Website Planning 201 by Jen McKibben
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Website Planning 201 by Jen McKibben

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Website Planning 201 by Jen McKibben presented at CMS Expo in Denver, December 2008.

Website Planning 201 by Jen McKibben presented at CMS Expo in Denver, December 2008.

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  • 1. Website Planning 201 Jen Kramer McKibben 4Web, Inc. CMS Expo, Denver, CO December 2008
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introduce Jen
    • Introduce Jesse James Garrett and the Five Planes of User Experience
    • Structure, Skeleton and Surface
  • 3. Jen Kramer McKibben
    • Building websites since 2000, Joomla sites since 2005, Joomla 1.5 since RC1
    • Program Director, MSIT, Marlboro College Graduate Center
    • Manager, New England Adobe User Group and Joomla! User Group New England
    • author: Joomla! Creating and Editing Custom Templates and Joomla! Advanced CSS
    • Not really a PHP/MySQL kind of gal!
  • 4. “ I need a site and I want it blue. How much will that cost?” “I need a house, and I’d like blue paint and beige carpet. How much will that cost?”
  • 5. The Elements of User Experience
    • Developed by Jesse James Garrett,
  • 6. Structure Plane
    • Questions:
    • How should the content be organized?
    • What are the navigation button names?
  • 7. How should the content be organized?
    • In Joomla, there are two considerations:
      • What does the site map look like?
      • How are sections and categories organized?
  • 8. What is a site map?
    • Think of this as an org chart.
    • This is the hierarchy of your pages in your website.
    • It can be displayed as an org chart, or as a bulleted list.
  • 9. What is a site map? Home About Location & Directions Photos Physician Directory Physician Profiles Testimonials Primary Care Surgery Area Resources Cultural Attractions Schools Recreation Real Estate Newspapers Links C of C Visitors Bureau FAQ Career Opportunities
  • 10. What is a site map?
    • Home
    • FAQ
    • About
      • Location & Directions
      • Photos
    • Area Resources
      • Recreation
      • Links
        • Chamber of Commerce
        • Visitor’s Bureau
  • 11. How to develop a site map?
    • Card sorting
  • 12. Sections and Categories in Joomla
    • Everyone has their own theory and philosophy.
  • 13. “Sections and Categories Don’t Matter”
    • Positives
    • Set all articles to “uncategorized” – no thought required
    • Client doesn’t need to worry about assigning correct section/category
    • Negatives
    • Possible in Joomla 1.5 only
    • Can the client find an article to edit in the article manager?
    • Can’t use section/category blogs or other features
  • 14. “Sections and Categories Follow the Site Map”
    • Positives
    • Easier to find content in the manager
    • Savvy clients find categories more intuitive
    • Negatives
    • Client may get confused with too many categories
    • Potentially too much slicing and dicing
  • 15. Sections and Categories Work for Your Content
    • Organize them so you can find what you need, and so can your client.
    • Thoughtfully make use of section/category blogs, and other section and category based organization.
  • 16. Flow charts
    • Helpful for thinking about tasks and the order they need to be completed
    • Makes you think about error handling
    • Helpful for developing modules and components
  • 17. Flow charts
  • 18. Structure Plane
    • Any Questions?
  • 19. Skeleton Plane
    • Questions
    • How should forms and other interactive screens look?
    • Where should important information be located?
  • 20. Skeleton Plane
    • Wireframe diagrams
    • Low-fidelity usability testing
    • HTML sketches
  • 21. Wireframe Diagram
  • 22. Low-fidelity usability testing?
    • Make a paper diagram of how the site will work.
    • Test the site with users, next-door neighbors, anyone you can
    • “Paper Prototyping” by Carolyn Snyder
  • 23. HTML Sketches
    • Most practical in Joomla
    • Build the website out with sections, categories, articles, menu items (SCAM)
    • Let the client look at it.
    • Test with users.
    • Wireframe template available!
  • 24. Skeleton Plane
    • Any questions?
  • 25. Surface Plane
    • Questions:
    • What will the finished product look like?
    • What colors, fonts, and logo will we use?
    • Sanity checks on layout, user understanding of the site, etc.
  • 26. Where does the design come from?
    • Two choices with Joomla:
      • Canned template (JoomlaShack, SiteGround, others)
      • Build your own template based on a graphic design
  • 27. Which is better?
    • It Depends.
  • 28. Canned template positives
    • Cheap to develop with a free or low-cost canned template
    • Template almost always works correctly.
    • Generally reasonable graphic designs.
  • 29. Canned template negatives
    • Not a unique look
    • Limited in regions for adding modules
    • Helps to know HTML and CSS for modifying the template
    • Can be tricky to understand what the template designer did and why
  • 30. Custom template positives
    • Unique, perfect look for the client
    • Changeable and moldable to the content
    • No extra code – does only what it needs to do
    • You can charge more 
  • 31. Custom template negatives
    • Expen$$$ive
    • How good are your graphic design skills? (Or do you know a graphic designer who can design for Joomla?)
    • Can you convert the design to Joomla templates? (Or know someone who can?)
  • 32. Absolutely shameless plug
    • Be sure to check out
    • “ Joomla!: Creating and Editing Custom Templates”
    • With Jen Kramer McKibben
    • (released December 2, 2008)
    • (Releasing soon: Joomla! Advanced CSS)
  • 33. Not so shameless plug
    • And attend Barrie North’s talk on template development
    • (at 2:30 immediately following this talk)
  • 34. Exercise
    • Take a look at structure, skeleton, and surface for this site. Discuss.
  • 35. If you liked this talk, you may also like…
    • Graphics for Non-Designers
      • 1-2:30 PM 12/5
  • 36. Questions?
    • Jen Kramer McKibben
    • 4Web, Inc.
    • [email_address]
    • Twitter: jen4web