The Mobacy Chapter 17


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The Mobacy Chapter 17

  1. 1. Elle welcomes you back to the good ship The Mobacy. It’s been awhile so I will do a small recap. Last chapter the generation three adults came back to the neighbourhood from Uni and the two boys Tony and Salvatore ‘fought’ it out in the heirship challenge, which Salvatore won by one point. Right now the legacy house has the aging founders Al and Elle, the second generation heir Luigi and his wife Joanne and the servo Alice Mark Two. With Salvatore and his soon to be bride Tamara moving in there will be seven in the house. *Note: I have the larger household hack, so I am not limited to eight.For anyone jumping in here –although I would recommend reading earlier chapters. This is an Italian based legacy. I’m not Italian and I don’t claim to be an expert, so if you speak fluent Italian and spot mistakes feel free to let me know.
  2. 2. “Luigi could you be a dear and pose for your portrait for me? I thought one of you doing your sword fighting with your Father would look good.” “Mamma I am very busy; you know- doing mob boss things. I’ll do it on the weekend.” “Salvatore’s wedding is on the weekend! No it has to be today!” Luigi muttered something about overbearing Italian mothers but went to pose anyway.
  3. 3. On guard On guard yourself old man boy. Is that middle aged spread I spy?Luigi growled and lunged with his sword. At least this portrait would be more enjoyable then his last, well if his mother would quit throwing him off his game. “Raise your head Luigi, no no higher, and lift your sword...and really Al could you move back a step.” “Mamma you told me to sword fight and sword fighting I am, but how are we to do that if I am not looking and Papa is a step back.” “Perhaps” he added sarcastically “I should just stand still like a statue.” “Oh yes that would be wonderful!” “Uffa!”
  4. 4. Joanne did not escape without a rather uncomfortable portrait sitting either. “Mama, will it be much longer?” “Just hold still Joanne... just another half an hour or so.” “It’s just that my toes are going numb.”“Mmm lovely dear” said Elle without listening at all. She was a woman on a mission and she vowed to herself that the portraits would both be done by the end of the next day.
  5. 5. “Joanne we need to talk.” “Try my new recipe first.”Joanne eyed Luigi as he took the first bite. A strange expression crossed his face and his chewing slowed. “How do you like it?” “This is turkey isn’t it?” “Actually it’s called Tofu Turkey Replacement. I’ve decided to go vegetarian, it’s so much healthier.”
  6. 6. “Oh!” said Luigi looking rather panic-stricken. “It’s urm delicious.” “I can tell you don’t like it you know.” “No, it’s just different that’s all” he lied.Joanne made a face at him. “It’s bleeding awful!” and then she burst out laughing “Why do you think I’m not eating it!”
  7. 7. “So you knew it was awful and yet gave it to me!” “I tried it too. I just wanted your opinion.” “It tastes like soybean crossed with old boot.”“That’s what I thought. Want some grilled cheese?” “Yes thanks. Now about_”
  8. 8. >Ding Dong<Luigi sighed. “I’ll get it.”
  9. 9. “Luigi! How are you? Long time no see.” “Not happening.”
  10. 10. “Now is that anyway to great your creator person’s simself.”“I know why you are here and you are not setting foot inside this house. In fact you are leaving the property right now.”
  11. 11. “Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen and goodbye.” “Luigi you can’t do this.” “Sure I can.”
  12. 12. “It’s simple. See I frog march you off the lot and you don’t return. Kapeesh?” “Luigi you need to_” “Not listening.”
  13. 13. “I’m leaving for now, but this really doesn’t solve anything you know!” “Feels good to me.”
  14. 14. Fifteen minutes later“You knew it Luigi; you knew she would be back. Mama Mia! Why can’t she just stay away?!”
  15. 15. “Luigi, please don’t do this!”“No, you force my hand Jo. I’m going to lock you up while I think about what I can do. Why couldn’t you just go play a spares house?” “Luigi, locking me away will stop nothing. I’m only the representative here, I’m not causing this.” “Yes, but the creator person hardly speaks to us anymore and you have a direct line; you can use your influence!” “Luigi Mobacy! Put that gun away right now” came a firm voice from behind him.
