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Coffee & Dunn Inc Capabilities Overview

  2. 2. About Coffee & DunnCoffee & Dunn is about achieving marketing successthrough improved marketing operations.Our passion is to improve the quality and effectivenessof marketing, applying leading technologies to increasespeed or scale, realigning processes and people to createcompetitive agility, and applying thoughtful strategies tomeasure performance.Our unique approach bridges the critical gap betweenagencies (creative focus) and traditional consultancies “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I(supply chain or analytics focus) by connecting customers to will spend the first four sharpening the axe”marketing capabilities, blending contemporary marketing Abraham Lincolninsight and proven management thinking.Our solutions are thoughtful and practical, initiatingpositive results immediately. Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 2
  3. 3. Why We Exist“Marketing without planning and discipline is like golf for the weekend warrior - moments of greatness surrounded by hours of agony” - Coffee & Dunn (W. Dunn) Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 3
  4. 4. Marketing faces many operational challenges… We are not all ‘speaking the same How can we be more agile when language’, so it is almost impossible our organization hasn’t evolved to collaborate or measure anything. with new competitive realities or technology advances, and agencies control our content? How can we better align with Sales and communicate our marketing objectives and strategies? How can we ensure roles and responsibilities are clear throughout the marketing organization? We are executing campaigns, but only through brute force, long hours, and We’ve invested in individual heroics. technology, but are not Can we change this? getting the value the software vendor promised. Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 4
  5. 5. …with substantial impact to performance. Challenge Symptom Market Impact Speed to • Missed in-market dates • Competitive weakness Market • Vendor RUSH orders • Inability to respond to market opportunities • “Last minute” media buying or events • Inflexible programming, slow refresh Brand • Inconsistent look and feel • Message confusion Consistency • Redundancy or duplication of effort • Low brand recognition • Poor reuse/cross-use of assets Regulatory • Bottlenecking for key compliance personnel • Legal/regulatory approval risk Compliance • Overabundance of technology • Delayed in-market timing • Limited published or enforceable protocols • Increasing governmental penalties Spend/Cost • Out of budget by 3Q • Poor ROI • Excessive use of agencies • Missed campaign opportunities • Increasing headcount is only way to scale • Incomplete or poor quality output (“cutting corners”) Visibility • Missed deadlines (‘dropped balls’) • Poor quality marketing content • Redundancy/ misaligned programs • Little positive impact on sales • Project ownership unclear • Missed competitive opportunities • No complete picture of all marketing • Waste activities or how resources allocated Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 5
  6. 6. Others’ Perspective Great Creative = Great Marketing Agency View Disciplined Process = Efficient Marketing IT/Finance View Big Ideas + Big Media = Notable Marketing Traditional CMO view Sales Leadership + Marketing Support = Great Sales TRADITIONAL Sales ViewCoffee & Dunn’s Perspective Big Ideas + Organization + Process + Technology + Alignment to Strategy View = Successful, Sustainable Marketing Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 6
  7. 7. Coffee & Dunn’s Perspectives on MarketingGreat ideas aren’t what they used to Marketing must step forward and leadbe. Fancy artwork and catchy taglines the organization. That means aligningwon’t overcome a lack of knowledge of strategy, technology prowess, collaboration,the customer or poor execution. and disciplined accountability.Over the last decade marketers have “hired and The problem is, trading out one good idea for anotherfired” agencies, worked to improve campaign is not effective if they are poorly executed. The classicplanning and execution with classic operational (supply chain) approaches to optimizing processes andapproaches such as Supply Chain Management, technology, especially in isolation, are inconsistent withSix Sigma, and Lean; or with point solutions like the way marketers naturally work and generally ignoreworkflow or campaign management. the reality that Marketing is Different.Marketing is Different in many ways: The path forward for marketers is clear:• Great marketing is not only the output of a few • Define the Operating Model to formalize Marketing brilliant minds, nor should it be dumb luck. Instead capability requirements (skills, technologies, Marketing requires vision, planning, insights, and processes), and effectively apply it to meet customer teamwork needs.• Marketing’s organization design looks very different • Integrate technology solutions that address the wider from one organization to the next, one team to the business considerations that afford consolidation, next -- often defying logic speed, repeatability and consistency, and empower• The pace of competition is rapid, requiring a new the individual marketer degree of agility. Marketing must apply new • Define End-to-End process to ensure role clarity, insights up to the very moment the message is individual accountability, and consistent consumed. collaborations between participants. Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 7
  8. 8. How We Help“When we observed we had fewer and larger animals each morning, we realized we probably needed more than one animal habitat” - Zookeeper (J. Coffee) Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 8
