was carried away by enemies, be a stranger, but shall be your own son."who went up the valley from Sodom, and did not stop to restuntil they came to the head-waters of the river Jordan, at a That night God brought Abram out of his tent, under theplace afterward called Dan. So, all that Lots selfish choice heavens, and said to him:gained for him was to lose all that he had, and to be made aprisoner and a slave. "Look now up to the sky, and count the stars, if you can. The people who shall spring from you, your descendants, in theSomeone ran away from the battle, and came to Abram, who years to come, shall be many more than all the stars that youwas living in his tent under the oak tree near Hebron. As soon can see."as Abram heard what had happened, he called together all themen who were with him, his servants, his shepherds, and his Abram did not see how this promise of God could be kept; butpeople, and his friends. He led them after the enemy that had he believed Gods word, and did not doubt it. God loved Abramtaken away Lot. He followed as fast as his men could march, because he believed the promise. Although Abram could not atand found the enemy, with all the goods they had taken and that time see how Gods promise could be kept, yet we knowall their prisoners, at Dan, one of the places where the Jordan that it was kept, for the Israelite people in the Bible story, andRiver begins. the Jews everywhere in the world now, all came from Abram.Abram rushed upon the enemies at night, while they were After that, one day, just as the sun was going down, God camealseep. He fought them, and drove them away, so suddenly to Abram again, and told him many things that should comethat they left behind them everything, and ran far off among to pass. God said to Abram:the mountains. And in their camp Abram found his nephewLot, safe, with his wife and daughters, and all his goods. All of "After your life is ended, those who are to come from you, yourthe other people who had been captured, and their goods were descendants, shall go into a strange land. The people of thatthere too. land shall make slaves of them, and shall be cruel to them. And they shall stay in that strange land four hundred years.Then the king of Sodom came to meet Abram, at a place near Afterward they shall come out of that land, not any more asthe city of Jerusalem, which was afterward called "The Kings slaves, but very rich. After the four hundred years they shallValley." And with him came the king of Jerusalem, which come back to this land, and this shall be their home. And thisat that time was called Salem. The name of this king was shall come to pass after your life, for you shall die in peace andMelchizedek, and unlike most other kings in the land at that be buried in a good old age. All this land where you are livingtime, he was a worshipper of the Lord God, As Abram was. shall belong to your people." 10
  11. 11. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingSo that Abram might remember this promise of God, God told Hagar said to the angel, "I am going away from my mistressAbram to make ready an offering of a lamb and a goat and a Sarai, because I do not wish to stay with her and serve her anypair of pigeons, and to divide them into pieces, and place them longer."opposite to each other. And that night Abram looked, and sawa smoke and fire, like a flaming torch, that passed between the Then the angel said to Hagar, "Go back to your mistress Sarai,pieces of the offering. and submit to her, for it is better for you than to go away. God knows all your troubles, for he sees you and hears you, and heSo a promise was made between God and Abram. God will help you. By and by you shall have a son, and you shallpromised to give Abram a son and a people and a land, and call his name Ishmael, because God has heard you."Abram promised to serve God faithfully. The word Ishmael means "God hears." So whenever HagarSuch a promise as this, made by two people to each other, was should speak her boys name, she would think "God has heardcalled a covenant. This was Gods covenant with Abram. me."Review Questions Then the angel told Hagar that her son Ishmael would be strong and fierce, and that no one would be able to overcome1. What happened to Lot and his family at Sodom? him, or his children, or his descendants, those who should come after him.2. How was Lot saved from those enemies and brought backto his home? So Hagar was comforted, and went back again to serve Sarai. And afterward the well where she saw the angel was called3. What was the covenant that was made between God and by a name which means "The well of the Living One who seesAbram? me." After this, Hagar had a son; and as the angel told her, she called his name Ishmael; that is, "God hears." We will read more about Hagar and Ishmael a little later.Lesson 7 - The Angel by the While Abram was living in Hebron, the Lord came to him againWell and spoke to him, while Abram bowed with his face to the ground. God said, "I am the Almighty God; walk before me,Genesis 16:1 - 17:27 and be perfect; and I will make you a father of