  16. 16. “Mother stay out of it.”“I think not. You are not to try and stop things again Luigi. There is a time for everything and that is just the way it is. Now hand over that pea shooter.” “Mamma! Don’t treat me like I was two! Also did you have to mention that this one shoots peas?” “Yes, yes I did.” “Well that’s a relief” said Jo “Well so long as they weren’t mushy peas, this is a new jumper.”
  17. 17. “You must excuse Luigi, he won’t admit it, but he’s just frightened.” “You think so?”“A mother knows these things. But while I have you here...” Elle checked to make sure Luigi had well and truly gone back into the house before whispering her request.
  18. 18. “I see. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to real me and make it happen. Be it technically rule breaking or not.” “Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me, and to Al I know.”“You guys went through a lot in the move, you deserve a break. It will only be for a few days though.” “That will be fine and I will get those things done as fast as I can.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  19. 19. That night across at the beachCaffie clutched her pink torch and led the other three simselves across the darkened lot. “Eeek what’s that?!” gasped Amylu stoppingshort. The last thing she wanted was to step on a snake. “My toe Amylu, get off!” growled Fuzzy. “Well why is your toe there?!” “Because it’s my foot!” “Shh you two, you’re far too loud” whisperedShadey from the back. “Let’s get these lanterns set up, I can’t see a thing.” “Well I can see Caffie isn’t wearing any camouflage like she said we should!”“Sure I am, I have my hat and mask. I can’t wear black and that goop might ruin my skin.” “Oh plumbob.”
  20. 20. “Do we have enough Vegemite to power this thing?” “Don’t worry, I borrowed some Marmite from Shadey and Amylu.” “Will that work?” “I don’t see why not, it’s the same stuff -isn’t it?”“Don’t ask me; I’d rather eat a lama, a bear or even a seriously diseased skunk before I try that stuff. Have you looked at it? It looks like it came out of an engine. No wonder the loo’s down here all flush backwards.”
  21. 21. With a reluctant shudder and some gurgling sounds the machine came to life. Shadey looked at it rather apprehensively. “I don’t think it’s supposed to sound like that.”“Never mind, I’ll just pull Graham out quickly and shut it off before someone comes to investigate the racket” >gurgle- urrgle-splurt<Amylu nearly fell off the bike when a stream of hot runny Marmite spurted out of the machine towards her. “I don’t think it’s too happy with our Marmite!”
  22. 22. “Here he comes!” squealed Caffie as Graham’s leg appeared. “They’re not supposed to come through backwards!” “Who cares, so long as I get him here!”But the rest of Graham didn’t appear; instead hisleg disappeared back into the blue murky light of the portal. “No! Come back!” Graham kept appearing, but it seemed like something was dragging him back.“Darn it, there better not be some lunatic pulling him back on the other side.” “Lunatic? I’m starting to think I’m a lunatic for helping with this escapade!”“So do something Fuzzy! Go read the instructions or something!” Caffie repeatedly punched the overdrive button with her torch. “Just.Need.More.Power!” “Caffie! Stop that!”“Darn, where is a screwdriver when I need one!”
  23. 23. “I didn’t know you knew how to fix it” said Amylu. “I don’t, but screwdrivers and very strong cups of espresso make very good threatening tools.”Fuzzy peered at the notice on the side of the wall. “It says here, ‘Do not use inferior fuel such as Marmite and Promite as the beast can tell the difference and will get indigestion- thank you’ Oh please, I guess it will be asking for Gaviscon next.” Shadey tentatively held up her hand “I have some Quickease.”
  24. 24. “Listen you” said Fuzzy aiming a kick at the side of the machine “I’m not giving you Gaviscon or Quickese! Cough him out or I’ll use this lump of wood on your rear end to the tune of Dixie.”
  25. 25. Suddenly the machine grew a lot louder and with something that sounded like a very large belch it hurled out Graham Fisher. “Who needs Vegemite; a large stick fixes most things” grinned Fuzzy. “Ah fuzzy...” “That’s alright, no need to thank me, I’m just naturally talented.” “Umm”
  26. 26. “We may have a teensy, tiny problem...”
  27. 27. “Us and our >groan< ‘guest’ will be leaving.”“Sharon, you look rather >moan< chummy with him, you don’t >groan< like him do you?” “Don’t make me >groan< hurt you Amin.”