  9. 9. Your Agenda is Our Agenda Advance Marketing’s ability to plan programming that aligns to Sales’ goals and channels Create the optimum design of the Marketing organization (including internal and external resources) Identify and deploy leading technologies to enable Marketers to collaboratively achieve strategic and operational goals Maximize the speed and quality of marketing content creation and distribution through improved process Improve Marketing financial management for reporting and evaluation of marketing performance Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 9
  10. 10. Adapt Methodology for Your AgendaSample Deliverables Deliverable Benefit Marketing Operations Assessment Objectives, Goals, Align Marketing efforts top to bottom against Strategies, Measures business/line of business priorities (OGSM) Framework End to end process definition Ensure suite of Marketing technologies provide the scope and level of capability required to support Roadmap marketing processes and enable marketers to Comprehensive deliver against objectives Roadmap (people, Marketing Operating Model process, technology) Align the organization to efficiently and consistently Operating Model deliver orchestrated multi-channel output OGSM Align resources around a common end-to-end End-to-End Marketing process for campaign planning, development, and Process Definition delivery Change Technology Leverage (when appropriate) existing technology Management Implementation investments to achieve expected operational • Resource Management benefits. Avoid expensive technology purchases • Campaign Management • Content Management that don’t deliver promised benefits. Marketing Resource Management Through discovery interviews, document review, and collaborative workshops, we help you identify Marketing Operations and understand root causes of operational pains, Process and Technology Assessment and develop an action plan to address gaps and Implementation opportunities. Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 10
  11. 11. Results for Interrelated Teams Information for Ability to respond to customer improved decision channel preferences, channel making, relevant skills, integration, visibility into planning speed, budget efficiency, unified customer experience Marketing Modern technology to facilitate Sales/Retail collaboration, capacity planning, skills development, visibility andMarketing activities aligned alignment across all segmentsto meet product/ campaignlaunch dates, with flexibility for “last minute” changes Product Standards allowing Marketing for routine campaign- Operations/ IT project cost; leveraging enterprise tools, cost Valuable operational containment, access Finance and customer insights, Insight & to data channel integration, the right tools, access Measurement to data Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 11
  12. 12. Recent Case StudiesClient Profile Situation What We Did OutcomesRetail Advisory consultants worked with client over a  Marketing operations priorities for 3-year series of half-day workshops, planning horizon “I’ve just taken on new  Organizational context for internal and• Grocery• Rev $40B+ responsibilities. Help me Deliverables: external interactions• 300 associates investigate, understand,  Current state diagnosis of Marketing  Understanding of highest-order operational impacted and communicate our Operations barriers• US/National  Fit/gap assessment  Definition of business drivers for marketing focused CMO current challenges and  Improvement recommendations & action plan  Improvement responsibilities for direct opportunities…” (people , process, technology) reports  Executive summary and debrief Advisory consultants worked with the client  Common End-to-End process for MarketingFinancial over two-month period to formalize a path (and  Shared services and LOB focused on specificServices specific actions) to achieve their desired future activities in project planning and execution, state. removing process ambiguity “Help us align our• Wealth  Ability to respond to changes in volume; scale Management resources to be more Deliverables: up and down effective, and identify a  Current state analysis  Technology plan that enables optimum• 400 associates Marketing  “Quick hit” recommendations impacted VP technology roadmap”  Marketing operating model operating model, and overcomes technology• Global focus silos  End-to-end process definition  Division of labor between Sales and Marketing  Technology roadmap  Protocol for Region vs. HQ responsibilities  Stakeholder/Executive communication plan Implementation consultants worked with client to  Realigned headcountConsumer discover key business and user requirements,  Improved agency accountabilitytech “I know we need to identify best alternatives (including re-  Ability to track planned and actual spend upgrade our technology implementing existing technology), design the  Improved visibility into status and resourcing• Mobile Electronics and improve processes. process, configure and deploy the solution.  Improved brand compliance• Rev. $20B+ Can you help us confirm  Reuse benefit from existing assets• 100’s associates Global Deliverables:  Asset security our requirements, select  Project work plan  Increased capability maturity impacted Marketing• Global focus Operations and implement  Stakeholder communication plan  Improved process repeatability Director applicable technology?”  Discovery/requirements/alternatives  Improved role clarity and accountability  Implementation  Improved cycle times and quality  Change management / training / support  Ability to prioritize executions Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 12
  13. 13. Our ExperienceIn recent years our team members have advised leading Marketers Coffee & Dunn | Capability Overview | January 2013 13
  14. 14. For More Information: Eric Rotkow Consulting Director 678.525.3788 Thomas Manders Managing Director 972.809.8402 tmanders@coffee-dunn.comCONTENT CONTAINED HEREIN IS PROPERTY OF COFFEE & DUNN, INC.