many nations. And your name shall be changed. You shall no more beYou remember that Abrams wife, who had journeyed with him called Abram, but Abraham, a word that means "Father of afrom Ur of the Chaldees, and who lived in his tent all those multitude," because you shall be the father of many nationsyears, was named Sarai. Now Sarai had a maid, a servant that of people. And your wifes name shall also be changed. Shewaited on her, whose name was Hagar. She came from the shall no more be called Sarai, but Sarah; that is, "princess."land of Egypt, where the pyramids and the temples were. But And you and Sarah shall have a son, and you shall call hisSarai and her maid Hagar had some trouble. They could not name Isaac; and he shall have sons when he becomes a man,agree, and Sarai was so sharp and severe with Hagar, that at and his descendants, those who spring from him, shall be verylast Hagar ran away from Sarais tent. many people." So from this time he was no longer Abram, but Abraham, and his wife was called Sarah. Review Questions 1. Who was Hagar? 2. Why was Hagar out in the desert alone? 3. What did the angel tell her to do? 4. The angel told her she was going to have a son. What was she supposed to name him? What did this name mean?She went out into the desert, and took the road that led downto Egypt, her own country, the land from which she had come. Lesson 8 - The Rain of Fire On the way she stopped beside a spring of water. There an That Fell on a Cityangel from the Lord met her, and said to her: Genesis 18:1 - 19:30"Hagar, are you not the servant of Sarai, Abrams wife? Whatare you doing here? Where are you going?" One day Abraham was sitting in the door of his tent, when he saw three men coming toward him. He know from their looks 11
  12. 12. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingthat they were not common men. They were angels, and one you destroy the righteous with the wicked, the good with theof them seems to have been the Lord God himself, coming in bad, in Sodom? Perhaps there may be fifty good people in thethe form of a man. city. would you not spare the city for the sake of fifty good men who may be in it? Shall not the Judge and Ruler of all the earth do right?" The Lord answered, "If I find in Sodom fifty good people, then I will not destroy the city, but will spare it for their sake." Abraham said again, "Perhaps I should not ask anything more, for I am only a common man, talking with the Lord God. But suppose that there should be forty-five good people in Sodom,When Abraham saw these men coming, he went out to meet would you destroy the city because it needs only five good menthem, and bowed to them; and he said to the one who was the to make up the fifty?"leader: The Lord again answered, "I will not destroy it, if there are"My Lord, do not pass by; but come and rest a little under the forty-five good men in it." And Abraham said, "Suppose theretree. Let me send for water to wash your feet; and take some are forty good people in it, what then?"food; and stay with us a little while." The Lord answered, "I will spare the city, if I find in it fortySo this strange person, who was God in the form of a man, sat good men."with his two followers in Abrahams tent, under the oak-treesat Hebron. They took some food which Sarah, Abrahams wife, Abraham said, "Oh Lord, do not be angry, if I ask that if theremade ready for them, and then the Lord talked with Abraham. are thirty good men in the city, it may be spared." He told Abraham again that in a very little time God wouldsend to him and Sarah a little boy, whose name should be And the Lord said, "I will not do it, if I find thirty good menIsaac. In the language that Abraham spoke, the name Isaac there."means "laughing;" because Abraham and Sarah both laughedaloud when they heard it. They were so happy that they could Abraham said, "Let me venture to ask that you would spare itscarcely believe the news. if twenty are there." The Lord said, "I will not destroy it for the sake of twenty good men, if they are there." Then Abraham said, "Oh, let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak only this once more. Perhaps there may be ten good men found in the city." And the Lord said, "If I find ten good men in Sodom, I will spare the city." After this, Abraham had no more to say. The Lord in the form of a man went on his way toward Sodom; and Abraham turnedThen the three persons rose up to go, and two of them went back, and went to his tent.on the road which led toward Sodom, down on the plain ofJordan, below the mountains. But the one whom Abraham Remember that Lot, the nephew of Abraham, chose the landcalled "My Lord" stopped after the others had gone away, and of Sodom for his home, and lived there, though the peoplesaid: were so wicked. Remember, too, how Lot was carried away captive when Sodom was taken by its enemies, and how he was"Shall I hide from Abraham what I am going to do? For rescued by Abram. But after all that had happened, Lot wentAbraham is to be the father of a great people, and all the to live in Sodom again; and he was there when