  28. 28. “Let Graham go, you-you pair of corpses! Fuzzy stop them!” “Zombies stop!”“I don’t think they’re listening! Can’t you zap them or something, you’re the witch here!”“Ha-erh” laughed Sharon. “She can’t, not while we have him.” “Yeah, so >groan< get back.” “We’ll let him go >moan< later.” “Much, much later” grinned Amin. ”Ha-erh.” “Don’t worry Caffie I’ll be okay.”
  29. 29. I can’t believewe are lettingthem just walkoff like this! I can’t believe I missed the last episode of Funniest Home Video’s for someone wearing ‘New Bedlam Asylum’ on their back! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. 30. Saturday dawned crisp and sunny....okay, so I just wanted to get a better outside shot of the new and very much improved legacy house I built. I based it off an online Italian house plan. I even gave it a basement, an attached garage and a couple of secret corridors. 
  31. 31. While outside was all still, inside the chapel was a hive of activity. The florist set up the larger flowers and Elle set to work tying on the small pew bouquets. “You know we have people to do that Joanne” said Elle. “Yes Mama, we do.” replied Joanne pointedly. Both ladies laughed and continued on with their tasks.
  32. 32. At two o’clock family and friends began to make their way into the chapel.
  33. 33. Once everyone was seated the minister began. “Today we celebrate the marriage of Salvatore and Tamara. Two people who have come together and found mutual love. They have shared their lives and decided to create a covenant between themselves, a partnership guided by spirit and the support of our community of plumbbob. I ask all you in attendance in body and spirit to pledge your support and encouragement for them to keep true to their vows.”
  34. 34. “This is going to take forever I can tell” groaned Tony stifling a yawn. “Haven’t they ever heard of slapping down an arch and doing one of those fly by ceremonies. You know where half the guests have gone to snaffle chips and snog in the back room?”“This is your brother’s wedding show some respect” snapped back Angel. Keeping her nephew in line had seemingly fallen to her. Darn Ashley for being indisposed for the wedding!
  35. 35. “I’m only here because Mama and Grandma insisted and rang me a hundred times a day!” “If you don’t zip your lip I’ll do something by the hundred and it won’t be a phone call!”
  36. 36. Outside the chapel, Scar was also yawning. The life of a guard while having its exciting moments was for the most part rather boring. “Look they gotta bubble blower over there.” “So?” “So their doing the full works in there, and so they won’t miss us for a few minutes will they” said Scar grinning.
  37. 37. “This is the best sleigh ride ever man! You gotta try some!”“Igor not sure. There be big trouble with the old boss man if he catch Igor and Scar away from post.” “You worry too much, what could happen? There’s two sentry bots round the front.” “Igor have bad feeling about this. Igor go back to post.” “Your loss man.”
  38. 38. Inside they were up to the saying of the vows."I Salvatore, take you Tamara, for my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part." Tamara smiled into Salvatore’s eyes and started her vows back. “I Tamara, take you Salvatore, for my_”
  39. 39. Suddenly the romantic atmosphere was broken by the crashing back of the chapel door.Tamara screamed as two grey skinned individuals with rotting flesh danced up the aisle. “Honeeey we’re hooome!” “Zombies?!”
  40. 40. “We couldn’t >groan< miss our baby’s wedding.” “After all we grew him up! He-harh” “So we brought a present” >groan<“What’s going on?” asked Angelo in confusion. He wasn’t the only one, Nicole wondered if this was some strange mob wedding tradition. “Stinking zombies is what!” growled Bernardo jumping up out of his seat. “But, that’s impossible they were left behind and locked away in limbo. Unless....” “Unless someone brought them here!”
  41. 41. “Braaaaiiiinnss!” yelled Amin tipping up the box; but instead of brains out fell two rats.The church erupted much to the zombies delight. There was screaming, mostly by Tamara, Alisa and Sophie, and much shouting and confusion. Amin did a little victory dance while both zombies yahooed and the rats fled off under the pews. “How dare you release those poor defenceless little creatures in here!” berated Phebe. “They must be scared to death!” “Who cares!” screamed Alisa jumping up on the chair. “It might go up my skirt!”
  42. 42. Although the whole thing had seemed to lastminutes it had only been a few seconds before thetwo body guards stormed in, grabbed a hold of the Get out fromzombies and carted them out. under my skirt you pervert!Catching the two rats proved to be far moredifficult. The idea of shooting, or zapping the ratsinto turtles was quickly vetoed for more traditionalmethods.While the pianist sat screaming her head off at therat running across her piano Bernardo lunged at theone racing across the floor. “I’ve got it” yelled Berni as he dived for and missedthe rat.“Bernardo how many time must I tell you we are But-but Inot a couple!” yelled Sadie. wasn’t... Oh nice legs.In the end they got one under a pot and the othertrapped inside the piano.
  43. 43. “I want to know how these zombies got passed two armed guards!” growled Al.“More to the point, how did they even come to be in this neighbourhood?” said Angel glaring. “You better not have had anything to do with this Tony!” she said pointing a finger towards him. Tony who had been lounging against a pew quiteamused at all the goings on stood up straight. “This has nothing to do with me.”“You better wipe that grin off your face boy or I’ll come and wipe it off for you” said Luigi. “Oh please, could we all just calm down now?” begged Elle. “I just want my wedding back!” bawled Tamara. “Yes, let’s get back to the wedding, that soundslike a lovely idea” said Elle ushering people back to their seats.
  44. 44. This time Salvatore and Tamara finished saying their vows.The minister rocked back and forth on his heels looking slightly demented. *Yes, yes, come on speed it up* >twitch<
  45. 45. Much to everyone’s delight Salvatore and Tamara were now Mr and Mrs Mobacy...that is until the game crashed, so the wedding still hadn’t taken place. D: I’m sure the minister knew...
  46. 46. So they tried again.
  47. 47. “Are we married for real this time?”“You know snooky bear I don’t think so. I’m still wearing my engagement ring.” *head desk*
  48. 48. “See” said Tony “you can’t beat the traditional- slap the arch down in the back garden while Grandma gets high on bubbles wedding, it’s the sim way.” And so it was that Salvatore and Tamara got married three times.
  49. 49. Then there was cake.
  50. 50. Not looking, notlooking! Oh Nonnapleeassse keep yourlegs down.
  51. 51. “You’re not watching me eat are you?” Of course not Phebe. >snork< “Oh good.”
  52. 52. >snaffle-gulp-fling<
  53. 53. There was alsomuch dancing, inthe rain, even bythose who saidthey didn’t want tobe there...
  54. 54. Put on, Dance,on dance,your feel the pace.smustle face.
  55. 55. Point your finger Do the smustlein the air if you dare.
  56. 56. The party was a roof raiser that continued into the night.
  57. 57. At some point the newlyweds snuck away to do what newlyweds do. “Do you mind the temporary bedroom Marra?”“Not all snooky bear. The animals and pool table don’t bother me...”
  58. 58. “But your family watching and this conversation about how hot Lynda is does!” Sorry for the rubbish picture, I had to include it!
  59. 59. The next day was going to be just as busy as the day before.The girls were going to have a special day out for Elle, before a night out together for Joanne. “Just what are you guys going to do while we are gone anyway?” “Secret men’s business.” “Luigi! That’s our line!” “Have fun.” “We will... and you too, but maybe not too much mkay?” Luigi just smiled and kissed Joanne goodbye.
  60. 60. The ladies were soon at their destination, Old Sim Town. It was newly opened and run by many of the simselves. Joanne and Elle talked while Tamara went and paid for the tickets. “Look Mama they’re about to start a show over there!” “Let’s hire some costumes for the day first.” “Three costumes as well?” asked Nicky on the till. “It seems so...” said Tamara. “That will be another thirty simoleans thanks.”
  61. 61. “What do you think?” asked Elle stepping out of the changing booth.“Oh that’s lovely Mama, very slimming. I can’t wait to try on mine.” “Do I really need to wear one?” “Of course dear, and stop slouching it’s unbecoming.” “....”
  62. 62. Costumes seen to, they were just in time for an exciting fire dancing show. The man made dancing and twirling the lighted pole seem very easy.
  63. 63. They tried hard not to laugh at Stephen Tinker who went up on stage when a volunteer was called for. He continually dropped the pole, once on the poor dancer’s foot. Luckily it wasn’t lit at the time. They weren’t too sure if the simself hertbarfing the dancer was part of the scripted show or not, but it added to the entertainment anyway.
  64. 64. After a cup of coffee in the tea rooms they each had a hot air balloon ride. Elle surprised Joanne by going first.
  65. 65. “This is fun girls, I can see over the entire neighbourhood!” called out Elle going from one side of the hot air balloon to the other. She didn’t seem the least bit deterred by the rocking of the basket. “Your mum-in-law is a real dare devil for eighty-six!” “Apparently so...” said Joanne thoughtfully.