the angels cameworld shall receive a blessing through him. And I know that to Abrahams tent, as we read in the last story.Abraham will teach his children and all those that live with himto obey the will of the Lord, and to do right. I will tell Abraham Two of the angels who had visited Abraham went down towhat I am going to do. I am going down to the city of Sodom Sodom, and walked through the city, trying to find some goodand the other cities that are near it, and I am going to see if the men; for if they could find only ten, the city would be is as bad as it seems to be; for the wickedness of the city is But the only good man whom they could find was Lot. He tooklike a cry coming up before the Lord." the angels, who looked like men, into his house, and treated them kindly, and made a supper for them.And Abraham knew that Sodom was very wicked, and hefeared that God was about to destroy it. Abraham said, "Would 12
  13. 13. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingThe men of Sodom, when they found that strangers were inLots house, came before the house in the street, and triedto take the two men out that they might do them harm, sowicked and cruel were they. But the men of Sodom could donothing against them, for when they tried to break open thedoor, and Lot was greatly frightened, the two angels struck allthose wicked men blind in a moment, so that they could notsee, and felt around in the dark for the door.Then the angels said to Lot, "Have you here any others besidesyourself, any sons, or sons-in-law, or daughters? Whomeveryou have, get them out of the city quickly, for we are here todestroy this place, because it is so very wicked." Then, as soon as Lot and his family were safely out of Sodom,Then Lot went to the houses where the young men lived who the Lord caused a rain of fire to fall upon Sodom and the otherhad married some of his daughters, and said to them, "Hurry, cities on the plain. With the fire came great clouds of sulphurand get out of this place, for the Lord will destroy it." smoke, covering all the plain. So the cities were destroyed, and all the people in them; not one man or woman or child was left.But the husbands of his daughters would not believe his words. They only laughed at him. What a mistake it was for Lot to livein a wicked city, where his daughters were married to youngmen living there!And when the morning was coming, the two angels tried tomake poor Lot hasten away. They said, "Rise up quickly, andtake your wife, and your two daughters that are here. If youdo not hurry, you will be destroyed with the city."But Lot was slow to leave his house, and his married daughters,and all that he had; and the two angels took hold of him, and of While Lot and his daughters were flying from the city, Lotshis wife, and his two daughters; and the angels dragged them wife stopped, and looked back; and she became a pillar ofout of the city. God was good to Lot, to take him out of the city salt, standing there upon the plain. Lot and his two daughtersbefore it was destroyed. escaped, but they were afraid to stay in the little city of Zoar. They climbed up the mountain, away from the plain, andWhen they had brought Lot and his wife and his daughters out found a cave, and there thy lived. So Lot lost his wife, and allof the city, one of the angels said to him, "Escape for your life. that he had, because he had made his home among the wicked Do not look behind you. do not stop anywhere in the plain. people of Sodom. Climb up the mountain, or you may be destroyed!" When Abraham, from his tent door on the mountain, lookedLot begged the angels not to send him so far away. He said, down toward the plain, the smoke was rising from it, like the"Oh my Lord, I cannot climb the mountain. Have mercy upon smoke of a great, and let me go to that little city that lies yonder. It is only alittle city, and you can spare it. Please to let me be safe there." That was the end of the cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the other cities with them. Zoar alone wasThe angel said, "We will spare that city for your sake; and we saved, because Lot, a good man, prayed for it.will wait until you are safe before we destroy these other cities."So Lot ran to the little city, and there he found safety. In thelanguage of that time, the word "Zoar" means little; so that citywas afterward called Zoar. It was the time of sunrise when Lotcame to Zoar. Review Questions 1. What new name did God give to Abram? 2. Who came to visit Abraham in his tent? 3. What good news did they bring to Abraham? 13