  66. 66. From there they went to have lunch at the tavern.
  67. 67. *I wonder if the hair comes with the name* thought Jo13 eyeing Joanne’s hair. “I must say this is excellent food, pay my compliments to the chief.” “I’ll let Ning know.”“How marvellous to be able to cook so well at her age” said Elle. The menu boasted an impressive array of some of the very hardest recipes.
  68. 68. “Nothing a little sim blender can’t fix” grinned Ning.
  69. 69. After lunch they went to the craft class held by Ms Danielle Simself. Today they would be making medieval pottery. “Now then ladies, pummel that clay like you were kneading bread dough.”“I have no idea how to make bread” said Tamara looking at her rather sad lump of clay. “Does it take a lot of energy?” “Lots of energy, think of it as a good workout” said Danielle moving her hands to demonstrate. “That’s what I was afraid off” mumbled Tamara.
  70. 70. “You have a real knack for this Mrs Mobacy.”“Call me Elle dear; and thank you I rather enjoy craft of all kinds.”
  71. 71. “I’m rather pleased with how this turned out” said Elle framing the even rim.“You should be, that’s very well done for your first pot Elle. We have a class on painting pottery next weekend that you might be interested in.” “I would have liked that...but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend” said Elle wistfully. “Maybe another time.” “Yes, maybe...” Making these posts relies on mechanical skill, so in a speed contest poor Tamara doesn’t stand much of a chance.
  72. 72. Pots completed they all went back to the tavern for some afternoon mocktails before heading on home. “What’ll it be Mrs M? A Crazy Cow, a Wild Western or maybe even a Dynamite Dash?”“Well you only live once Nicole, so make me one of those dashing Dynamite things, they sound rather exciting.” Once more Joanne looked at Elle thoughtfully.
  73. 73. “I think we can safely say we weren’t missed” said Joanne taking in the mess of chip packets and beer bottles. “Hey Mama” said Salvatore taking another handful of chips.
  74. 74. “Okay everyone time to go, muoviti.”“No, we’re planning on watching the game later tonight while you women go out again. Honestly Joanne, I didn’t think you were that vain” growled Luigi. “Maybe we should go” said Bernardo making to get up. “No one is leaving!” shouted Luigi, slamming his cards down on the table.
  75. 75. “You’re being rude to my family Joanne! It’s not like you to be so bothered with how you look. So we get a little older, big deal.”“I’m not being vain; I just don’t want any fan fair. I would have rather not had cake either, but Alice mark two has made them already.” “Well maybe I would like a little fan fare. Get over it already.” “Augh! You’re being so unreasonable!” Joanne angrily turned on her heel and went off to her bedroom.
  76. 76. She would have much preferred to have her birthday in her bedroom, alone; and for no one to even mention she had had one. “I’m not vain, I just don’t want anybody to see me become old.” *Sounds like vanity to me* said her inner voice. “Oh shut up!”
  77. 77. “You know you’ll still look like a hot chikita to me” Joanne couldn’t help but smile at that. “With wrinkles and a Zimmer frame?” “Don’t forget the pension card either.”
  78. 78. “I guess we have both been a little tense about this birthday” said Joanne. “Oh it doesn’t bother me.” “Really? But I thought...”“I’ve only been concerned with my parents. Things, little things that have happened lately make me sure they haven’t long to go.” “I was thinking this only yesterday. Your mum kept doing things that surprised me.”
  79. 79. “I know we need room in the house, but why can’t they move to a nice cottage or something!”“Luigi you know how legacies work! I know you’re upset at the thought of them going, but you need to calm down. Remember what the creator person told us? It won’t be so bad, not in the end.” “I was going to lock the creator’s simself up to try and stop this, but my mother told me to butt out.” Joanne stared at Luigi in amazement. There were things going on in the house that she had no idea of!
  80. 80. “It will okay honey. I mean it will be horrible to see your parents go, I love your mum like she was my own, but they had a good life right? And we will get to see them again-in the end. So please don’t do anything crazy.” “Yeah...It was just one of those crazy spur of the moment ideas.” “And you’ll be alright?” “Sure I will.” Joanne wasn’t at all convinced. She could tell there were things Luigi wasn’t telling her, but she said nothing and hugged him tightly.