  14. 14. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking4. What did Abraham ask of God concerning the city ofSodom?5. What promise did God make to Abraham about sparing thecity of Sodom?6. How many good men did the angels of God find in Sodom?7. What happened to Sodom and the cities near it after theangels had sent Lot away? Abraham felt very sorry to have trouble come between Sarah and Hagar, and between Isaac and Ishmael; for Abraham wasSome graphics are from http:// a kind and good man, and he was friendly to them . But the Lord said to Abraham, "Do not be troubled about Ishmael and his mother. Do as Sarah has asked you to do, and send them away. It is best that Isaac should be left alone inLesson 9 - The Boy Who your tent, for he is to receive everything that is yours. I theBecame an Archer Lord will take care of Ishmael, and will make a great people of his descendants, those who shall come from him."Genesis 21:1-21 So the next morning, Abraham sent Hagar and her boys away,After Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, Abraham moved expecting them to go back to the land of Egypt, from whichhis tent and his camp away from that part of the land, and Hagar had come. He gave them some food for the journey,went to live near a place called Gerar, in the southwest, no far and a bottle of water to drink by the way. The bottles in thatfrom the Great Sea. And there at last, the child whom God had country were not like ours, made of glass. They were madepromised to Abraham and Sarah was born, when Abraham his from the skin of a goat, sewed tightly together. One of thesefather was a hundred years old. skin bottles Abraham filled with water, and gave to Hagar.They named this child Isaac, as the angel had told them he Hagar went away from Abrahams tent, leading her little boy.should be named. And Abraham and Sarah were so happy to But in some way she lost the road, and wandered over thehave a little boy, that after a time they gave a great feast to all desert, not knowing where she was, until all the water in thethe people, in honor of the little Isaac. bottle was used up. Her poor boy, in the hot sun and the burning sand, had nothing to drink. She thought that he would die of his terrible thirst, and she laid him down under a little bush.You remember the story about Sarahs maid Hagar, theEgyptian woman, and how she ran away from her mistress,and saw an angel by a well. Afterward she came back to Sarah,and had a child whose name was Ishmael. So now there weretwo boys in Abrahams tent, the older boy, Ishmael, the son ofHagar, and the younger boy, Isaac, the son of Abraham andSarah. Then she went away, for she said to herself, "I cannot bear to look at my poor boy suffering and dying for want of water."Ishmael did not like the little Isaac, and did not treat himkindly. This made his mother Sarah very angry, and she said to Just at that moment, while Hagar was crying, and her boy washer husband, "I do not wish to have this boy Ishmael growing moaning with thirst, she heard a voice saying to her, "Hagar,up with my son Isaac. Send away Hagar and her boy, for they what is your trouble? Do not be afraid. God has heard yourare a trouble to me." cry, and the cry of your child. God will take care of you both, and will make of your boy a great nation of people. It was the voice of an angel from Heaven. Then Hagar looked, and there close at hand was a spring of water in the desert. 14
  15. 15. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking How glad Hagar was, as she filled the bottle with water, and people, killed on the altars. And God chose a way to teachtook it to her suffering boy under the bush! Abraham, so that he and his children after him would never forget it. Then at the same time he wished to see how faithfulAfter this, Hagar did not go down to Egypt. She found a place and obedient Abraham would be to his commands; how fullynear this spring, where she lived and brought up her son in the Abraham would trust in god, or as we should say, how greatwilderness, far from other people. God was with Ishmael, and was Abrahams faith in God.cared for him. Ishmael grew up in the desert, and learned toshoot with the bow and arrow. He became a wild man, and hischildren after him grew up to be wild men also. So Ishmaelcame to be the father of many people, and his descendants,the wild Arabians of the desert, are living unto this day in thatland, just as the Jews, who are the descendants of Isaac, areliving all over the world.Review Questions1. Why did Sarah want Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael So God gave to Abraham a command which he did not meanaway? to have obeyed, though this he did not tell to Abraham. He said, "Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love2. What did God tell Abraham to do about this? so greatly, and go to the land of Moriah. There, on a mountain that I will show you, offer him for a burnt offering to me."3. What promise did God make to Abraham about Ishmael? Though this command filled Abrahams heart with pain, yet he4. As Hagar and Ishmael were in the desert, what happened would not be as surprised to receive it as a father would in ourto them? day. For such offerings were very common among all those people in the land where Abraham lived.5. Why was Hagar so worried about Ishmael? Abraham never for one moment doubted or disobeyed Gods6. An angel appeared to Hagar in the desert. What did he say word. He knew that Isaac was the child whom God hadto her? promised, and that God had promised, too, that Isaac would have children, and that those coming from Isaac would be a7. After the angel left, what