  81. 81. “Well we better get to the cakes before we age up right here” said Luigi swiftly changing the subject. “Now there’s an idea...” “Oh no you don’t, come on I told them no tooters.”“And no laughing!” added Joanne as they walked down the corridor. “If your brother laughs, so help me I’ll clobber him with my Tofu Turkey Replacement!” “No laughing either I promise!”
  82. 82. Why is my brother Vincent still young when Strange he was born that hey :P first?Luigi blew out his candles first followed by Joanne. Aspromised there were no tooters just cheering family.Joanne looked steadily at her cake, was 50 really this manycandles?
  83. 83. Joanne looked around at the encouraging faces of herfamily, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. Luigi certainly didn’t appear to be in any pain.
  84. 84. If anyone calls you my daughter, I’m going to sock them one! What was that you said about not being bothered by this birthday dear?And the first two of generation two are elders! Luigi got a lot of wrinkles while Joanne looks great. Makes Luigi look like a cradle snatcher.
  85. 85. “Right ladies” said Joanne rubbing her hands “Go get your workout gear on because we’re going to the gym!” “The gym?” sighed Tamara. “Trust me you’ll love it.”Tamara wasn’t at all sure on that, her idea of a good time consisted of vegging on the couch watching movies. “I don’t have gym clothes any more Joanne.” said Elle. “Sure you do Mama, Alisa gave you that green tracksuit for mother’s day, wear that.”
  86. 86. “So are you sure I look alright?” “You look smashing Mama. I’m sure you will be the best looking 86 year old there.”Elle laughed and patted her arm. “Dear at my age it’s impossible to look smashing, but so long as I’m presentable that will do.” “So are we all ready? I can’t wait to show you what we’re going to do!” *Somehow I am sure it’s going to take loads of energy* inwardly groaned Tamara.
  87. 87. “Angel! Ray-Ray! What a lovely surprise! I had no idea you were going to be here too.” “Joanne arranged it, but I have no idea what we are doing!” “Yes Joanne” said Angel “Just what are we doing?”“You’ll see, follow me” said Joanne with a grin. She knew Elle and Ray-Ray would enjoy the surprise and hoped Angel and Tamara would too. Her new Daughter-in-law didn’t seem very energetic for having the life time dream of becoming a hall of famer.
  88. 88. “Right through here... tada! “Whoot!” whooped Ray-Ray. “How fun!” said Elle.“Whoa, what’s this?!” said Tamara. “Oh my eyes!”
  89. 89. “Does anyone have a fork? Anyone?” “Hi deary!”“Come to join the oldies class then?”
  90. 90. “So whose ready to get on down?”The break dancer picked interesting hair...
  91. 91. “Warm up time ladies, don’t want any of you old dears going home with your head on backwards now would we?” “I’m only 23!” puffed out Tamara. “Of course you are.” “But I am!”
  92. 92. Angel eyed the hardly moving Tamara while doing some one handed push-ups. “You realize that Ottomss hag is something like 90 and beating you, right?” “Oh shut up” “You’re lucky you’re married to me nephew; I’ve ground people into a paste for less than that. Also you’re on my mat, move it!” >gulp< Tamara quickly shuffled away. No doubt her new Aunt in-law could beat her up one handed-or maybe even no handed. Ning wandered in and wandered out lol.
  93. 93. Tamara scuttled over by her other Aunt in-law, somehow she looked a lot safer. “You’re Ray-Ray, married to Vincent right?” “That’s me. You probably know my son’sAngelo and Bernardo and my daughter Phebe from Uni.”Tamara nodded, she was good at keeping track of people and remembering names. “This looks to be painful; will she be okay do you think?”“Don’t you worry about Mum I’m sure she will do this on her ear. She used to be a hall of famer you know.” Tamara pricked up her ears in interest, she hadn’t known that about the older Mrs Mobacy. “Plus she’s a Mobacy, so ten body points of course.” “What do you mean by that?”“Didn’t they tell you? All main house Mobacy’s must have ten body points.” “No one told me that!”“Oh well, you’ll get there eventually. I assume you’re active?” “Um eating potato chips is a sport, right?” Ray-Ray giggled. “You poor, poor thing.”
  94. 94. *Three words to thewhack,step yourself back.Just gettin down,and you thenyoure givin no slack.
  95. 95. Like a BurgerKing with a sackof Big Macs.Were throwindown with theradical sacks
  96. 96. You gotta funk it up until itOn time, in your mind you see knocks you downYou gotta boogie to your best and when youre funkin up, be ability. sure to pass it around.
  97. 97. Come on, lets go toworkWe got whatllmake your bodyjerk.Make you throwyour hands up inthe airShake your bootyand scream, "Oh,yeah"
  98. 98. Cause we are the JamOn CrewAnd jammin on it ishow we do the do.Well funk you up untilyou boogie downSo come people checkout the sound.
  99. 99. *Jam On It by NewcleusAnd since I know you are dying to see Dora Ottomas again in all her tiny And no, I have no idea what half of this workout gear glory I added another song means, but I have it on good picture of her. authority (Google) that this is a top break dancing ‘song’.
  100. 100. “Bye Mama” said Angel, giving her mother the quick obligatory peck on the cheek. “You’re not staying for cake?” “Cake is the best part” said Ray-Ray.“No coffee is!” said Tamara heading straight for the espresso machine.“No there’s something I have to check on at home.” “Oh well, I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch than.”
  101. 101. “Who said anything about lunch?” “I’m sure I told you.” “No you didn’t.” “Oh well maybe it slipped my mind.” “Marvellous” said Angel sarcastically. Pop and I will be there by twelve thirty.”“Pop is coming too! Okay just what is going on?”“Nothing is going on; can’t parents go and visit their children now and then?” “Not in this family, no.” Elle just smiled and Angel rolled her eyes andtook off, it didn’t pay to leave things brewing at home for too long.
  102. 102. Back at home “Alby did you hear that?” “What?”“I’m sure I just heard a lullaby on the night breeze, I think we have a great grandchild on the way. Do you think we will get to talk to the baby?” “I don’t see how Ell’s, HE is due to come_” “Shh” said Elle putting a finger to Al’s lips. “Don’t say when, we both know. I meant before the baby is born.” “It’s possible, HE isn’t always on time. Let’s hope you do.”
  103. 103. “Ugg I think ten will do for the day, I’m bushed. Surely they don’t expect me to go to work and to exercise at home?”
  104. 104. >blurgh!< “I knew that >purk< exercising was >urk< bad for you.”
  105. 105. “I hope you sleep well and feel better tomorrow Marra. I have to go to work now, so I’ll see you in the morning okay?” “Mm-mm.”
  106. 106. “It’s very nice of you to come play Don’t Wake Up The Lama’s with me in the middle of the night Elle, but you don’t have to you know.” “That’s quite alright dear, I want to.”
  107. 107. “Oh!” “What?!” “Look my stick stayed on!” “So nothing feels...funny?”“Don’t worry Mama, I’m fine.” >sigh< “...?”
  108. 108. Two minutes later... “Actually...”
  109. 109. “Something does feel very strange!”
  110. 110. “Ahh now I can go to sleep a happy woman.” “That..nice?”
  111. 111. Baby dont you know I love you so can’t you feel it when we touch.
  112. 112. I will never, never let you go I love you oh so much.
  113. 113. Oh baby wont you save the last dance for me Oh baby wont you promise that youll save, The last dance for me.
  114. 114. Save the last dance, the very last dance for me. *Michael Buble lyrics.
  115. 115. Al and Elle were very sadly missed, but life moved on as it tends to do.
  116. 116. >click<
  117. 117. “What the heck Salvatore! I’m trying to take a nap here!” “Sorry I didn’t notice.” “Why you...Aauugghh!” “Gee Tamara it’s not that huge a deal is it?!”
  118. 118. “Yes it is, I’m >Auggh!< Having the baby! And it hurts and it >Ouwtch!< takes up so much energy and >Yowsa!<I never want to do this again and...”
  119. 119. “Wow look at you, you’re gorgeous!”
  120. 120. Welcome Rosalba Mobacy, the first of generation four. Its source is rosa alba, an Italian name meaning ‘White rose.’ Which fits seeing how fair she is. She will be known as Rosa. So far she looks totally like a Mobacy with skin one, the grey Mobacy eyes and black hair. I’m still wondering how my skin four parents produce nothing but skin one children!
  121. 121. Hope you all enjoyed this somewhat more serious chapter. I’m going to miss these two.
  122. 122. Electricgnome iselectric Vincent says “Beyyyeee!” That looks kind of painful.