did Hagar find? great nation. He did not see how God could keep his promise with regard to Isaac if Isaac was to be killed an an offering,8. Where did she raise Ishmael? unless God would raise him up from the dead afterward.Color images courtesy of underthe Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike License.Lesson 10 - How an AngelsVoice Saved a Boys LifeGenesis22:1 to 23:20 But Abraham undertook at once to obey Gods command. HeYou remember that in those times of which we are telling, took two young men with him, and a donkey laden with woodwhen men worshiped God, they built an altar of earth or of for the fire. He went toward the mountain in the north, Isaacstone, and laid an offering upon it, as a gift to God. The his son walking by his side.offering was generally a sheep, or a goat, or a young ox, someanimal that was used for food. Such an offering was called "asacrifice."But the people who worshiped idols often did what seems to usvery strange and terrible. They thought it would please theirgods, if they would offer as a sacrifice the most precious livingthings that were their own; and they would take their own littlechildren and kill them upon their altars as offerings to the gosof wood and stone, that were not real gods, but only images. For two days they walked, sleeping under the trees at nightGod wanted to show Abraham, and all his descendants, that in the open country. On the third day, Abraham saw thehe was not pleased with such offerings as those of living mountain far away. As they drew near to the mountain, 15
  16. 16. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingAbraham said to the young men, "Stay here with the donkey The angel of the Lord said, "Do not lay your hand upon yourwhile I go up to the mountain with Isaac to worship. When we son. Do no harm to him. Now I know that you love God morehave worshiped, we will come back to you." than you love your only son, and that you are obedient to God, since you are ready to give up your son, your only son, to God." What a relief and a joy these words from heaven brought to the heart of Abraham! How glad he was to know that it was not Gods will for him to kill his son!For Abraham believed that in some way God would bring Isaacback to life. He took the wood from the donkey, and placedit on Isaac, and the two walked up the mountain together. Asthey were walking Isaac said, "Father, here is the wood, butwhere is the lamb for the offering?" Then Abraham looked around, and there in the thicket was a ram caught by his horns. Abraham took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in place of his son. So Abrahams words came true, when he said that God would provide for himself a lamb. The place where this altar was built Abraham named Jehovah-jireh, words meaning, in the language that Abraham spoke, "The Lord will provide."Abraham answered, "My son, God will provide himself thelamb."They came to the place on the top of the mountain. ThereAbraham built an altar of stones and earth heaped up, and onit he placed the wood. Then he tied the hands of Isaac, andlaid him on the wood on the altar. This offering, which seems so strange, did much good. It showed to Abraham, and to Isaac also, that Isaac belonged to God, for to God he had been offered. And in Isaac, all those who would come from him, his descendants, had been given to God. Then it showed to Abraham, and to all the people after him,Abraham lifted up his hand, holding a knife to kill his son. A that God did not wish children or men killed as offerings formoment longer, and Isaac would be slain by his own fathers worship. While all the people around offered such sacrifices,hand. But just at that moment, the angel of the Lord out of the Israelites, who came from Abraham and from Isaac, neverheaven called to Abraham, and said, "Abraham! Abraham!" offered them, but offered oxen and sheep and goats instead.Abraham answered, "Here I am, Lord." It looked onward to a time when, just as Abraham gave his son as an offering, God would give his Son Jesus Christ to die for 16
  17. 17. September 30th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingthe sins of the world. All this was taught in this act of worshipon Mount Moriah.Some think that on the very place where this offering wasgiven, the altar in the temple many years afterward stood onMount Moriah. At this time Abraham was living at a placecalled Beersheba, on the border of the desert, south of the landof Canaan. From Beersheba he took this journey to MountMoriah, and to Beersheba he came again after the offering onthe mountain.Beersheba was the home of Abraham during most of his lateryears. After a time, Sarah, the wife of Abraham and the motherof Isaac, died, being one hundred and twenty years old.Abraham bought from the people of Hebron a cave, called thecave of Machpelah. There he buried Sarah his wife.Review Questions1. What was the name of Abrahams son?2. Why did Abraham take Isaac to the mountain?3. What was Gods purpose in this?Color images courtesy of underthe Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike License. 17